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The Kingdom of Paradise!!

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Topic: The Kingdom of Paradise!!
Posted By: sevens
Subject: The Kingdom of Paradise!!
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 06:20
Hi I reckon this is the construct that leads to Judgment Day.

The Call of the Kingdom

With Links -

The Judgment Seat has revealed itself, that means Judgment is not to far away!

I would be very aware from now on, we know the advice of Jesus during this time.  

Nothing to worry about!


Posted By: Parnell
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 10:50

"Neither apathy nor antipathy can ever bring out the truth of history" Eoin Mac Neill.

Posted By: Knights
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 10:59
My thoughts echo Parnell's well put response LOL


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 11:17
Ahh don't worry about it

Its intriguing though.


Posted By: Knights
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 11:21
Would you be able to explain it a bit for us, Sevens?


- Knights -


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 11:40
Essentially, its about a journey that I have been on leading to the ancient places of paths unknown following the clues in the Urantia Book and all other related to religion mainly.   This journey recently expanded itself though a major discovery and connection about this space location and what it means for the planet.

The System Government Headquarters doesn't reveal itself for no reason.  I think many prophecies are fulfilling themselves.  Especially after seeing this Light without Heat Magnetar.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 12:15
Here is a new Tablet

With Links - -


Posted By: Patrinos
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 14:47
Maybe my average english doesn't allow me to understand the meaning of this thread...Smile

"Hellenes are crazy but they have a wise God"

Posted By: cahaya
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 15:23
should we understand it BTW?


Posted By: Styrbiorn
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 15:24
Originally posted by Parnell Parnell wrote:


New age gibberish, I presume.

Posted By: Seko
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 16:08
...moved to Alternative history.

Copyright 2004 Seko

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 19:45
no problem, I wasn't sure where this should go.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 19:59
Originally posted by Patrinos Patrinos wrote:

Maybe my average english doesn't allow me to understand the meaning of this thread...Smile

I'm no writer nor author, when I started this simple journey years ago it only began as a simple search for clues to the ancient places.  I never expected the journey to lead to this huge planetary epic.

The site is one the run collection of parallels and connections that I believe lead somewhere real and that can be harmonized with science.

I believe this journey is being backed up by action and demonstration.

One way to demonstrate truth is go out to the places and verify but mans is not interested in that.  He would rather make fun than to explore the truth of everything.


Posted By: Byzantine Emperor
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 21:44
Will the Nephilim be let loose through the stargate?

------------- - Late Byzantine Military - Ottoman perceptions of the Americas

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 22:01
No way quite the opposite, this spells the end of the Rebels who originated from the Rebellion 200,000 years ago.

This is time of there Judgment and for those who follow the rebels I suppose.  On Heaven as on Earth!  I assume.

From the UB I get the feeling the Judgment wont be a severe as many prophecies think.

I could be really a time of enlightenment and participation in an expansive personal experience.

"Today you see this fulfilled before your eyes. But you shall not see the remainder of the Psalmist's prophecy fulfilled, for he entertained erroneous ideas about the Son of Man and his mission on earth. My kingdom is founded on love, proclaimed in mercy, and established by unselfish service. My Father does not sit in heaven laughing in derision at the heathen. He is not wrathful in his great displeasure. True is the promise that the Son shall have these so-called heathen (in reality his ignorant and untaught brethren) for an inheritance. And I will receive these gentiles with open arms of mercy and affection. All this loving-kindness shall be shown the so-called heathen, notwithstanding the unfortunate declaration of the record which intimates that the triumphant Son `shall break them with a rod of iron and dash them to pieces like a potter's vessel.' The Psalmist exhorted you to `serve the Lord with fear'--I bid you enter into the exalted privileges of divine sonship by faith; he commands you to rejoice with trembling; I bid you rejoice with assurance. He says, `Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish when his wrath is kindled.' But you who have lived with me well know that anger and wrath are not a part of the establishment of the kingdom of heaven in the hearts of men. But the Psalmist did glimpse the true light when, in finishing this exhortation, he said: `Blessed are they who put their trust in this Son.'

Jesus continued to teach the twenty-four, saying: "The heathen are not without excuse when they rage at us. Because their outlook is small and narrow, they are able to concentrate their energies enthusiastically. Their goal is near and more or less visible; wherefore do they strive with valiant and effective execution. You who have professed entrance into the kingdom of heaven are altogether too vacillating and indefinite in your teaching conduct. The heathen

To me, this judgment has a revealing and enlightening aspect to it and if Jesus were to come back to visit I don't think he will be severe at all. I think many biblical notions and even prophecies simply will not happen.


Posted By: Patrinos
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 22:02
Where is Atlantis?Tongue

"Hellenes are crazy but they have a wise God"

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 22:23
I believe there were 2 Atlantis' cities of the Gods so to speak.

The first Beginning
500,000 - 200,000, Dalamatia City, the first city.  Home of the Sons of God, 200,000 years ago the rebellion occurred. The City was destroyed by rapid submergence and a Tidal wave.  The City housed the tree of Life in the first temple of the Father!

After the rebellion the tree of life was taken away and kept in a few places but eventually resided in this temporary capital in  North Eastern Iran by Van and his working partner Amadon.
around 200,000-38,000 years ago. 

The 1stGarden of Eden, 38,000 years
(the 2nd Atlantis)
Built by Van with the tree of life for the reception of Adam and Eve was founded 38,000 years ago of Cyprus.  After 100 years or so Adam and Eve defaulted where they moved to the East to establish the 2nd Garden of Eden between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers to the North.

The Adamson and Ratta Kingdom (The Arattian Kingdom) appeared 38,000- 31,000 years ago, established by Adamson the eldest Son of Adam from the original Van Capital.  Adamson moved in!

The above is the basic and true History of the Atlantis' in truth and coupled with the System Headquarters.

Here is an example Diordorus

For I go to see
the ends of the bountiful earth, Oceanus
source of the gods and Tethys divine
(Tethys sea is the location of the Persian Gulf, in prehistoric times when the Mediterranean was connected to the Indian Ocean, this region was the Tethys sea. The location of the Persian Gulf is the old location of the Tethys Sea.)
Their mother.
This is the account given in their myth:
Their first king was Uranus, (Urantia! a reflection) and he
gathered the human beings, who dwelt in
scattered habitations, within the shelter
of a walled city

Describes the first Atlantis.  Dalamatia City!


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 23:05
We could even make it more fun and go to the Persian Gulf and verify the anomalies.
 I know in Dalamatia City in the Garden near the temple there are sculptures with precious stones over them.
 This would be one of the verifications not to mention all the clues given in the Urantia Book of what's to be expected.
 I reckon all this would still lay there under the silt.
 Just say if we go there and find exactly what's written about. Like the Seven commands stone tablets and fragments of the old Library. 
 What an experience for mankind! and the greatest discovery ever that changes the destiny of mankind in truth, verified through religion and science harmonized.

Now I know that this is Jesus Stuff, this is the kind of thing Jesus, the Sovereign would be involved in.  Not all this violence and religious desperation leading to death and destruction.

Posted By: beorna
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 23:48
Originally posted by Patrinos Patrinos wrote:

Maybe my average english doesn't allow me to understand the meaning of this thread...Smile

Oh great, I am not alone.Smile
Are you a friend of IamJoseph? I am sorry for you that he's absent, you could discuss with him the age of the world.
I suppose this is very alternative history. Hope we'll enjoy it.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2008 at 23:56
No I don't know I am Joseph but I would happy to go over things with him and see where it leads to.

No worries!  thanks.

I truly hope that this journey leads to somewhere really nice for us all.  So far I am not disappointed and I have great faith in where its going.


Posted By: beorna
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 00:10
Forgive me, it was a joke. He's banned. Don't know if he comes back. I promise you I'll just read your thread from time to time and will not answer. Smile

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 00:28
No problem at all.

Posted By: Patrinos
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 00:32
Originally posted by sevens sevens wrote:

Describes the first Atlantis.  Dalamatia City!


Except my average English I have to check again my contact lens...Smile

"Hellenes are crazy but they have a wise God"

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 00:59
Dont look to hard

Posted By: Cezar
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 07:39

Posted By: Patrinos
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 09:32
Thanks Cezar,now I've got my answers. Smile

"Hellenes are crazy but they have a wise God"

Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 13:20
I had said it here: -  that Israelites have found the paradise, the solution is that they come to conquer our country!!

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 21:08
Well anyway, that's what I think, I think there is Spiritual Empire or a Universal Kingdom in the background revealing itself as in prophecy.
I know what I believe is very unbelievable is attracts much mock but there are solid connections there.
Hey you know in the books of religion it speaks of last guy at the end of the day delivering a message.  I can tell you for sure that when this last guy comes no will believe him.
Absolutely and I can tell you with all certainty that the last guy has a job on his hands.  No matter what his message is he will not be believed by his own regardless of religion.  They all expect the last guy and the message and these short sighted co called miracles but they will not believe him when he appears.  Its the greatest hypocrisy out and shows you how much of religion is not even in touch with true personal religion.  Its just becomes another business riding on the backs of spirituality and the vulnerability of man!

Posted By: Chookie
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2008 at 21:38
I must have been deluded. I had believed I actually spoke English.............

They make a desert and they call it peace

Posted By: Akolouthos
Date Posted: 24-Dec-2008 at 01:42
Originally posted by sevens sevens wrote:

Well anyway, that's what I think, I think there is Spiritual Empire or a Universal Kingdom in the background revealing itself as in prophecy.
I know what I believe is very unbelievable is attracts much mock but there are solid connections there.

Absolutely and I can tell you with all certainty that the last guy has a job on his hands.  No matter what his message is he will not be believed by his own regardless of religion.  They all expect the last guy and the message and these short sighted co called miracles but they will not believe him when he appears.  Its the greatest hypocrisy out and shows you how much of religion is not even in touch with true personal religion.  Its just becomes another business riding on the backs of spirituality and the vulnerability of man!

If you don't wish people to find it unbelievable, you might try clarifying what, in fact, you believe, and developing a coherent understanding of it; if the system doesn't fit reality, you may need to discard it and go for something else. The temptation, of course, is to come up with an individual spiritual journey that I can call "my own". The problem being that nonsense, whether I had help cooking it up or not, is still nonsense. I think one of the oddest things about the understanding of what religion "is" among the disparate new age groups is that they all seem to believe that if you make something up, and you really, really try to convince yourself to believe it, it makes it just as good as any other religious ideology.

You speak of your simple journey, and your desire to tie it all together. This presents a host of problems, but we'll take one. Are you aware of other methods of tying things together? If you don't have anything more than a passing familiarity with other attempts at cosmology, how can you arrogate to yourself the right to try to come up with something essentially ex nihilo. Furthermore, I am sure that you, yourself, could come up with any number of other explanations to fit your data, which should demonstrate that the time others have spent might be worth being viewed with something more than a complete lack of concern.

At very least, you could tie your data together, and make an effort to explain it more clearly. Once you have done so, it may be worthy of a critique. Until you have done so, I don't see how you can get upset that people don't take your theory seriously. Remember, while it may be true that all belief systems are based, to some degree, on things that cannot be objectively verified by human reason alone, it does not follow that all belief systems are equally verifiable.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 27-Dec-2008 at 13:15
I was thinking that you could just read it including the links and then put it together yourself.
Why should I explain every detail when you can at least read and think about it.
You know the main sources.  My thoughts are just my thoughts from my personal experience on the run, its not a chapter 1 or 2 book because its a mystery and you have to read behind the lines, going on hunches.  Nothing is clear cut in the way may like it. 
Tough luck.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 27-Dec-2008 at 13:16

Here is a panoramic view of our local System Headquarters and the Capital of Nebadon, the Capital of all the systems in our local universe in relation to our current home Urantia.  The Capital of Nebadon is the home of our Creator, Jesus our Paradise Son and our friend.

