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the forgoten culture

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Topic: the forgoten culture
Posted By: pictishtoker
Subject: the forgoten culture
Date Posted: 15-Jun-2009 at 23:31



hello people you might as well get used to me now i have arrived cos i am a total history buff. ive recently moved from yahoo answers

has everyone forgotten the most influencial scociety in history. it seems everyone wants to credit the egyptians romans and greek with the invention of everything. truth is throughout my research it has dawned on me that those cultures were heavily influenced by phonecian ideas.

i could rant on about this topic and how many of their ideas were stolen but i think it best that i break it down into a series of posts on each topic. shedding some light on how a small group of citys in the levant grew to influence the world you live in today.

hannibal in my eyes was the greatest general that lived. roman tacticions copied hannibals strategys for centuries after, changing the act of war forever. surviving the babylonians, egyptians, hittites,sea people(sherden) lycians, persian, and finaly sucumbing to alexander the great after a long seigie. the phonicains were a cunning people

the phonicans had spread from the levant (lebannon) to spain before rome even exsited and the greek citys were still in a dark age. setting up trading posts on all the mediteranian islands in stategic places. after carthages defeat rome inerited thier empire  they didnt conquer it themselves.

the phonecians ruled the seas of the med.remains of a boat made from the cedars of lebanon dating back to 2500bc have been found in egypt.
in 650bc they sailled round africa.
rome salvaged a carthaginian ship and copied its design.
i belive they were the first to discover america hence the cocaine mumies (more later)
in dariuses navy sailors from sidon won a boat race against most other nations of the med.

the phonicians created the first multinational econimy
they controlled much of the tin trade from britain hence contoling the production of bronze.
they controlled the trade of puple die worth more than gold.

they invented the modern alphabet
their goverment was the envy of greece (herodtus)
they absorbed forigen culturistic ideas and recreated them.
thier gods were widley worshiped across the med.
their sanitation was more advanced than romes
they had the first library at byblos=book=bible
mixed with tribe of dan

they built the temple of solomon.
carthages harbour was the finest in the world.
the city of tyre was the best defended city in the ancient world.
carthages walls were legendary.
their technecs were widly copied.

in later posts i will cover all these topics in detail, so you can better understand the lost history of the med.

the victors write history.
unfortunatly punic culture had its day.



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