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Topic: Democracy
Posted By: Tusi
Subject: Democracy
Date Posted: 12-Jun-2009 at 08:27



Something that I'm seeing more clearly everyday is the herd mentality of the heavy majority of people in the world. We have been taught certain ideas as undisputed facts, with strong opposition to anything that teaches otherwise. I used to believe in pure capitalism as the perfect system to run the economy. This was until a few years ago when I saw how the system in reality is skewed in favor of certain people. The recent recession has totally broken my faith in capitalism.
The next topic that is going through my mind, with the elections in Iran, is the idea of democracy and how it functions as a system. To make things more clear, I'm going to divide my thoughts into points......

1) Democracy as a God-sent system- Many people I speak to tend to think of democracy as a system "approved by God". To them, it is the absolute perfect system, and has no flaws. If God was ruling the earth, he would set up a democracy. I think democracy might be the best system available, but it is by no means perfect.

2) Elections- Elections are a major tenet of democracy. But when I look around me, and speak to people who are going to vote(not just in Iran), it seems that elections are more a popularity contest. Most people don't vote for someone because they think he/she has a good economic policy. They vote because he/she talks well or is more handsome/beautiful. Do elections really turn up the best president consistently?

3) Un-democratic sections of the government- Most members here know that the Iranian government is not 100% democratic. There are parts of the government which are not chosen by people......rather by an "assembly of experts" or a person. Even in Western systems, (for example) certain parts of intelligence agencies are not held accountable for their actions. They are not answerable to the people. Can we have a part democracy?

4) Human rights- Many argue that democracy brings freedom for the people. In actuality, it is not democracy, but rather the Bill of Rights that protects the rights of individuals and gives them freedom. We(Iranians) were the first to have the Bill of Rights, but were not a democracy. In fact, a democracy can take away freedoms of individuals/groups without the Bill of Rights. If the Shia majority of Iranians decided to persecute the Sunni Baloochis, it is not undemocratic because the majority agreed. It is however, against the Bill of Rights. Democracy doesn't bring freedom.

5) Democracy and Capitalism- There seems to be connection between democracy and capitalism as the more democratic countries are more capitalistic. I've already discussed some problems with capitalism...... could it be that democracy gives birth to a problematic economic system such as capitalism?

6) Control- Sometimes, it seems that democracy is another tool to control the minds of the people..... to make them feel as if they have control of their destiny. Seeing how the pointless debates on TV between the four candidates has made most Iranians want to vote...... I wonder if it's a control mechanism. Another control mechanism is religion.


Posted By: gcle2003
Date Posted: 12-Jun-2009 at 10:51
I think you need to make it clearer what you mean by democracy.

Citizen of Ankh-Morpork
Never believe anything until it has been officially denied - Sir Humphrey Appleby, 1984.

Posted By: DukeC
Date Posted: 13-Jun-2009 at 14:30

I'm with Churchill, democracy is the worst form of government...with the exception of all others.

Posted By: DesertHistorian
Date Posted: 28-Jun-2009 at 03:05

"Democracy is four wolves and a sheep voting on dinner."

Robert A. Heinlein


“Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.”  H.L. Mencken

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