With Active Links -   


Posted By: Akolouthos
Date Posted: 27-Dec-2008 at 20:44
Originally posted by sevens sevens wrote:

I was thinking that you could just read it including the links and then put it together yourself.
Why should I explain every detail when you can at least read and think about it.
You know the main sources.  My thoughts are just my thoughts from my personal experience on the run, its not a chapter 1 or 2 book because its a mystery and you have to read behind the lines, going on hunches.  Nothing is clear cut in the way may like it. 
Tough luck.
Well, if that is your position, then you can hardly get upset when people refuse to take you seriously. After all, historical investigation is more than just a random collection of unsourced facts -- and I am afraid I don't count most of your websites as... er... reliable LOL --which the listener must simply "put together" outside of any established context. It is rather as if I said something along these lines:
Julius Caesar, a great Roman general, went to Bithynia early in his career. There he encountered a Zoroastrian holy man at the court of Nicomedes, who prophesied that a certain divine named Mani would arise in Mesopotamia some centuries later. From this magus, Caesar was given the task of preparing the way for the Manichean revelation. The Zoroastrian holy man, however, was simply a vessel for the higher power speaking through him, and thus could not tell Caesar the way in which he was to prepare the groundwork. He soon realized, however, that the higher power had left him a hint. He journeyed to Egypt, the land which had born Manetho the historian -- for could not "Mani" derive from "Manetho"? -- and there set himself to the task of learning about Egyptian astrological methods. He incorporated these as well as other aspects of Egyptian culture into Rome, which paved the way for the development of the syncretistic mystery cults which arrived from the East. One of these was that of Mani, several centuries later. Of course Mani was only a forerunner of the Great Bab, over a millenia later.
You see? All of the names, and many of the facts listed above are perfectly legitimate taken separately. Any couple may be legitimate taken together. The method of tying them all together, however, is flawed. I have completey divorced my analytical method from the context of scholarship, and excised the facts themselves from their proper historical contexts. What results is a poorly-framed, rambling, incoherent narrative filled with fantasy, mysticism, and conspiracy. The same criticism may be -- and has been -- levelled at almost every spiritual, prophetic, or gnostic system ever adhered to by men. The difference is that the one I have pieced together above is a simple collection of facts, with little effort made to tie them together, and no effort made to understand the historical context or defend my assertions. I have simply told you what is so, not why it is so. It is much the same with your diagram.
If you wish to, you may by all means defend your assertion; you will find no shortage of new-age and conspiracy websites to source with. You should not, however, expect to be taken seriously even then. You certainly won't be taken seriously as long as you continue presenting -- forgive me -- quite suspect sources without giving so much as a hint of a defense for your use of them. I'm sorry, but you are simply operating outside of what is deemed a valid context. You may lament it and you may rant against it, but you shouldn't really be surprised.

Posted By: Truthisnotrelitive
Date Posted: 28-Dec-2008 at 00:55
i had a breif look at the site and all can make of it is a series of diconected "facts" on anstology, astronomy, and random verces on gates to the kindom of heaven and the tree of life. it looks as though somone has grabed a bible concordance off the shelf and pulled every verse on the tree of life ect out, and then highlighted a few words in each verse for the fun of it.

if you want any of us to understand what you're getting at, you're gonna have to be prepaired to write a little and then establish what you want to discuss. this is a forum after all.

a man sees as he wishes

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 31-Dec-2008 at 11:47
True it may appear to be like that but there is many threads there.

Plus its just what it evolved into, originally its was only a research site collecting information. That's all it was intended to be but it evolved into something else.

The real story and collection is in the forum replies that where the action is.

Its an open book to information collection but one day the website will have to be  revised and things properly explained in the normal sense so people like your self can get the gist but for now its a mystery where people will have to wade through the information whether they like or not and I dont care if people dont like.  Who cares anyway no one is interested in this information.   Its just mild entertainment!
That does not bother me at all, people can work to to get the gist if they desire.

The site is a test of the person and his Endeavour.

all the best

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 31-Dec-2008 at 12:13


The site was only a collection site of information in fragment form, that's all it was collecting information and a few years later it has evolved into something else.
One day III have to revise the website so people like yourself can understand it but for now its a mystery site and you have to wade like everyone else.
People are not going to believe this, what do you think!!! Are you going to believe what I say which includes the evidence like with 1stEden with hard data evidence and found as written by the Finger of God, King of Paradise. 
It was prophesied that no one was ever going to believe final message for man.  Truth unto Judgment. 
I dont care what religion it is but when the last guy comes, no one will believe him, maybe a few you might but you couldn't even count that on one hand.
I dont look for popularity, look what happens to people when they become popular?  Eh!
This is a message not a popularity contest. 
Its the Last STAND of Truth for this planet!  The very last stand before God. 
Im telling you man, its all wrapped up in these beginning cities. 
Dont underestimate a single thing concerning these places, they are representative of something far greater than this whole planet.
Actually Akolouthos, what you read is really part and parcel of an Emergency Operation run by Paradise, this is because our so called sentient species is at risk of self extermination and these procedures have been put in place as foreseen to gather the best of mankind to begin a new world.  A new Start!  Because this is going no where!  The results of the planet!
That's it in a nutshell!

That's the reason I have been spending all this time writing in forums like these, neglecting the main website because its on the run, realizing things and one thing I know is that these first cities represent change and it was all seen and written about in the bible including all the books of religion.

Not only that its the Sevenfold Apocalypse! as seen by John or The Seventh Mystery!
The revealing and uncovering! Lifting the Lid of the well spring of truth! in fragment form, forming a wholeness in the oneness.

Many people will hate the last stand of truth! it was foreseen.


Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 31-Dec-2008 at 13:05
In our discussion about Van peoples in this thread: -  I mentioned that Van was an important name in the northwest of Iran and neighbor countries, in the west there is Van province in Turkey: -  (Van is a province in eastern Turkey, between Lake Van and the Iranian border), in the north there are the autonomous republic of Nakhchivan of Azerbaijan: -  and Yerevan, the capital and largest city of Armenia: -  and in Iran you can find several places with the suffix "-van" or "-vana" in this region, such Shishvan, Silvana. Kharvana, Kandovan, ... about the last one: -  (Iran's Kandovan with its many geographical and natural features is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in the world.)

Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 31-Dec-2008 at 13:50
You can see the location of Eden in the south of Tabriz on Google Map:,46.112366&sspn=0.925747,2.779541&ie=UTF8&geocode=FSARRQIddE7CAg - Click Here

sevens, do you talk about these seven holes (volcanoes/crater lakea) that I have shown below:

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 31-Dec-2008 at 19:50
Hi Cyrus

Those posts where beautiful.

40 km in a straight line from where I think the Van headquarters is rests the townships of ShirVan, RashVanlu and MayVan, all in a straight line from the Headquarters of Van in Iran.

I don't know anything about the Seven holes.  Is there more information on it?  Where they refuge holes by any chance and I wonder if it is reflected in Iranian Mythology?  I know there is some information I came across in some Iranian mythology regarding refuge when the weather had changed and references to migration in reflection.  III have to dig it out.

I noticed the waters in Lake Urmia are well down.

I was watching a doco last night on the so called "Real Atlantis" where  the presentation was about the Minoans.  They showed a caption of the Minoan script where I noticed and recognized similar script with shapes that I was familiar with from the Van headquarter location.  Moments later they made a connection of origin that the Minoans came from Iran, recognized through their script.  Straight out! 

To me that was a significant connection of the early Minoans to Van.  The Minoans arrived in Crete 12,000 years ago and after a long period of time, some of them migrated to Greece to begin another civilization.

Its like Van in the Minoans without the V or even the Javans.  Van had influence throughout all those places you mention, a
virtual vast Kingdom of God, led by a man with his friend/brother Amadon who both lived of the Tree of Life with immortality before Adam and Eve arrived.  Thats why the Tree Symbolism is strong in all those areas.

Thinking creatively, perhaps the Stans in all the nations in the area could be in metaphor Van.

It just beautiful.


Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 31-Dec-2008 at 23:07

If you search about Indo-European in Google Images: -  you find this one as the first image:

In fact this region is believed to be the origin of several different peoples, for example our well-educated member Sharrukin in these threads - Relating Koreans with Sumerians & - Armenia, Cradle of Civilization says: As for "many historians and archaeologists", this statement seems rather as too optimistic a statement.  It may be that there was a tendency to look for Sumerian origins in the Hassuna Culture of northern Mesopotamia which according to the old theory gave rise to the Samarra Culture (c. 5700-4900 BC) of the Diyala Region, but the tendency now is to find Sumerian cultural roots in the Kermanshah Culture (c. 7500-5600 BC) of western Iran. (in fact the northwest of Iran)

Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 01-Jan-2009 at 10:27
Seven is the holiest number of the Zoroastrians and the northwest of Iran (Azarbaijan) their holiest land -> - (The Lake Urmia region, in the northwest corner of present-day Iran is closely connected to early Zoroastrian history, so much so, that some claim the area to be the birthplace of Zarathushtra. It is also the site of many old Zoroastrian places of worship.)
An about Karshvar: -
In the - Avesta , reference is made to - seven karshvar ( - Modern Persian keshvar), - climes or zones, organizing the world map into a seven-storied - ziggurat representing the - cosmic mountain . The world is referred to as the haft keshvar. The word has also been translated as "region", "state" or " - continent ".,M1 - A History of Zoroastrianism, Page 134 : The Iranians held that each region was a solid circle, the six lesser ones being scattered around the "splendid clime of Khvaniratha" but likewise cut off from it, although in various ways, by water, forest and rugged mountain.
This is the world map according to Avesta:
Saena Tree could be the same the tree of life in Van or Khvaniratha (Hvaniratha)!!!

Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 01-Jan-2009 at 10:44
Does anyone believe these mythical thing to be real?!!!

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 01-Jan-2009 at 10:50 -

Hi Cyrus, I enjoyed, appreciated and agree with your post.

Here some additional information that may fill the gaps. - - ine:           During the days of the Prince's rule the tree was growing from the earth in the central and circular courtyard of the Father's temple. ( - Dalamatia City submerged Persian Gulf) Upon the outbreak of the rebellion it was regrown from the central core by Van and his associates in their temporary camp. (North West India) This Edentia shrub was subsequently taken to their highland retreat, (North East Iran 40km from - Shirvan ) where it served both Van and Amadon for more than one hundred and fifty thousand years.

Here is where I think the location of Van Highland Headquarters is. - - - highland headquarters

and this fragment was interesting and has relevance of the Vastness of his influence from Lake Van through to Iran, central headquarters to North Western India, Lake Dal perhaps. - :           From their - highland headquarters and from sixty-one far-scattered settlements, Van and Amadon recruited a corps of over three thousand willing and enthusiastic workers who, in solemn assembly, dedicated themselves to this mission of preparing for the promised÷at least expected÷Son.


and information about the translation of Van and Amadon. - : Van was left on Urantia until the time of Adam, remaining as titular head of all superhuman personalities functioning on the planet. He and Amadon were sustained by the technique of the tree of life in conjunction with the specialized life ministry of the Melchizedeks for over one hundred and fifty thousand years.


Its interesting that we covering this now in this time.


5. Natural causation. Mankind has been very slow to learn the material secrets of the interrelationship of cause and effect in the physical domains of energy, matter, and life. The ancient Greeks, having preserved the traditions of Adamson's teachings, were among the first to recognize that all disease is the result of natural causes. Slowly and certainly the unfolding of a scientific era is destroying man's age-old theories of sickness and death. Fever was one of the first human ailments to be removed from the category of supernatural disorders, and progressively the era of science has broken the fetters of ignorance which so long imprisoned the human mind. An understanding of old age and contagion is gradually obliterating man's fear of ghosts, spirits, and gods as the personal perpetrators of human misery and mortal suffering.


  • - : Almost two thousand years after the settlement of Crete a group of the tall descendants of Adamson made their way over the northern islands to Greece, coming almost directly from their highland home north of Mesopotamia. These progenitors of the Greeks were led westward by Sato, a direct descendant of Adamson and Ratta.

I wonder if Sato is Found in Greek Mythology?

  • - : The group which finally settled in Greece consisted of three hundred and seventy-five of the selected and superior people comprising the end of the second civilization of the Adamsonites. These later sons of Adamson carried the then most valuable strains of the emerging white races. (Europe) They were of a high intellectual order and, physically regarded, the most beautiful of men since the days of the - first Eden - .


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 01-Jan-2009 at 11:33

Ratta has some significance to the name of the Arattian Kingdom which was established from  38,000 - 31,000 years ago which comes from Iran originally.  Ratta is embedded in many myths of North Western India and in your area Iran and places to the West.  Where Van left of, Adam took over and then Adamson and Ratta through the Arattian Kingdom in a simultaneous way.  Adamson named his Kingdom after his wife, this appears to follows Universal custom where the naming of a Universe is named to the second in command.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 01-Jan-2009 at 12:36
More heavenly wonders from the Kingdom of Heaven.

NEW YEAR'S EVE SKY SHOW: Did you look at the sky last night? If not, here is what you missed:

"The conjunction of Venus and Moon was amazing in our clear alpine atmosphere," says photographer Tamas Ladanyi of Monichkirchen, Austria. "I took the picture using my Canon

450D; it is a 5 second exposure at ISO 1600."


LAST AURORAS OF 2008: On Dec. 30th a solar wind stream hit Earth. Hours later, on New Year's Eve, Lance Parrish,

of Skiland, Alaska, photographed the last auroras of 2008:

"It was the nicest display since the end of October," he says. "The lights were intense and very active just after 1 a.m. local time."

I just seems so coincidental or perhaps designed to happen?  Its all a mystery!

