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Star Trek XI

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Topic: Star Trek XI
Posted By: Aster Thrax Eupator
Subject: Star Trek XI
Date Posted: 18-May-2009 at 17:55
What did we all think of it? I was very impressed, but whatever it was, it was more Akin to Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica. But that said, I really do feel that some of the later Star Trek movies and series were a little pretentious. I don't, frankly, think that the francise will carry on...and if it does it is probably going to take a long time like Doctor who, except, as much as I love Star Trek, I think doctor who has much more scope in it that Star Trek for innovation and new characters.

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Posted By: eaglecap
Date Posted: 18-May-2009 at 20:17
I have not seen this yet but there are no movie theaters for a long drive here so I will wait till it is out on DVD. I hear it is really good.

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Posted By: Parnell
Date Posted: 18-May-2009 at 21:57
Haven't seen it.
Star Trek should remain a geeky guilty pleasure. Any attempt at bringing it into the 'mainstream' is a bit of a travesty in my book ;)

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Posted By: pikeshot1600
Date Posted: 18-May-2009 at 22:10
What?  Star that still going on? Wink
There must be "an anomaly in the space-time continuum."  It cannot die!
I'll see it eventually, and I am looking forward to the new actors.

Posted By: es_bih
Date Posted: 19-May-2009 at 00:22
I saw it and liked it a lot actually. It isn't going anywhere. I liked the new actors, good matches for those characters. Kirk is dead on, as are the others, Quino pulled off a very good young Spock. To add to the point Mr. Shatner himself has approved of the movie and the new Kirk. It is much better than the last 2 movies for sure. The time travel is just a ST given, First Contact was  a great Star Trek movie, and it had it in as well. Aside from that it still captured the essence of the early series. The intro/outro at the end of the movie by Nimoy was very well done and captivating. 


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 31-May-2009 at 19:33
i can very much narrow down what i liked about this movie: the new actors of Kirk, McCoy and particularly Spock were very convincing. i also liked the Outro. i guess that's all

what i didn't liked: all other characters, particularly Scotty, who was bordering onridiculing the character he played. Sulu was the guy from Harold & Kumar, Chekov who only joined the crew much later was already there for whatever reason. and the Uhura Spock relationship, come on give me a break who's gonna buy that....
i didn't liked the plot which was boring to the utmost and basically a redo of the Nemesis plot mixed with a little time-travel. Romulus got blown in future so the only(!) surviving Romulan vessel, a mining ship that looks like an exploded pineapple then destroys Vulcan in the past and for fun they got themselves idiotic tribal tatoos in their faces to mourn or whatever. Spock, who tried to save Romulus with Red Matter (...) is drawn into the past as well and eventually got stranded and meets with himself. not to mention the Romulans for whatever strange reason descide to wait until Kirk is accepted to the Academy until they destroy Vulcan, before that they destroyed the ship Kirks fatehr was servign on at the time his motehr gave birth to him. that's quite some time and what did Spock do in all that time considdering he entered this timeline just moments after the Romulan ship?
special effects were good, i mean what do you expect we're in the 21st century now so i'm not gonna give credit for that. but about the technical details. i figured they needed to give the Enterprise an up-to-date look compared to the original 60s show version but why did they slightly alter the appearance of the Enterprise (warp nacelles)? why is the bridge so large & crowded? and how does the engine room fit into the hull at all? did they got ridd of all that freightrooms and the sick bay? back then we could see Scotty crawl into small tubes, were have they gone?

Posted By: Alkibiades2
Date Posted: 01-Jun-2009 at 18:55
I saw it and liked it. It was a clever film.
The actors were pretty much all spot on, especially Kirk, Mr. Spock, and McCoy. Those accustomed to thinking of Zachary Quinto as Syler (from "Heroes," which I don't watch) will be surprised to see how nicely he nails the character of Spock.
Purists will no doubt quibble like mad, but I think the device of having the psychotic Romulan Nero travel back in time to change history was pretty nifty. First of all, it eliminates everything we know about Star Trek and starts afresh, with a blank slate so to speak. With the altered reality, the crew can have new adventures (that is, the franchise can make more $$$) without having to worry about continuity from the original TV series or earlier Star Trek movies. That's why it doesn't matter that Chekov wasn't a first-season crew member, or that Spock and Uhura are, well, involved with each other. Niiiiice thinking, script-writers.
If you haven't seen the film, nothing I've said will make any sense, so I apologize for being obtuse. I don't want to give away too much information. But do go see it, if you're a Trek fan; it's great fun.

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Posted By: es_bih
Date Posted: 01-Jun-2009 at 20:53
I got to agree with you as well. I like those parts of the script, too. I like the new altered "reality" created by the time travel. It is much more interesting, and less of that all will be well. Vulcan destroyed is a good plot addition, usually it would have been put back together by the end.


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