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Best Computer Anti-virus Software

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Topic: Best Computer Anti-virus Software
Posted By: Constantine XI
Subject: Best Computer Anti-virus Software
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2009 at 07:41
G'day ladies and gents,

Just a quick enquiry into what you consider to be the best brands of anti-virus software. Which company and brands provide the best service and the most protection? I am currently looking into buying some for myself and would greatly value any qualified opinions, many thanks.


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Posted By: Al Jassas
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2009 at 10:50
Hello CXI
Well to sum up the discussion, all the major protection software manufacturers are crooks. You buy the basic suit which has virtually no teeth with 100$ US and te licence is for one year and doesn't include all the definitions for all kind of malicious software.
I suggest either Nod32 or Kaspersky (curently using the former). From personal experience the former is better since the family computer which used the latter was inected while mine was not despite we shared the same switch.

Posted By: es_bih
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2009 at 14:38
I like Kaspersky myself. Very powerful and very clean compared to Norton that has a tendency to slow things down a bit. I never tried Nod32 - might have to give it a try. 


Posted By: cahaya
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2009 at 15:13


Posted By: Menumorut
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2009 at 15:27
I think Kaspersky is the most secure. BitDefender is good too (is ranked the first by some), especially because has an intuitive set of interfaces and don't causes problems like most antivirus packages. I have seen BitDefender working and it has no comparison under these aspects.

You can find a ranking of the best antiviruses - here .

Anyway, I think people are too scared of viruses. Most of them install an antivirus because they were told to do so, not because they suffered an attack.

I never suffered an attack on my pc and at least in last months I didn't use an antivirus except the one integrated in Windows.


Posted By: Constantine XI
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2009 at 23:59
Originally posted by Al Jassas Al Jassas wrote:

Well to sum up the discussion, all the major protection software manufacturers are crooks.

Hello, Al Jassas,

This is something I have always suspected. It seems to me highly probable that a team of computer nerds would deliberately create multiple viruses and release them onto the web, before releasing the 'antidote' in the form of their own crafted anti-virus software. It's just like paying the Mafia protection money.

I think I will go with NOD 32. From the looks of it, the program takes up little space, runs on very little RAM, and does a very effective job.

As for suffering an attack, well I think most of us do. It's just we do not notice it. These viruses go on our computer undetected and slow it down, which is annoying. I want me data to be secure from being destroyed, but I also want my computer to ran smoothly and quickly because there are no viruses slowing it down.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and comments.

It is not the challenges a people face which define who they are, but rather the way in which they respond to those challenges.

Posted By: Suren
Date Posted: 11-Mar-2009 at 04:02
Kaspersky and McAfee. I have had both and they worked smoothly.


Posted By: Gharanai
Date Posted: 26-Mar-2009 at 20:37
As far as my choice is concerned I would like to go with Kaspersky, as it's the simplest but yet most powerful AV around.
And as said before, the heavy wieghts like Norton, McAfee and Panda are just a software which open the doors to all kind of mallicious programs and after a while come up with a solution for it and asks for money for their service.


Posted By: xristar
Date Posted: 26-Mar-2009 at 20:59
I don't have much experience. I have been using Kaspersky last year (and purchased a new licence for another year), and I'm very satisfied. 


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Posted By: nova roma
Date Posted: 29-Mar-2009 at 18:57
Kaspersky if you want to spend money on the software. It's far and away the best.
There are free options available, and I prefer Avast.
AVG is also good.

Posted By: whalebreath
Date Posted: 30-Mar-2009 at 01:50
I use the free AVG version never had any problems ever.

Posted By: Northman
Date Posted: 30-Mar-2009 at 10:34
I used Cheyenne Antivirus from CA for many years in combination with a firewall and more anti-spyware/anti-spam products. I had the antivirus for free through my work.
Now, I use the CA Security Suite Plus which is a combo pack from the same company, and it takes care of everything re. security:
- Anti-Virus
- Anti-Spyware
- Anti-Spam
- Anti-Phishing
- Personal Firewall
- Parental Controls 
- Backup and Migration. - I noticed Tiger-Direct has a 5 user license that is free for a year if you use the mail-in-rebate they offer. After that, you pay 80$ for all 5 users per year.
It can be any 5 users - it does not have to be in the same household (as printed on the package.)
I can only recommend this product.


Posted By: es_bih
Date Posted: 31-Mar-2009 at 07:37
I got NOD32 a week ago and like it. Effective and does the job - even smaller than Kaspersky, which is already a small program.


Posted By: Afghanan
Date Posted: 31-Mar-2009 at 08:37
Actually, McAffe, Norton, Zone Alarm, AVG, Kapersky, Computer Associates, etc, are all really good anti-virus and firewall softwares.  I have used McAffe, Norton, Zone Alarm, and CA myself and can vouch for them.  Some free softwares are also really good at keeping your computer safe:   Hijack this! Spybot Search and Destroy, Malware Bytes are all really good at keeping your PC safe from malware and spyware.
The biggest problem is people's browsing habits.  Don't go to shady websites.  Don't do Peer to Peer file-sharing.  Virtually any website selling or distributing illegal materials are usually prone for worms and viruses in ad-banners and built in the website itself.  Don't open suspicious e-mails that might carry worms.  There are even worm viruses out there that can install w/o your permission.  So the best defense against viruses and malware is to not give any website or peer to peer service an opportunity to even try to send you a virus by not visiting them.

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Posted By: Constantine XI
Date Posted: 09-Jun-2009 at 10:40
The responses here have been great. I have more questions.

Firstly, what are the best freeware antivirus software? Secondly, how do these compare with the ones you need to pay for?

It is not the challenges a people face which define who they are, but rather the way in which they respond to those challenges.

Posted By: WolfHound85
Date Posted: 15-Jun-2009 at 22:06
AVG and avast.

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