CALIFORNIA FIREBALL: A remarkable fireball streaked over southern Califonia on Dec. 27th around 1:50 am Pacific time. "It was as if someone had set off a rescue flare that instantly bathed the countryside in whitish blue-green light," reports Grant Bentley of Bishop, CA. "At one point, the path of the meteor went behind a cirrus-stratus cloud that it backlit in snowy green light. After a brilliant show of less than three seconds, it was gone without a trace. This was easily the most massive object I have ever seen burning up as it entered the Earth's atmosphere."  Readers, if you witnessed or photographed this event,


LAST AURORAS OF 2008: They're coming, the last auroras of 2008. The source of the display is a coronal hole photographed earlier today by Japan's Hinode spacecraft:

Coronal holes are places in the sun's atmosphere where the sun's magnetic field opens up and allows the solar wind to escape. A stream of solar wind flowing from this coronal hole should reach Earth on Dec. 30th or 31st. The impact could light up the Arctic Circle, punctuating the year with aurora borealis.

Although 2008 has been a year of remarkably low solar activity, polar sky watchers nevertheless have enjoyed many good geomagnetic storms.

Aurora Oval Jan 1st

Very interesting happenings in the Heavens since Christmas and in light of the recent conversation on all the threads.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 03-Jan-2009 at 03:56

I just saw on the news a huge story that Australian Scientist have just received ...I think another Gamma ray outburst unless its the same Magnetar that Im speaking about.

But it was on the Late News Channel 10, 2nd January 09.

That apparently Australian Scientist just received today an outburst of "Light without Heat" gamma ray from 11 billion light years away. It seems quite a big deal from what I could gather in the news article.

They even used the image that I used on the tablets.

They linked it to a black hole or the formation of a Black Hole but they seemed to be vague on that.  But we know it linked to Dark island of Space and its attendant spheres.

Here is an article which is related.

Ok it appears to be something different from the Magnetar I have been speaking about.  But in any case it a very interesting event. -


Quick thinking helps WA team capture death of star
Posted 4 hours 37 minutes ago
Updated 3 hours 7 minutes ago
The Zadko Telescope captured an image of a explosion that occurred about 11 billion years ago. (Supplied)

Audio: Dr David Coward speaks to David Weber about the Zadko telescope's sighting (ABC News)
Map: Gingin 6503

An Australian team has marked the beginning of the International Year of Astronomy by revealing its discovery of the death of a star and the birth of a black hole.

The huge gamma ray burst was the most distant event ever seen from Western Australia, and one of the most distant seen from the nation as a whole.

The Australian team was the first in the world to see it, but then disaster struck when a computer crash meant the team's sophisticated astronomy camera stopped working.

The Zadko telescope, north of Perth, captured an image of a explosion that occurred about 11 billion years ago.

Dr David Coward told ABC Radio's AM the explosion resulted from the explosion of a massive star about 100 times bigger than our sun.

"This star exploded 11  billion years in our pastand it's taken that long for the photons of light or the messengers from this event to reach us," he said.

"This is quite a spectacular event in the universe that this telescope has managed to capture."
The University of Western Australia team saw the event in November, but they could not confirm it until recently when images were finally enhanced.

A computer crash at the time meant they were lucky to get a recorded image of the event at all.

Dr Coward says the team had to use a video camera.

"We had a catastrophic failure of the CCD camera ... essentially, the computer that runs the camera," he said.

"We had a video camera that was much much cheaper and ... a colleague of ours, Timo Vaalsta, managed to quickly get this video camera onto the telescope and start imaging this event.

"What's interesting is these events are transient, they occur over a matter of hours so you can't go back to the same spot and image this event, it's gone forever, these are one-off things."

He said the team was the first in the world to see it, despite only capturing evidence through a simple video camera.

"That's the irony is that the images that were obtained hours later by the biggest telescopes in the world had state of the art CCD cameras worth hundreds of thousands of dollars," he said.
"We were able to image this event with a simple video camera, which is under $1,000 compared to hundreds of thousands."

He says the team believes this is the first time an optical afterglow from a gamma ray burst has been observed from Western Australia.

"It's good for WA to know that we're participating in a globalised science because this sort of science is really about having telescopes all over the world performing these sorts of observations," he said.

"Our observation was reported to NASA and this information was distributed to about 190 observatories all over the world."

He says the CCD camera is being tested again so it can be ready for next time.
"We're also quite encouraged by the fact that this video camera can also do some pretty good science so we're definitely going to have the video camera as a backup," he said.

"The CCD camera is working and we're starting to do our first tests again.

"We're hoping that another gamma ray burst will go off in the next few months [and] that we can image that as well."

As told to David Weber for AM, January 2.

Here is an Audio on the Gamma Flash -


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 03-Jan-2009 at 03:56

To understand more about Gamma rays we go to the Urantia Book

Quote line 148: 5. Gamma rays--those emanations which characterize the spontaneous dissociation of atomic matter. The best illustration of this form of electronic activity is in the phenomena associated with radium disintegration.

So in order  to find out more we find out more about Radium disintegration

we find this

Note: how they associated the ultimaton to a solar system giving us an understanding of dimension and what is occurring, in fact 11 Billion years ago and what is causing it.

Quote Within the atom the electrons revolve about the central proton with about the same comparative room the planets have as they revolve about the sun in the space of the solar system. There is the same relative distance, in comparison with actual size, between the atomic nucleus and the inner electronic circuit as exists between the inner planet, Mercury, and your sun.

Quote The electronic axial revolutions and their orbital velocities about the atomic nucleus are both beyond the human imagination, not to mention the velocities of their component ultimatons. The positive particles of radium fly off into space at the rate of ten thousand miles a second, while the negative particles attain a velocity approximating that of light .

(This explains the distance and speed of the (Atomic disruption) negative Gamma ray particles to reach Earth 11 Billion years.)

The local universes are of decimal construction. There are just one hundred distinguishable atomic materializations of space-energy in a dual universe; that is the maximum possible organization of matter in Nebadon. These one hundred forms of matter consist of a regular series in which from one to one hundred electrons revolve around a central and relatively compact nucleus. It is this orderly and dependable association of various energies that constitutes matter. -

So what we are seeing in a Gamma Ray shower is "spontaneous dissociation of atomic matter." we are probably observing the Negative particle of disrupted matter which travels at the speed of light, the optical "light without heat" without the positive particle.

Perhaps the positive particle being slower(10,000 miles per second) is left behind and pulled back into the resultant hot and condensed Black Hole.  You have mass, heat and gravity. The negative particle escaping at the speed of light towards us is the negative particle without mass nor heat only "Light without Heat" gamma ray!

This explains the Dark Island of Space as described in the Urantia Book.  Mass, Heat, highly charged and great gravity pull.  A Black hole is dissasociated mass.  The Positive particle in the case of a Black Hole.

All these architectural spheres that we cant see except if they send us flashes are drawing from the energies expressed in these virtual elliptical dark island  Suns.

I believe in the case of the Architectural worlds the hidden worlds, they simply reconstitute this dark energy from the dark island of space through directionalised circuits and as the dark light enters through the upper surface of the atmosphere, like a one way filter, the positive dark light is reconstituted with its negative particle to shed a very luminous pleasant, all encompassing light on the hidden sphere basking in the light of Heaven.

Just brings me to this further mystery of "Light without Heat", these Dark island of Space, its attendant spheres and  the Gamma Ray  Emanations they emit. -


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 03-Jan-2009 at 04:51

Happy New Year Eh!, I was expecting another signal and in my view it came through the recent Gamma Ray outburst on November 08 and realised on Jan 2nd 09.

Here are some articles.

 New window on the high-energy universe -


NASA is on to it.  Gamma Ray Burst "Light without Heat"  The Spiritual Luminosity of the Dieties. -

 Kennedy Space Center Celebrates NASA’s 50 Years in 2008, Eyes Next 50


Quote Two of the three NASA science missions sent into space aboard expendable launch vehicles this year took place in June. NASA’s Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope, or GLAST, launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. on  June 11GLAST is exploring the universe’s ultimate frontier and studying gamma-ray bursts. On June 20, the Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason-2 launched Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. The satellite is on a globe-circling voyage to continue charting sea levels, a vital indicator of global climate change. Then on Oct. 20, NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer mission, or IBEX, successfully launched from the Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. IBEX will be the first spacecraft to image and map dynamic interactions occurring in the outer solar system.

Alot of 11s coming up and a year after they send up GLAST and within 7 days Magnetar Sevenfold was noticed in June 07.  These are the Signs from the Kingdom of Paradise.


Posted By: Akolouthos
Date Posted: 03-Jan-2009 at 17:07
Originally posted by sevens sevens wrote:


The site was only a collection site of information in fragment form, that's all it was collecting information and a few years later it has evolved into something else.
One day III have to revise the website so people like yourself can understand it but for now its a mystery site and you have to wade like everyone else.
People are not going to believe this, what do you think!!! Are you going to believe what I say which includes the evidence like with 1stEden with hard data evidence and found as written by the Finger of God, King of Paradise. 
It was prophesied that no one was ever going to believe final message for man.  Truth unto Judgment. 
I dont care what religion it is but when the last guy comes, no one will believe him, maybe a few you might but you couldn't even count that on one hand.
I dont look for popularity, look what happens to people when they become popular?  Eh!
This is a message not a popularity contest. 
Its the Last STAND of Truth for this planet!  The very last stand before God. 
Im telling you man, its all wrapped up in these beginning cities. 
Dont underestimate a single thing concerning these places, they are representative of something far greater than this whole planet.
Actually Akolouthos, what you read is really part and parcel of an Emergency Operation run by Paradise, this is because our so called sentient species is at risk of self extermination and these procedures have been put in place as foreseen to gather the best of mankind to begin a new world.  A new Start!  Because this is going no where!  The results of the planet!
That's it in a nutshell!

That's the reason I have been spending all this time writing in forums like these, neglecting the main website because its on the run, realizing things and one thing I know is that these first cities represent change and it was all seen and written about in the bible including all the books of religion.

Not only that its the Sevenfold Apocalypse! as seen by John or The Seventh Mystery!
The revealing and uncovering! Lifting the Lid of the well spring of truth! in fragment form, forming a wholeness in the oneness.

Many people will hate the last stand of truth! it was foreseen.

I don't doubt your sincerity, sevens. And I don't even hold you fully responsible; much of the blame for the sort of nonsense that has infected so many minds may be laid squarely at the feet of the New Age movement. Happy trails.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 03-Jan-2009 at 17:49

Yes I agree because much of what they say cannot be substantiated in any way, not even in hard physical hard evidence where this journey can.

1stEden of Cyprus is a classic example of physical hard evidence in parallel to what is written.

The bible speaks of a new age to come regarding the Kingdom of Heaven and this planet.

Isn't that what revelation is all about, a new age with Jesus as the guide eh!

How is that going to happen?  You tell me?

How is Jesus going to come back to this planet?

What is the construct which lays the platform for his coming back?  What line does the presentation take speaking about the Seventh Mystery?

Do you know and can you perceive it(change) and on the run in parallel with it and particularly in conjunction with the Kingdom of Heaven in the outwork?

New Agers will never come close to this presentation.  This work is all to do with the preparation of Jesus coming back, its not some operation peddling for money and spiritual influence over others.

This is a Last stand of truth operation and there will be very few gathered in the Last Stand of truth of everything!  Jesus will support the Last Stand of the truth of Mankind highlighting man bullshit past in his bullshit actions in  poor decisions which led us to this grave situation we have now.  Planetary extermination by our own hands.  What fools are we and especially in planetary physical leadership!

Then man speaks with pride of his past in which he knows nothing about! failing with a flat 0.

Yeah man is a real superstar, yeah right  BULLSHIT! , Look at him today, just a desperate guy in most cases running for cover trying to cover his monthly payment to the monolith on his back and not knowing much at all.  Walking in ignorance and completely manipulated by the system who has no feeling for him except for its own perpetuation of the crap!  The Kingdom of Crap!

The first sign of division is categorizing or secularizing without understanding and along with fixed thought, that is the first move in pride and prejudice being the first mistake.  Pride and prejudice with an unbending mind only keeps one away from truth!

There will be only one winner in this process and they are those who are the followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Sovereign of our Universe, there is no other way to be successful!  He is the King of the Kingdom of Paradise! in this Universe.

If man didn't have weapons we would be using clubs to kill each other, this is how stupid man has become by following the manifesto of Lucifer in leadership over the past on this planet!  All the wars and conflict are only distractions from truth through division leading us to total annihilation of our so called Sentient species!  Its just as simple as that!

War is not the way of Jesus Christ, master of this local universe and those who perpetuate war will ultimately fail in every respect even possibly unto personality survival.  These are the warnings for man for him to hop to unto himself especially in leadership of the planet.  These are the warnings of the Sevenfold Apocalypse! representative of the local System Government and the Universe capital of Nebadon in this Space Segment on behalf of the Sovereign Jesus.

In addition, if religion does not activate today in the change of the age, then religion as we know it today will not be part of future world Jesus Government.  Religious leaders of today will be by passed where new leaders, born of the Spirit of Jesus will be raised up and it is with them that Paradise will do business and converse with.

Even if its with one man in a lounge room alone in the whole planet, that's no problem for the Kingdom of Heaven, because they like the counterpart and he is their friend and part of the Universal brotherhood of Truth, Beauty and Goodness with love for his fellow man going to the last mile with Paradise in the Last Stand of truth.

Man and God will go forth together allied and arrayed in league with the sword and word of truth against the Last Rebel in his judgment and God through Man will bring it about through his realization of truth in the path of the journey of the beginning where the end shall be!  The Alpha and the Omega!  Jesus.

I say Praise and Hail King Jesus!  Sovereign of our Universe Nebadon. The man from the Beginning!  I thank him for his restoration plan for this planet!

Remember, the Universal Government, the Kingdom of all Kingdoms, the Master Kingdom can harness the power of Magnetar through the broadcast circuit and wipe out every program and circuitry on the planet just by the word! 

Where all things become useless!


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 03-Jan-2009 at 20:35
I thought I would look more into the Gamma Ray since I'm being led to it.

1of5) Mega Disasters - Gamma Ray Burst - In this video note the description of the sky turning into a coppery hue in light of short range Gamma Ray.  Its very similar to the description in the Kolbrin Bible of the sky turning into coppery hue because of the appearance of the destroyer.

1of5) Mega Disasters - Gamma Ray Burst -

and the Destroyer - note the description of the sky in the passage of the destroyer similar to the effect of the Gamma Ray burst as described in the other video.

Other things to note, the compass points of the Earth which does have relation to the 4 compass points of the Jerusem, the Local capital.  Also the signs in the heaven and note the recent heavenly phenomena's lately!


On another subject I found this on this Blog - -

"The gravity-resistant phenomenon of a gyroscope is a fair illustration of the effect of antigravity..." - from this

The Infinite Spirit possesses a unique and amazing power--antigravity. This power is not functionally (observably) present in either the Father or the Son. This ability to withstand the pull of material gravity, inherent in the Third Source, is revealed in the personal reactions of the Conjoint Actor to certain phases of universe relationships. And this unique attribute is transmissible to certain of the higher personalities of the Infinite Spirit.

Antigravity can annul gravity within a local frame; it does so by the exercise of equal force presence. It operates only with reference to material gravity, and it is not the action of mind. The gravity-resistant phenomenon of a gyroscope is a fair illustration of the effect of antigravity but of no value to illustrate the cause of antigravity.

Still further does the Conjoint Actor display powers which can transcend force and neutralize energy. Such powers operate by slowing down energy to the point of materialization and by other techniques unknown to you.

Doesn't Ezekiel describe this same phenomena as in a wheel within a wheel moving any which way with fiery things coming from it and its eyes were about the wheels which would be lights and the Heads would be lights on the hood of the craft.

The UFOs were sighted in Iran, a very interesting place for world ancient History.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 04-Jan-2009 at 19:20


Essentially what is being demonstrated in the UFO video is the ticket to the future in regards to Anti Gravity transportation.  Clean Transportation through the gyroscopic effect using similar techniques as seen.

I'm sure man could work this out where Gyroscopic Anti Gravity effect could be used to generate independent clean energy and transportation for all households throughout the world.  The Physical Kingdom of Paradise on Earth would utilize this anti gravity technique for all for free

There you go have a unit for your household, its given to us for free so you can have it for free.

A multi purpose Anti Gravity unit like this would relieve man from the energy cartel bondage having no energy bills and where transportation would be costless.  However, I would envisage cost in the purchase of a veichle and to maintain but no on going costs and which doesn't draw from the finite resources of the planet.

The purpose would be to make mans household run with energy free transport with independence and lower his essential living and transport costs to very low premium.

This would free man from the slavery of a cartel or a energy monopoly and would diffuse greed on that level.

I would envisage a more co operative market place geared to essentials of living and drawn from local areas, this to me breaks the monopoly of the food distribution cartels and diffuses greed over man.  In my mind the model is really owned by the people for the people in a cooperative sense for the essentials and yet free enterprise is robust in Goods and services.

It could be based on this model. -

Regarding Finance I would go interest frees loans with a infrastructure cost.  These would be short term loans and would be designed to be paid back ASAP so man is not under the bondage of debt.  No profit should be made from money, man should never be a slave to money again Ever!

Selfish Interest and usury is illegal in the Universe for a purpose and its not the Fathers intent for man to be under lifetime bondage of debt slavery.  What we have today is ridiculous and places man in slavery.

I would also think about research into the understanding of Cold produced Gamma Rays researching the Negative aspect of the Gamma Ray after separation from Atomic Matter in the hope understanding "light without heat" and perhaps utilize a clean Gamma Ray energy system.  The positive particle aspect, the residual should be investigated as well.  Apparently, an aspect of the gamma ray has 400 times the energy of any other wave length, a great energy source through energy separation and harnessing opening a new world of energy understanding.

This would lead us to Utopia eventually and much would have to be worked out but  would be better than what we have today.  In metaphor everyone becomes a millionaire in a sense where living is reduced to a minimum due to up stepped independent, energy and transportation systems where the cost of survival is reduced to virtually nothing.  This enables man to have more in his pocket so he can do things with his family and be active and not under constant slavery for only a few.  So low cost everything, independent and free with the best wages with time and money to  be active so man can fulfill a great destiny for the planet and for us all.

These are just a few thoughts and ideas for a New World to come as we have to start thinking about these ideas of a BRAVE NEW WORLD, an ideal world we want to live in because this world system will not last and its is the intent of Paradise to up step man and Earth into higher realm of living and understanding as a Universal Member of the Brotherhood of all the Planets.

Eventually the Quarantine will be lifted on this planet and we have to be prepared for this and have to think about ideas for the future.

Regardless what I think, the whole idea would be to free up man physically from bondage where he is truly free and independent and is not controlled by fear and debt.  Then his true and real personality shines in the true light.  Then his Goodness comes out which has positive effects on ones close to him making a happier world to live in and a better foretaste of greater and enlarged things to come.

The Paradise Kingdom will bare pressure on man in this journey of Destiny in this day.

Understand this brave new world will be inherited by the Faith Sons of Jesus, the Sovereign, his friends of this day and there is a parting of the ways of which world one wants to belong in???

These are the realities of the Kingdom of Paradise!


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2009 at 04:43

Here is a search on Profit Motivation and the incompatibilities of the current view on Profit Motivation. This type of Profit Motivation will not be included in the physical Kingdom of Jesus, the Sovereign on this planet!.

Quote line 142: 6. THE PROFIT MOTIVE

line 144: Present-day profit-motivated economics is doomed unless profit motives can be augmented by service motives.  Ruthless competition based on narrow-minded self-interest is ultimately destructive of even those things which it seeks to maintain. Exclusive and self-serving profit motivation is incompatible with Christian ideals--much more incompatible with the teachings of Jesus.

line 145: In economics, profit motivation is to service motivation what fear is to love in religion. But the profit motive must not be suddenly destroyed or removed; it keeps many otherwise slothful mortals hard at work. It is not necessary, however, that this social energy arouser be forever selfish in its objectives.

line 146: The profit motive of economic activities is altogether base and wholly unworthy of an advanced order of society; nevertheless, it is an indispensable factor throughout the earlier phases of civilization. Profit motivation must not be taken away from men until they have firmly possessed themselves of superior types of nonprofit motives for economic striving and social serving--the transcendent urges of superlative wisdom, intriguing brotherhood, and excellency of spiritual attainment.

line 157: Urantians should get a vision of a new and higher cultural society. Education will jump to new levels of value with the passing of the purely profit-motivated system of economics. Education has too long been localistic, militaristic, ego exalting, and success seeking; it must eventually become world-wide, idealistic, self-realizing, and cosmic grasping.

Christianity would be better of to stay far and wide from the Crap of Profit blessings and profit motivation greed blessings or the get rich doctrine. What we see with Profit Motivation today is an abomination in the intent of Jesus and is not part of the teachings of Jesus. That whole doctrine is just the Bullshit! of the last Rebel!

In the above is the clue that this economic paradigm in present attitude of Profit Motivation will not last and is destined for total collapse "unless profit motives can be augmented by service motives" that was the escape clause take note!!!!

This means Wall/Fraud Street and all the economic thought will be wiped out and taken away for jail. The Wall Street will not be around in the new world of Jesus.

The present profit motivation is not compatible to this planet and will be destroyed .

TAKE NOTE everyone! NOW! not later! this is a clear warning, take care of business now if you can and prepare.

All the above means The profit motivation of Wall Street will be wiped out destroyed! completely scattered!

Exponential growth on finite resources does not work!

Essentialy this post is a WATCHTOWER 7 Red alert...... watchtower 1-6 seem to be asleep!
These are the realities of the Kingdom of Paradise on Earth!

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2009 at 05:18

A search on "Usury" in the Urantia Book, the kind of evil that is everywhere on the whole planet.


Quote    line 140: "5. Honest wealth is entitled to interest. As long as men borrow and lend, that which is fair interest may be collected  provided the capital lent was legitimate wealth .

 First cleanse your capital before you lay claim to the interest.  Do not become so  small and grasping that you would stoop to the practice of usury.   Never permit yourself to be so selfish as to employ money-power to gain unfair advantage over your struggling fellows.

  Yield not to the temptation to take usury from your brother in financial distress . -    

Here are other words of wisdom for the extreme selfish guy/boss who robs and rips man of in his daily hire. Ive experienced them and still do!  They are empty and devoid and all they can talk about is there bullshit glory that no one is interested in  and at the same time rip you off on hours from your daily wages.  I know them very well.  I doubt they will make it in the new world!  but I dont know.


Quote "4. No mortal who knows God and seeks to do the divine will can stoop to engage in the oppressions of wealth.  No noble man will strive to accumulate riches and amass wealth-power by the enslavement or unfair exploitation of his brothers in the flesh.

 Riches are a moral curse and a spiritual stigma when they are derived from the sweat of oppressed mortal man. 

 All such wealth should be restored to those who have thus been robbed or to their children and their children's children. 

An  enduring civilization  cannot be built upon the practice of  defrauding the laborer of his hire.   

This reminds me of the guy who was in charge of the Lehman brothers who took 1/2 billion dollars as a pay check while the investors where defrauded.  Is that right?  The guy didn't even bother to provide any restitution.  That is a Wall street Nodite completely and utterly selfish with an attitude that is unworthy of the new Kingdom.  All he says is "Sorry" and walks away Scott free!  What a scam!
Well If I were him I would repent and create a plan of restitution but you know that will never happen because according to the contract, yeah right, but where is the truth, justice and the sense of morality!  This is why Wall street will go in its present attitude of profit motivation! 
Why you never know Wall Street might make a nice restaurant to eat at one day! ahahahaha!

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2009 at 09:52

I want to say that the families who apparently rule the world through agencies such as the Bilderburger and so forth forget that the Most High rules in the Kingdom of Men and there motives are completely known.

There will be a One World Government but it will be run by the Faith Sons of the Father. The current families I dont think will have any part of this and will not be found in this realm of Planetary/Universal leadership however they could all change their attitude whilst there is time but they will not consider anything like this. 
I was a bit surprised to see Dutch Royalty intimately involved in this?  It was interesting in the fact that it was due to them that the Bilderburger Society began.  I wonder what was in their mind at the time and the true intent? the real motivation?  It appears things come around in a circle, it seems according to prophecy that all their plans is forecast to come into total and complete ruination.  It just what the prohecies says!
It seems their methods and motives of this mob/Society are not compatible with the Law of Universal Government and Justice and therefore will have to be answerable in the Universal Courts of Justice as they will be taken to court in the judgment or after death whatever comes first where their motives are reviewed.

Posted By: Ponce de Leon
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2009 at 22:01
I think by trying to find the capital city in the interstellar universe that you pointed out in being our homeland, and the capital being the home of Jesus Christ, I have lost some brain cells in the process

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2009 at 22:18

Saena Tree could be the same the tree of life in Van or Khvaniratha (Hvaniratha)!!!

I agree, its a reflection of the truth that was there many thousands of years ago.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2009 at 22:25
Originally posted by Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon wrote:

I think by trying to find the capital city in the interstellar universe that you pointed out in being our homeland, and the capital being the home of Jesus Christ, I have lost some brain cells in the process

No worries, I understand and one would have to go there and verify. I wish there was some one there who could go there a take some images and post them so we could see what is there.

But according to my calculation this is place but I know there are many places of Iran that behold so much history.  There is so much truth in Iran that I don't think even the people realize how instrumental Iran has been in our ancient history, the history of which we know very little of.

I think the Van Capital is here.  I would love to go there and verify either way this place but I'm just stuck in a room unable to do anything but write.

more info -

I personally think it would be a great project for some one near the general area or in Shirvan itself to be our friend liaison in taking images and gathering information from the location.  Archaeology from remote!

Does anyone know anyone there?  I think it would be great opportunity and would offer much fun and with intrigue, part of the great Sevenfold Mystery and note all participants will be named on the great eternal stone block where a 2 mile place is reserved precisely for the record of our planet,  reserved for the documentation of this great journey to all the beginnings where the end shall be.  

Now that is a great honour from Paradise! and its open to any individual who works by faith! regardless of what religion he belongs to.  The journey is a living experience between God and Man working together in the oneness of truth, exploration, discovery and personal realization of the Father from within!

Ponce de Leon  thanks for looking, I appreciate it.  Do you know anyone in Shirvan might be interested to have a look for us?

There is much incentive in this project and those friends of this project who actively participate will be named and known on the great Stone Block in Heaven and will be recognized through out all the universes as the individual traverses his personal destiny adventure to Paradise.

It would be a great honour and the opportunity is open to all regardless of religion.  These are the blessings to be bestowed on the Faith Sons of Paradise from the Kingdom of Paradise.

These are the realities of the Kingdom of Paradise.

I want to note that in Shia prophecy, the truth comes from Khorason, this is where the Mahdi comes from with Jesus by his side with the truth in his hand and who slays Dajjal (untruth).  The location of Van is precisely in Khorason and I think its the fulfilment of Shia Prophecy.  However this truth of the Mahdi is not related to death and destruction, its  precisely related to faith, exploration, discovery and enhancement.  God and Man working together for positive purposes for mankind, the thing that elevates man and not subject him to imposition and fear.

By someone going there exploring for us will prove whether I am right or wrong and does test this journey of the Father that he has reserved for his children at the time of the change of everything.  So I think its a good idea provided there is honesty and truth in the exploration that some one go there now! while there is time!


Posted By: Ponce de Leon
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2009 at 23:09
Regarding to sevens question on me knowing anyone in Shirvian I do actually. His name is Sasquatch, however if you want to call him up his name is not the same in the phone book. Just look up Man, Abominable.

Hope that helps! =)

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2009 at 23:13
Fair Dinkum man, I'm trying to be friendly and forward thinking and that's all you can say!
not much man!
There you go, that's how people regard the purposes of Paradise!
Given the shoe treatment!
How would Paradise respond to that when you are required??
How would you treat someone showing gross disrespect and contempt to the Universal Brotherhood path?
Its the same shit where ever this message is delivered and you know what there is a price to pay for the contempt of Paradise in showing disrespect in its purpose.  Judgment will proceed and all will be required and reviewed in there daily witness and no one escapes whether at judgment or after death.  God is no respecter of anyone.
Especially, you Ponce don't think your so beyond or above in your limited mind and false pride.

I say one thing, you say another so lets have a look if you have the courage, lets make this a challenge then, a challenge of truth and see where it leads to.  Your pride in your knowledge in contrast to what we uncover?  The Challenge of truth!
What's wrong with that? and we can be friendly at the same time even with varying ideas.

Actually, lets make this a global demonstration of your pride in your knowledge to the Paradise truth as in the verification of Van headquarters.

Posted By: Ponce de Leon
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 01:27
You make me smile =)

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 02:54

no worries Im smiling to.  I'm laughing at myself on how full on I get with all this!



Posted By: cahaya
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 03:39
Originally posted by Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon wrote:

You make me smile =)



Posted By: Truthisnotrelitive
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 08:10

you seem to have a lot of knowlarge on the subject of the retern of christ. i too don't doubt that you have done lengthy research inorder to validate your claims, and i respect that.
i saw the length of ur posts, and in truth i did not really read it all as i was getting lost. but if your message concerning the return of jesus is indeed important, it would be very kind of you to try and simplify your message (be it complete yet or not) and spell out what these facts say about the return of christ. i don't mean to sound mocking, so don't get me wrong, but if i want to read a confusing cryptic text about the end of the world, i've got the book of revelations to keep me happy. if you are going to enterpret some of it's contence and link it to other facts, please decode your ideas and define some of the terms you're using as well. start at the begining, and tell us what you know. if this is for the world to hear, then then lets make it clear so that everyone gets it. otherwise you're wasting your time trying to tell us somthing that we don't, won't and can't understand.

a man sees as he wishes

Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 08:21
Are you talking about the northwest of Iran or the northeast?! I think the paradise could be really in northeast part.
Just search for "Shirabad":

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 09:58
Hi Cyrus

The location I'm speaking of is in the North Eastern part.

Here is a image of the location just South of the Atrek in that long and Narrow valley but not quite in the Kopet Daugh and yet in Khorason.

is that near your fantastic pictures, the North East must be beautiful.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 10:54

I read the Urantia Book many years ago and when I read about the ancient places I wanted to discover them.

A few years later I began to search for commonality of the ancient places in the Bible including all the books of the religion using the Urantia as the base foundation of the research.  When my search began I found many fragments concerning the ancient places after which I would document the discovery in a post where over time it would evolve into a on the run journey with truth discoveries and realizations each day.

The written journey began as a fragment upon fragment with precept thoughts as I discovered and recorded my thoughts.  It began slowly but eventually I uploaded the fragments to a site.  I realized I found a cache of information that no one ever found and decided to open and release it on the run.

In a short period of time I began to find whole chapters relating to the ancient places in the books where it would harmonize and parallel with the Urantia Book.

Its hard to put years of research and a journey in a short post but I believe the prophecies of change are related to all the beginning cities that pertain to the path of the Tree of Life in paths unknown.  I believe this is the hidden being revealed for the first time including a new revelation for mankind that I believe will unify all the religions in verifiable truth.

I read I see!

I use the Urantia Book as my base and from there I branch out to all the other books to find commonality and parallel in the focalisation to the ancient places as written in the Urantia Book and I also found many reflections pertaining to this specific journey in all the books of religion, everyone of them.  This is why I have been inspired for all these years daily, writing for Paradise my friends alone trying to battle debt slavery to keep this project alive.  Its truly the last stand for me and of truth, somehow the whole world is along this journey to because Paradise is responding to this battle or journey of truth.

If I am cut of not for myself but from other factors, then the world is cut of and it will take generations to get to this point but then Judgment might come instead and then the world will realize that they blew it and are truly at the mercy of judgment without preparation because they rejected the truth when it came by in friendliness and with proof with 1stEden of Cyprus being the evidence verified as written and seen which being part of the revealing and Judgment process of mankind.

Here is a link where all the forum replies are copied. -

I believe its leading us to something very big and good in the most mysterious and intriguing way.

Here is the Urantia Book -


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 20:49
Truly speaking the only people on the planet that could verify all these places is the Faith Sons of the Iranian people.  They are the only people that could verify the truth for the whole planet, a expanded truth that will positively revitalize the whole world through a major revealing and enhancement in truth for all man and that would the destiny of the Iranian people for the world in which Paradise would fully support without hesitation!
This journey could be the greatest for the Iranian people and for the world in truth!  No war of destruction or bombs, just truth that is verified, that is the true army of Mahdi with Jesus, the  battalion of truth that can be verified by all disciplines throughout the world.
So does anyone know anyone in Shirvan that can explore the highland capital of Van??  ahahahaha 
I hope so,  the world and Paradise is awaiting and depending on that Faith Son in Iran.  Who will be that Faith Son who will arise and take the step in Faith, living faith! following all your senses, the 7 thunders!
So now its up to the Iranian people to verify the truth and what a Glorious journey for that spearhead of truth taking the world to the lands of Truth!
I'm telling you the all the Seven Superuniverses and the Central Grand Universe (Paradise) is all awaiting the great step in faith of the Iranian people to unleash the greatest revelation and discovery man has ever seen.
A revelation, discovery and spiritual enhancement that will unify all the main religions Zorostarism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity in the oneness of the verification of the cities, all of them! and will lead to paths that are true and reliable and can be demonstrated to the world.

Why an Iranian Faith Son already has discovered and verified 1stEden of Cyprus so why cant another Iranian or the same Faith Son discover all the other places of truth, in truth!

Note for that spearhead, all the battalions of the Angels and Paradise will walk next to you guiding and leading the way in faith.  The way of Faith is true path to Paradise in truth, beauty and Goodness with Love for one another even the so called enemies, faith is the only path that leads to complete success of the individual unto Eternity.

Posted By: Akolouthos
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 21:08
Please review the AE Code of Conduct and Terms of Use, especially section VII-B-10. Religious preaching contravenes the CoC, and constitutes "inappropriate posting". You may present your information and make your case, but statements from your second to last post, such as the following, violate the CoC:
Originally posted by sevens sevens wrote:

If I am cut of not for myself but from other factors, then the world is cut of and it will take generations to get to this point but then Judgment might come instead and then the world will realize that they blew it and are truly at the mercy of judgment without preparation because they rejected the truth when it came by in friendliness and with proof with 1stEden of Cyprus being the evidence verified as written and seen which being part of the revealing and Judgment process of mankind.
Your last post, too, is troubling. I don't read it as nationalistic, at least not in the context of what you've said so far. Still, people could interpret it this way, so you may wish to clarify. That said, the entire post constitutes a violation of the CoC's prohibition of religious preaching. Feel free to contact me or any of the other moderators if you have any questions.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 06-Jan-2009 at 21:17
No problem, sorry for that I got carried away. 

But unfortunately the Kingdom of Paradise is all to do with religion and many empires of the past and today where and are still today based on the fundamentals of there religion or there faith.

Why we see that even in Iran a religious government, in a secular world who bases there constitution on religion, even the USA has God and religion in there constitution.  Look at the mess we have today in religion and civilization and how it affects empires and civilizations today in light of our so called religious knowledge and wisdom. 

Its just ridiculous.

Yes I am troubled to that you avoid to address these problems in the discussions of empires because no empire currently cannot address these problems of wayward religion and the effect it has on its Empires or civilization and ultimately the family, the basis of civilization and empires.

Running away from discussions like this does not address the stark problems we have and you know you cannot rely on man these days....Look at the World we live in and do find that satisfactory?? especially in leadership of empires of today?

The current leadership in all systems is all corrupted and completely unsatisfactory in the purposes of Paradise and for man and his family, simple as that!  All governments and empires are wayward and religion is not to far behind being also corrupted.  All things will be demonstrated and adjusted accordingly to the purpose of Paradise on this planet for mankind's long term benefit in his journey unto Eternity!

Life might be great for a few but for many many people, living on this planet is just a living nightmare especially living under the imposition of the limited consciousness empires run by poor leadership who allow the people to be exploited by the Greed and many other things  of a few where man is only an animal to be harnessed for the purpose of those few in there profit motivation and desire for influence and who just ruins this planet afflicting the people at the same time!  Empires of Rubbish!

Well I say enough to those Empires of Rubbish and so does Paradise!


Posted By: Akolouthos
Date Posted: 07-Jan-2009 at 00:06
Originally posted by sevens sevens wrote:

No problem, sorry for that I got carried away. 
Don't worry about it; it happens to the best of us. Feel free to ask any CoC related questions you may have.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 07-Jan-2009 at 00:32
No worries, have a good day.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 07-Jan-2009 at 01:21
This destiny of all Empires.

Here is a link from truth researcher Ernest Moyers about the personal who delivers the last message in the last stand of truth.

All the links in the links are completely relevant to the destiny of all current empires from a prophetical prospective. -
There are good links to research.

from this -


Posted By: Leonidas
Date Posted: 07-Jan-2009 at 08:13
My dad bought this book long time ago and it was complete rubbish, I scolded him to be exact and I cant remember what i did with the book. Its reminds me of Scientology, they somehow get old legends and make them new. either way i smelt a cult and I would have non of that.

Sorry seven just being honest.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 07-Jan-2009 at 12:00
And did you read the book or just pass judgment without looking into things and something you know very little about.  Since when does your dad have to listen to your ill advise without looking into all things for himself.  He is is own man and doesnt need you to think for him. Total arrogance walking in ignorance!  The Blind leading the ones who looks for truth.   Why does your Dad need you to think for him???? It just the height of arrogance from a son who has not the experience of your father.  Why dont you show him some respect!  It should be your Father that should be teaching you the truth! he is much closer to the TRUTH! than you think.
  file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/dj/My%20Documents/My%20Webs/sevenfold/urantia-clues29.htm#Burach - Here is something from your Heavenly Father for you to think about in your ill advise with your family, just to think you could be leading them to a disaster.  Have you ever thought of that.  eh!  By the way where is your rock hard evidence to disprove the Urantia Book???? or any evidence of anything for that matter!
Here is a little something I developed on Burachs (assistant of Jeremiah) end time prophecy. Its been on my mind for a while since Dec 3rd 08. -
Quote 15 For knowledge He hath appointed as its way, hath widened it and extended it; and brought to all perfection;  16  And set over it the traces of His light, and I walked therein from the beginning even to the end.   17  For by Him it was wrought, and He was resting in the Son,  and  for its salvation He will take hold of everything .  18  And the Most High shall be known in His Saints, to announce to those that have songs of  the coming of the Lord : 19 That they may go forth to meet Him, and may sing to Him with joy and with the harp of many tones:  20 The seers shall come before Him and they shall be seen before Him, 21 And they shall praise the Lord for His love:  because He is near and beholdeth. 22 And hatred shall be taken from the earth, and along with jealousy it shall be drowned: 23 For ignorance hath been destroyed,  because the knowledge of the Lord hath arrived . 24 They who make songs shall sing the grace of the Lord Most High; 25 And they shall bring their songs, and their heart shall be like the day: and like the excellent beauty of the Lord their pleasant song; 26  And there shall neither be anything that breathes without knowledge nor any that is dumb:  27  For He hath given a mouth to His creation, to open the voice of the mouth towards Him, to praise Him : 28 Confess ye His power, and show forth His grace. Hallelujah.
The above is a complete reflection of this journey from the beginning to the end from where the end shall come from!!!!!
Praise the Father and thanks Burach for your help in the last times of this age.
The reference to the sealed document sent by God is one of the great mysteries of the collection.
Quote 1 Joy is of the saints! and who shall put it on, but they alone? 2 Grace is of the elect! and who shall receive it except those who trust in it from the beginning? 3 Love is of the elect? And who shall put it on except those who have possessed it from the beginning? 4 Walk ye in the knowledge of the Most High without grudging: to His exultation and to the perfection of His knowledge. 5 And His thought was like a letter; His will descended from on high, and it was sent like an arrow which is violently from the bow: 6 And many hands rushed to the letter to seize it and to take and read it: 7 And it escaped their fingers and they were affrighted at it and at the seal that was upon it. 8 Because it was not permitted to them to loose its seal: for the power that was over the seal was greater than they . 9 But those who saw it went after the letter that they might know where it would alight, and who should read it and who should hear it. 10 But a wheel (magnetar) received it and came over it: 11 And there was with it a sign of the Kingdom and of the Government: 12 And everything which tried to move the wheel it mowed and cut down: 13 And it gathered the multitude of adversaries, and bridged the rivers and crossed over and rooted up many forests and made a broad path. 14 The head went down to the feet for down to the feet ran the wheel, and that which was a sign upon it. 15 The letter was one of command, for there were included in it all districts; 16 And there was seen at its head, the head which was revealed even the Son of Truth from the Most High Father, 17 And He inherited and took possession of everything. And the thought of many was brought to nought. 18 And all the apostates hasted and fled away. And those who persecuted and were enraged became extinct, 19 And the letter was a great volume, which was wholly written by the finger of God: 20 And the name of the Father was on it and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to rule for ever and ever. Hallelujah
If no one captures this then there is rocks in the head.  If decisions and attitudes arent adjusted before the appointed time then there is absolutely no turning back for anyone regardless of which religion they belong to. 
Your either in or out!  No in between!

Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 08-Jan-2009 at 09:45

There are the tombs of two famous prophets in Iran, one of them is the tomb of Danial Nabi (Daniel the prophet) in the southwest of Iran (Susa) and another one is the tomb of Khaled Nabi in the northeast of Iran, the below map shows the location of second one:

There is also a mysterious cemetery near it: -

I think the location of the tomb is itself mysterious, from this place you feel the whole world is under your feet or you are in another planet!

Posted By: Leonidas
Date Posted: 08-Jan-2009 at 11:54
 we are very honest with each other, get over it.

As far that book is concerned, i read enough of it, didnt take to long to think its rubbish. It is not the first piece of BS i have come across and it wont be the last.  its just a rehash, mix-mash, 'put my finger in the mouth' creative attempt on announcing THE truth. Clue one. Not one reference source or grounding in any tradition yet some how knows it all. Clue two. Talks about science but ends up as psudoscience...

Stuff that, nothing is going to be so easy as to be announced in one book, 'mysteroiusly' a bunch whack job americans.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 08-Jan-2009 at 12:32
Whatever you think.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 08-Jan-2009 at 12:38
Originally posted by Cyrus Shahmiri Cyrus Shahmiri wrote:

There are the tombs of two famous prophets in Iran, one of them is the tomb of Danial Nabi (Daniel the prophet) in the southwest of Iran (Susa) and another one is the tomb of Khaled Nabi in the northeast of Iran, the below map shows the location of second one:

There is also a mysterious cemetery near it: -

I think the location of the tomb is itself mysterious, from this place you feel the whole world is under your feet or you are in another planet!

I think your images are beautiful, I think Iran is a very nice place.  One day I would like to go there.

Thanks for your images, there are very good.  I was interested in the Tomb of Daniel to.  Very interesting place.  I came across Daniels Tomb a few months ago and found some symbols that I recognized, III have to find the image for you.

Waw Khaled Nabi in the northeast of Iran is very close to the location I was interested in.

Did you know that Jesus in his travels visited the ruins of Susa and was very interested in the history and culture of Susa from long ago.  He actually spent time in Ur visiting the ancient places . From memory he spent 3 weeks studying these places, he was interested in these places and I think I know why.  Because he could see the future which comes from the beginning places.

He understood this time as he foresaw it then, in the beforehand within himself.  Its just brilliant how it all blends in today.

Thanks for your post and images and thoughts.  Its all very good for us, I really believe this. 

Your post definitely belongs on the tablet of Paradise in my view! -

Its interesting that I was speaking about Dec 3rd 08 in the beforehand in the post link.  The day I discovered Magnetar Sevenfold that led me to the discovery of the System Government Headquarters, Jerusem, the location of the Judgment Seat of this System....our planet, revealed for reason.  All that is hidden is revealed! and more!

and look at this fragment

""The house that rises its head" I'm working with Daniels time line and the 1335th day finishes on Dec 3rd 08" 

and this fragment is directly related to the System Government Headquarters.  That was the day, the 1335th day of Daniel according to the Sevenfold Apocalypse written beforehand on a precise calculation going by the Seven thunders using all my senses as the Father leads me in these past ancient places and to Space as written on the run, as it happens released to man through Love for one another.

I really Praise the Father in this magnificent journey of the true annals of this planet and backed up by the Universal Government of this Universe and it goes further than that, to Paradise itself!.

"The house that rises its head" = Universal System Government, the House, the beginning, The day, Magnetar Sevenfold.  There is no comparison on the planet in no other journey!

And we are talking about Daniel and look where it led.  It led to Government or the Judgment Seat!

"The house that rises its head" comes from ancient Babylon that I discovered in the journey of triangulation. -


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 09-Jan-2009 at 02:33
Here is another intriguing post about the Kingdom of Aratta that blended with this fantastic journey and all the3 clues I found along the way.  I remember this as fabulous journey!

Enmerkar and the lord of Aratta - -
and -

The above link is fascinating in respect to this specific time line.  This was private research and was not posted to any forum except for a link I suppose.  I'm not sure.

It highlights much clues as where to look.

and - Khorasan in prophecy


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 09-Jan-2009 at 02:47
I checked out Khaled Nabi

It is very good.

Iran is a very nice place. -

its near

"from Vana_yu, A_rat.t.athis is the first time I see Van associated with Aratta" -

Also I was wondering if
Abbes is an important name or word in Iran?

I'm just curious!

and another prophecy.

all will attain perfect union and reconciliation under the shadow of the Blessed Tree."


Posted By: Truthisnotrelitive
Date Posted: 09-Jan-2009 at 06:00
may i sugest that you wait untill you have acomprehensable doctrine before you atempt any more discussion on AE. A series of facts is not enough to predict the coming of the christ, and untill you can relate those facts to biblical prophesy in a  consise clear fassion, everyone is just going to get confused and right yo off as a loon. now i and not saying that you are a loon at all. don't get me wrong. i just need clarity, so when you've finished your research, come back and tell us because half a picture really is not a solid foundation for debate and crossexamination, let alone concideration.

a man sees as he wishes

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 09-Jan-2009 at 06:12
I'm sorry but its on the run at the moment and there are many things happening.

I know what you mean in some respects, it just how I'm led and the way its working out in respect to the writing and what seems pending at this time.  Its doesn't follow the way of the world as you desire as this is on different level as you can see.  Its up to man to research it and work out the mystery in a fuller sense as these are only tracks of light of the past, present and the future that I'm uncovering in books of religion and other writings its doesn't follow the normal trend with regards to fragments that interplay in other sections or pieces scattered.  I'm bringing all in a oneness of consistency to the reality as foreseen in the present now!  Can you understand that?  Its not a matter of English and the right format that you like, for your entertainment.  You have to read behind the lines the underlying message and for what's intended, maybe there is a better way of going about to make an impression to bring out the right attitude.  One thing leads to another and compels you to look further after the realization.  Not giving out everything! one bit upon another bit that makes you wonder and think. 

It doesn't tell you everything you have to put the pieces of truth together and that can only happen through realization and finding consistent truth, the truth leads to the Urantia Book (test that) and all the other books that can now be tested in the on going Saga of Mankind in this day in the manifestation of the reality.  Do you see that?

I try and be clearer in future but it is the Alternative section of Empires and being a Spiritual Empire well what can I say! its bound to be different.  Maybe this isn't your space here?


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 09-Jan-2009 at 06:55
Here is an interesting news article for the Published: 08 Jan 2009.  Yesterday -
click on link for videos and images

UFO hits wind turbine

Quote A WIND turbine stood wrecked yesterday with one of its giant 65ft blades torn off — after it was hit by a UFO.

Locals were woken by the 4am smash after strange lights were spotted streaking towards the 290ft-tall generator on a wind farm.

Baffled power chiefs said of the smash in Conisholme, Lincs: “We have a team investigating.” There was no trace of the missing blade. A UFO expert said: “We are very excited.”

Witness ... Lesley Whittingham, 71

A woman motorist told how she saw a UFO zoom towards the wind farm and strike the 290ft turbine.

Dorothy Willows — who lives half a mile from the scene of the hit-and-run — was in her car when “strange lights” loomed in the evening sky.

She was among dozens who spotted the mysterious flashing orangey-yellow spheres over Lincolnshire — where the turbine was left wrecked.

Dorothy, of Louth, said: “The lights were moving across the sky towards the wind farm.

"Then I saw a low flying object. It was skimming across the sky towards the turbines.”

Hours later there was an almighty smash.

Dorothy said: “My husband Stephen was woken at 4am by the bang.”

Afterwards there was no trace of one of the turbine’s three huge 65ft blades — ripped off in the collision.

Another was left twisted and useless. Other locals told how the lights looked like balls of flames. Lesley Whittingham, 71, even managed to photograph it — and said: “It looked like a giant explosion in the air.”

John Harrison, another witness, described how he looked out of his landing window and saw a massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground” over the wind farm. He said: “It was huge. With the tentacles it looked just like an octopus.”

The object that struck the turbine at Conisholme near Louth on Sunday dodged others surrounding it — and last night experts had no explanation for what it was. There were NO reports of any aircraft collisions.

Council health and safety officials said even the strongest gale was unlikely to be responsible.

The damage was described by the Health and Safety Executive as a “unique incident”.

Wind farm company Ecotricity admitted: “We don’t know what caused the problem. We are investigating.”

UFO expert Russ Kellett, of Flying Saucer Review, told how dozens of reports of mystery objects poured in before the crash.

He said: “Balls of light were seen in the sky and the MoD has no explanation. We are very, very excited about this.”

Last night the incident was the talk of the internet. It was dubbed the “Octopus UFO” because of the tentacles and how the lights appeared joined in formation.

The MoD said of the latest scare: “Unless there is evidence of a potential threat , there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting.”

That has strong metaphor from our Universal brothers.

We will soon found out after the test! I hope they do a full forensic and they are honest, there should be a signature indicating something that we recognize.

A test! see what happens!


Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 10-Jan-2009 at 15:46
The most famous tree in the Iranian history was in the northeast of Iran, did you know it? - -
The Cypress of Kashmar is a mythical - cypress tree of legendary beauty and gargantuan dimensions, celebrated in the - Iranian epic - Shahnameh and other sources. Although the story of its genesis seems of pure mythical origin, the fact of its existence and the incidence of the felling is historically proven.

In the Shahnameh it is said to have sprung from a branch brought by - Zoroaster from Paradise and to have stood in today's - Razavi Khorasan Province in northeastern Iran and to have been planted by Zoroaster in honor of the conversion of King - Vishtaspa to - Zoroastrianism . According to the Iranian physicist and historian - Zakariya Qazvini , King - Vishtaspa had been a patron of Zoroaster who planted the tree himself. In his cosmology, he further describes how the - Abbasid Caliph - Al-Mutawakkil in 247 A.H. (861 A.D.) caused the mighty cypress to be felled, and then transported it across Iran, to be used for beams in his new palace at - Samarra . Before, he wanted the tree to be reconstructed before his eyes. This was done in spite of protests by the Iranians, who offered a very high sum of money to save the tree. Mutawakkil never saw the cypress, because he was murdered by a Turkish soldier (possibly in the employ of his son) on the night when it arrived on the banks of the Tigris.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 10-Jan-2009 at 22:38
Wow Cyrus

I never knew that brother, I feel honored with your contribution God is leading the way and the path through his people, his people of the Zoroaster religion.  I praise the Father in Paradise for his beautiful people and the knowledge that comes along his path.

I remember a few years ago when in the start of this on the run journey I met an Iranian man who was from the Zoroaster religion and I was impressed by his peace from within himself and his truth and goodness.  We both concluded that many beautiful things will come out of Iran in the future and we both agreed on the long and illustrious history of Iran where we both look forward to when the truth of this beautiful path will be revealed for the world.

I believe this truth will come from Iran and especially those of the Zoroaster religion.  I know they all good people who live upon the good tenant of Zoroaster who realized the truth and made his stand on truth 600BC.

Glory be I say for this current up step in knowledge and upgrade that leads directly to Paradise for all mankind no matter what religion, following in the paths of truth, goodness and beauty led by Paradise.

I see within you Cyrus great goodness, truth and beauty in your participation in finding the truth of the matter for man with God hand in hand leading us on the happiness paths of joy and happiness that are eternal.

I strongly sense that Cypress of Kashmar is a direct reflection of the Tree of Life which once stood in the capital of the Van headquarters in Khorason near Shirvan but in the highlands to the south east a little.

The reflections of the tree is all over this specific area in a very strong memory reflected in patterns like in the rugs of Shirvan with there ancient and spiritual designs that do have meaning in metaphor to a real reality many thousands of years ago further back than we realize.

Going by the direction of the Father, I feel there is a very beautiful opportunity for a  individual to go an explore this area.  I believe this is a little holy quest for man from God to go there and check out the place to see if it right.  To confirm to some degree!

We know there are vestiges there of the old Van empire and the Arattian Empire, here is one fragment I am relying on

This center of civilization was situated in the region east of the southern end of the Caspian Sea, near the Kopet Dagh. A short way up in the foothills of Turkestan are the vestiges of what was onetime the Adamsonite headquarters of the violet race. In these highland sites, situated in a narrow and ancient fertile belt lying in the lower foothills of the Kopet range, there successively arose at various periods four diverse cultures respectively fostered by four different groups of Adamson's descendants. It was the second of these groups which migrated westward to Greece and the islands of the Mediterranean. The residue of Adamson's descendants migrated north and west to enter Europe with the blended stock of the last Andite wave coming out of Mesopotamia, and they were also numbered among the Andite-Aryan invaders of India.

from -

I believe we have a good opportunity to test this information by finding those vestiges.  The vestiges were in operation from as far back as 29,000 years ago before the area was abandoned.

Unfortunately Archaeologist are not going to go there because of the source of this information.  However, there is an archaeologist in Iran who I think is a very good man and who I believe has God within him and who has a great desire to crack the mythical kingdom of Arrata kingdom.  The man is the man who discovered Jiroft.  I believe he is a very good Iranian man and scholar who loves his people and the history of Iran.

However, I don't know whether he will go either unless there is some initial evidence we can uncover that may spark the curiosity of the Iranian archaeologists.

Thats why I say here is a beautiful opportunity brought about by God of Paradise for an faith son individual with a friend to go the highland capital of the Van headquarters and at least see if there are some clues of the vestiges of the Arattian kingdom.  It would be so beautiful and especially knowing where to go and to know that the angels are before you and after you  leading you physically on the paths of a great discovery for mankind in truth in relationship to the great presentation of God and Man working together as friends.

Thats what God wants to be for man, a great friend even though he is our creator and master!

Also Anau/Adonia has some clues to.

Here is an image of the tree of life that reflects the Van location in Iran found in Anau or Adonia.

When climatic conditions made hunting unprofitable for the migrating Andites, they did not follow the evolutionary course of the older races by becoming herders. Commerce and urban life made their appearance. From Egypt through Mesopotamia and Turkestan to the rivers of China and India, the more highly civilized tribes began to assemble in cities devoted to manufacture and trade. Adonia became the central Asian commercial metropolis, being located near the present city of Ashkhabad. Commerce in stone, metal, wood, and pottery was accelerated on both land and water.
Adonia is Anau

from this -

and here is image of an artifact which reflects the tree of life.

All the best Cyrus


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I was reflecting on this old piece of research and thought I would post it up

Semah and Denah and the double crowns.

Here are the references to Semha and Denha from St Ephraim that I believe has reflection to today.
Unless Semah is the Branch of the Messiah or the Messiah himself and Denha is the human counterpart.  Im just thinking about it to see if this journey is right.  It seems to be all about the return of the King and his human counterpart, It appears that Denah is a fellow king, the double crowns.    It appears to be about the end times -

Quote 1. In the time of the King whom they called by the name Semha 2 -our Lord was manifested among the Hebrews.-Thus Semha and Denha reigned together,-the King on earth and the Son on high-blessed be His power!

2. In the days of the King who wrote down men in the taxing,-our Saviour came down and wrote down men in the Book of Life; He wrote and was written;-on high He wrote us, on earth He was written; glory to His Name!

3. His Birth was in the days of the King whose name was Semha.-Symbol and truth met one another;-King and King, Semha and Denha.-That kingdom bore His Cross; blessed be He Who took it up!

4. Thirty years abode He on earth in poverty.-Voices of praise in all measures,-let us weave my brethren for our Lord's years;-thirty crowns for thirty years; Blessed be His number!

"Blessed be His number!" That wouldnt be Sevens by any chance??
and this -
Quote Hymn XIII.
(Compare Hymn II. For the Epiphany.)

1. In the days of the King whom they called by the name of Semha,1 our Lord sprang up among the Hebrews: and Semha and Denha2 ruled, and came, King upon earth, and Son in Heaven; blessed be His rule!

2. In the days of the king who enrolled men in the book of the dead, our Redeemer came down and enrolled men in the book of the living. He enrolled, and they also: on high He enrolled us, on earth they enrolled Him. Glory to His Name!

3. In the days of the king whose name was Semha, the type and the Reality met togetherthe king and the King, Semha and Denha. His Cross upon His shoulders, was the sign of His Kingdom. Blessed be He Who bare it.

Very compelling and reflects this journey

The key reflections to this journey is:

Symbol and truth met one another;-King and King, Semha and Denha.-
the type and the Reality met together 

It maybe the Branch and the Human Counterpart or unless its about the 2 witnesses in the final message? Remembering that Robert Sarmast who discovered 1stEden and myself with the document on the trees of Eden as an on the run document over the time. To me it appears to be about the Sovereign of this Universe and the Human Counterpart with the last message. Two kings with the double crowns of truth!  Its interesting that my name has the first 3 letters DEN and consider Sarmast as in Semha it appears close in the sounds of the syllable.  However, Semah means branch apparently or is that Semha??

and this fragment from the same chapter regarding the journey with a thought where Persia is mentioned.  Is this the time of fulfillment for Iran?  I think so!!!!!!!

Quote (Persia? near the Location of Dalamatia City, 1&2nd Dilmun and 1Susa) Listen! a message from Jesus to Persia in this time.  Listen Persia.)

48. "The world on high and the world below bear witness to Him,-all the Watchers and the stars,-that He is Son of God and Lord.-Bear ye His fame to your lands!"

49. "All the world on high, in one star,-has stirred up Persia and she has learnt the truth,-that thy Son is Son of God,-and to Him shall all peoples be subject."

50. "Peace bear ye to your lands:-peace be multiplied in your borders apostles of truth may ye be believed-in all the way that ye shall pass through."

51. "The peace of thy Son, it shall bear us-in tranquillity to our land, as it has led us hither;-and when His power shall have grasped the worlds,-may He visit our land and bless it!

52. "May Persia rejoice in your glad tidings!-may Assyria exult in your coming-And when my Son's Kingdom shall arise,-may He plant His standard in your country!"

To me all the above was Iran in the end times of the human counterparts and the Messiahs working together in the final presentation as one body in this day right NOW!! in the final analysis.
The standard is the 3 concentric circles of Melchizedek.  Melchizedek is the one who blessed Abraham and his children, all of them but unfortunately today there appears to be division today led by religion amongst Abrahams children.  Oh well the truth will come out and Paradise will respond to the truth as foreseen in the final message before the judgment of mankind.   No religion will escape the judgment and it will severe.  I would suggest for all not to judgment one another as the great judge will soon judge and no sentient man on this planet will escape.  The living witness of our lives and how we treat our fellow man will be judged in accordance to the standards of opened books in the last days. 
No man can escape this through ritual, ritual will not work, it comes down to who you are and how you treat others in your motives.  Its the motive that is reviewed which determines the attitude of a person towards one another and what drives the motivation of the person.

The books are being opened now! and in the new world there will be only those who live the truth in faith in accordance to the ultimate standards of the Sovereign and that is Love one another as your self and your God doing HIS will of truth, beauty and goodness.

Those who follow the manifesto of the last rebel of "Thou wilt thou will" will all fail and will go the way of the Last Rebel.  They will all be missing in there place.  All forms of Satanism and including the Baalim manifestation will be annihilated and destroyed and that includes all those who perpetuate Death and Destruction on others, all man regardless of religion will go through this judgment and religion will not save those perpetuating Death and Destruction. 
Religion must NOT be involved in perpetuation of Death and Destruction and those who follow that line purposely, who know that it is wrong will go the way of the last rebel, extinction, personality extinction and it will be  War is not the will of the Father in Paradise and those willfully bring death and destruction to innocent people will not enter Paradise.  All man!
God gave us a mind and mouth to discuss and work things out properly with fairness for all man.  Not to kill each other over a disagreement that can be worked out.  Religion is supposed to bring peace not war which is outlawed in Paradise.  No buts and no excuses this is the law of God! for this time in our day.
War is the work of those who are out of the law, an outlaw of truth, beauty and goodness.

Anywhere on the planet where you see division, the Last Rebel is involved.   Anywhere where there is death and destruction the Last Rebel is involved.  The Last Rebel uses religion against each other to create division and then war, that is the work of the Last Rebel and no one else.
People of religion should wake up to this and expel that Last Rebel of the planet!
Man should live by the Seven commands and truly to get his motives and attitude right in accordance to the will of Paradise....God!
If a man approaches you with the prospect of reward through Death and Destruction walk away immediately that is the Last Rebel speaking! 
Have no part of it and run away he will lead you to death and no life!
There is a far better way than all that bullshit and crap talk and that is through exploration and discovery of the truth for man, that's the only way that Paradise can back man up with full support without any destruction to man in the hope that man finds himself with God by his side in truth and in goodness with beauty in his soul that elevates man to higher levels of thinking in the dynamics of living.
These are the realities of the Kingdom of Paradise in Earth! and the Universal Government led by God not man.  Sorry to say there is not one good leader on the planet.  All leaders of the world  are bad leaders at the moment, you couldn't trust him for anything in leadership and safety. 
Why man has even has created a bondage system that saps the very life blood and happiness out of man in the world we live in which is just upside down and its the most ridiculous world ever.  We live in a completely stupid wayward world! run by bad leaders in the manifestation we can see.  They all claim God and yet they kill each other, work that one out?  Look at the lies and hypocrisy! all around in every system no matter who, the system is always imposing crap on man in one way of another or in one form or another.  Look where it leads to the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants and now we are on the edge of deceptive Nuclear plot as foreseen in the books of religion and it will affect the Sons of Kedar and all the other Sons.
If this happens in New York or Babylon then the Judgment comes from the Universe Government.  That is the timing and those who perpetuate and rejoice in this destruction will not live, annihilation of personality! forever as if you were never born!  That's is the warning for those who are creating this deceptive plot and that will be the Last Rebels stand on this planet, then the end shall come with judgment and it will be very severe!  All systems will collapse!  
Who could ever rejoice in 40 million people and families being wiped by some guy with a limited and stupid view on things.
Here is the view and interpretation -
take note and study and research just for your own information to prepare for a great change.

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Date Posted: 11-Jan-2009 at 21:32
Im going through the links in your last post.
I feel this may have a distant reflection of Van in Metaphor or it could be about Adamson and Ratta considering they had a family.  Van never has blood progeny this maybe the distinction.
After an opening in praise of - God and Wisdom, the Shâhnameh gives an account of the creation of the world and of man as believed by the - Sasanians . This introduction is followed by the story of the first man, - Keyumars , who also became the first king after a period of mountain dwelling.
Although living on a mountain or a holy mountain seems very consistent and being the first man, Van.  and it is also consistent with Adamson and Ratta considering they were living in the same mountain highland capital.   I suppose Adamson could be regarded as the first man to being related directly to Adam, being the first born and related to a Son of God (Adam) thereby being unique!
To me this points or reflects to Van being another Son of God and being the first man to or it could reflect Adamson and Ratta with there family.
It could be a couple of things in reflection but the individuals mentioned in the above would be the likely options in my thoughts.
I thought this fragment of truth was absolutely beautifull and the highest truth of guidance around...Good for any man who desires to walk the paths of truth, beauty and goodness.
According to the expert Dr. Jalal Khaleghi Mutlaq, the Shahnameh teaches: Yekta-Parasti (Worship of one God), Khoda Tarsi (Fear of breaking the commandments of God-respeting God), Din Dari (Religious Uprightness), Mihan Doosti (patriotism), Mehr beh Zan o Farzand (love of wife, family and children), Dastgiryeh Darmandegaan (Helping the poor), Kheradmandi (Pursuit of Wisdom), Dad-Khahi (Pursuit of Justice), Door-Andishi (Long term thinking), Miyaneh Ravi (Seeking and Acting in Equilibrium-moderation), Adaab Daani (Acting and Knowing correct manner-courtesy), Mehman Nawazi (Seeking the happiness of Guests-hospitality), Javanmardi (Chivalry), Bakhshesh (Forgiveness), Sepasgozari (Thankfulness), Khoshnoodi o Khorsandi (Being content and Happy with existence), Kooshaayi (Hard Work), Narmesh Yaa Modaaraa (Being Peaceful and Kind), Wafadaari (Being faithful), Raasti o Dorostkari (Truth and opposing anything that is against the Truth), Peymaan Daari (Keeping covenants), Sharm o Ahestegi (Shame at committing immoral acts and also control over one's self), Khamooshi (Not acting loud-modesty), Danesh Amoozi (Pursuing Knowledge-education), Sokhan Dani (Knowledge of Wise Words) and many other moral qualities - [9] .
How true is all that, absolutely correct and would set man on the path of complete success.  I really respect to religion of Zoroaster.  Very good truth from ancient times and I know it is in line with the ultimate standards of Paradise I can sense it.  This explains why the Zoroaster religion has many beautiful people I can see that!
I really like the people on this forum, I feel very happy to be in company of good and nice people, Godly people.  Its a joy for me!  I praise the Father for this good experience and collaboration in finding truth.
And I like this prophecy and I believe it will come to pass and within myself I feel we are here in this very spot as reflected in the prophecy.

Ferdowsi wrote in the end of his Shahnameh proclaims:

I've reached the end of this great history

And all the land will talk of me:

I shall not die, these seeds I've sown will save

My name and reputation from the grave,

And men of sense and wisdom will proclaim

When I have gone, my praises and my fame

I believe all of the above is coming to pass, contained within a new Revelation for the planet written by the finger of God and which opens the whole true illustrious history of Iran that which can be demonstrated but we have to go to these locations and verify! 
That would be the test of truth.
I would like to test this truth in verification to know that I am right!  I feel I am right but it has to be tested and I quite happy for that.
Just say if everything was verified in a full scale effort of man and it was right in every aspect and completely harmonised with all science on every level where the Atheist has absolutely nothing to say!  Man Stumped by God with the real truth of everything!
WOW! that would be good.
I know that Zoroaster has had major influence in Judaism and Christianity I can see why.  But I feel at this time the Zoroaster truth will be uplifted into higher and new realms of truth by God himself personally!  I know that the Father Honour's Zoroaster for his work on this planet.  Understand Jesus was also working with the influence of Zoroaster's truth contained within Judaism and I know Jesus and recognized and respected Zoroaster's truth, that's why the Father made sure Zoroaster's influence would make its way in the Bible and in all the books in reflection.
From what I understand Zoroaster had a great influence within Iran working with the Great Korus to ensure his truth perpetuated in the hearts of the people which is did!.
Its great to find this and I know there so more to find within the mythology and myths of Iran.
Praise God in Paradise!  The praise God for Zoroaster's good work that can be recognized and honored today.
Why even Jesus in his travels visited Lake Uramia and presented 3 lectures on the largest of a group of islands situated a short distance offshore near Urmia at a unique school of religions run by Cymboynton and his Sons. -

On several occasions Jesus participated in these discussions, and before he left Urmia, Cymboyton arranged with Jesus to sojourn with them for two weeks on his return trip and give twenty-four lectures on "The Brotherhood of Men," and to conduct twelve evening sessions of questions, discussions, and debates on his lectures in particular and on the brotherhood of men in general.

In accordance with this arrangement, Jesus stopped off on the return trip and delivered these lectures. This was the most systematic and formal of all the Master's teaching on Urantia. Never before or after did he say so much on one subject as was contained in these lectures and discussions on the brotherhood of men. In reality these lectures were on the "Kingdom of God" and the "Kingdoms of Men."

Here is fragment from one such lecture.  Modfiied by the Angels for this time our day!


If one man craves freedom--liberty--he must remember that all other men long for the same freedom. Groups of such liberty-loving mortals cannot live together in peace without becoming subservient to such laws, rules, and regulations as will grant each person the same degree of freedom while at the same time safeguarding an equal degree of freedom for all of his fellow mortals. If one man is to be absolutely free, then another must become an absolute slave. And the relative nature of freedom is true socially, economically, and politically. Freedom is the gift of civilization made possible by the enforcement of LAW.

Religion makes it spiritually possible to realize the brotherhood of men, but it will require mankind government to regulate the social, economic, and political problems associated with such a goal of human happiness and efficiency.

There shall be wars and rumors of wars--nation will rise against nation--just as long as the world's political sovereignty is divided up and unjustly held by a group of nation-states. England, Scotland, and Wales were always fighting each other until they gave up their respective sovereignties, reposing them in the United Kingdom.

Another world war will teach the so-called sovereign nations to form some sort of federation, thus creating the machinery for preventing small wars, wars between the lesser nations. But global wars will go on until the government of mankind is created. Global sovereignty will prevent global wars--nothing else can.

The forty-eight American free states live together in peace. There are among the citizens of these forty-eight states all of the various nationalities and races that live in the ever-warring nations of Europe. These Americans represent almost all the religions and religious sects and cults of the whole wide world, and yet here in North America they live together in peace. And all this is made possible because these forty-eight states have surrendered their sovereignty and have abandoned all notions of the supposed rights of self-determination.

It is not a question of armaments or disarmament. Neither does the question of conscription or voluntary military service enter into these problems of maintaining

Page 1491
world-wide peace. If you take every form of modern mechanical armaments and all types of explosives away from strong nations, they will fight with fists, stones, and clubs as long as they cling to their delusions of the divine right of national sovereignty.

War is not man's great and terrible disease; war is a symptom, a result. The real disease is the virus of national sovereignty.  (wow!)

Urantia nations have not possessed real sovereignty; they never have had a sovereignty which could protect them from the ravages and devastations of world wars. In the creation of the global government of mankind, the nations are not giving up sovereignty so much as they are actually creating a real, bona fide, and lasting world sovereignty which will henceforth be fully able to protect them from all war. Local affairs will be handled by local governments; national affairs, by national governments; international affairs will be administered by global government.

World peace cannot be maintained by treaties, diplomacy, foreign policies, alliances, balances of power, or any other type of makeshift juggling with the sovereignties of nationalism. World law must come into being and must be enforced by world government--the sovereignty of all mankind.

The individual will enjoy far more liberty under world government. Today, the citizens of the great powers are taxed, regulated, and controlled almost oppressively, and much of this present interference with individual liberties will vanish when the national governments are willing to trustee their sovereignty as regards international affairs into the hands of global government.

Under global government the national groups will be afforded a real opportunity to realize and enjoy the personal liberties of genuine democracy. The fallacy of self-determination will be ended. With global regulation of money and trade will come the new era of world-wide peace. Soon may a global language evolve, and there will be at least some hope of sometime having a global religion--or religions with a global viewpoint.

Collective security will never afford peace until the collectivity includes all mankind.

The political sovereignty of representative mankind government will bring lasting peace on earth, and the spiritual brotherhood of man will forever insure good will among all men. And there is no other way whereby peace on earth and good will among men can be realized.


After the death of Cymboyton, his sons encountered great difficulties in maintaining a peaceful faculty. The repercussions of Jesus' teachings would have been much greater if the later Christian teachers who joined the Urmia faculty had exhibited more wisdom and exercised more tolerance. A lesson to be learnt here!

Cymboyton's eldest son had appealed to Abner at Philadelphia for help, but Abner's choice of teachers was most unfortunate in that they turned out to be unyielding and uncompromising. These teachers sought to make their religion dominant over the other beliefs. They never suspected that the oft-referred-to lectures of the caravan conductor had been delivered by Jesus himself. (Another huge lesson today for religions that opress mankind with their brand of doctrine)

As confusion increased in the faculty, the three brothers withdrew their financial support, and after five years the school closed. Later it was reopened as a Mithraic temple and eventually burned down in connection with one of their orgiastic celebrations.  (Here is another opportunity of a little expedition of locating the school or the old Mitharic Temple.)

Look at this piece which reflects the problems we today in the world because of "the world's political sovereignty is divided up and unjustly held by a group of nation" Jesus is pinpointing the current problem, the powers of the world are held by a few and their motive is one of lust for power motivated by selfishness and Greed...This is the root problem.  Its not for the people, thats the rhetoric, its for themselves.  It's these few that create the world we live in today, its through division and war is where their power comes from, they play both sides, the work of the Last Rebel!  If there is peace they will cause instability through some rhetoric promulgation of some sort.
There shall be wars and rumors of wars--nation will rise against nation--just as long as the world's political sovereignty is divided up and unjustly held by a group of nation
and look at this truth
Another world war will teach the so-called sovereign nations to form some sort of federation, thus creating the machinery for preventing small wars, wars between the lesser nations. But global wars will go on until the government of mankind is created. Global sovereignty will prevent global wars--nothing else can.
We are in this current state of play with the UN
Another world war will teach the so-called sovereign nations to form some sort of federation,
But global wars will go on until the government of mankind is created.
and this why we will have another "Another world war" that will be devastating  so  to  "teach the so-called sovereign nations" that "Global sovereignty will prevent global wars--nothing else can"
War will never happen until the " government of mankind is created"
Mind you the government of mankind" is not the present people we have in power without God or talk about God and cause war with the other hand.
Also there is another opportunity to discover truth by locating the Old Mitharic temple on the island.  Once that is established we know this also reflects the original school of Cymboynton and the place where Jesus spoke to world for that time and for this time right now in this day.
The ruins of this school of religions on the largest island which is now part of the mainland.
Look this almighty reflection to todays reality in Governance

World peace cannot be maintained by treaties, diplomacy, foreign policies, alliances, balances of power, or any other type of makeshift juggling with the sovereignties of nationalism. World law must come into being and must be enforced by world government--the sovereignty of all mankind.
By the way this is not NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT hatched up and run by the few that control everything.  This Government of Mankind with World Law and World Government will be run on the Principles of the Father as presented by Jesus in truth.
And this beautiful truth that we read today, in the reality came from Lake Urmia, Iran wow, all from Iran. Praise the Father for that and thanks Jesus for your truth for our day in helping us to realize a new world to come after the Judgment of Mankind.
Jesus is setting up the New Government of Mankind right now and is giving us the template for that!  In this day! after the Judgment.  There is no way this could be implemented today!  and we have to go through another war.
Not another global war but there is very little one can do and that's why this great change has to occur but we have the knowledge and the template for the future.
These are things that will clearly be on the agenda of the World Government of Mankind
Today, the citizens of the great powers are taxed, regulated, and controlled almost oppressively, and much of this present interference with individual liberties
The key to this new Government is to free up man with real freedom without the interference of Government on his back all the time depending on there personal agenda.
Also Jesus seems to back Democracy and it will survive!

Could you imagine a world poll for a world leader?  Where everyone from each country votes on the same standard.
Essentialy, the root cause of the problems of the world we have today is

That the powers are divided up and unjustly held by the great powers who are in turn are controlled by a few with there agenda.  Who maintain national sovereignty in order enforce there agenda.  In this world we dont have one voice except for 195 voices and 195 personal motives and agendas, the divided world of World Governance! in a world in war where nothing has changed!


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What about Jamshid and his SevenRinged cup???
Thats interesting.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 04:18

Im just looking at this next lecture about



[While the Master's teaching concerning the sovereignty of God is a truth--only complicated by the subsequent appearance of the religion about him among the world's religions--his presentations concerning political sovereignty are vastly complicated by the political evolution of nation life during the last nineteen hundred years and more. In the times of Jesus there were only two great world powers--the Roman Empire in the West and the Han Empire in the East--and these were widely separated by the Parthian kingdom and other intervening lands of the Caspian and Turkestan regions. We have, therefore, in the following presentation departed more widely from the substance of the Master's teachings at Urmia concerning political sovereignty, at the same time attempting to depict the import of such teachings as they are applicable to the peculiarly critical stage of the evolution of political sovereignty in the twentieth century after Christ.]

War on Urantia will never end so long as nations cling to the illusive notions of unlimited national sovereignty. There are only two levels of relative sovereignty

Page 1488

on an inhabited world: the spiritual free will of the individual mortal and the collective sovereignty of mankind as a whole. Between the level of the individual human being and the level of the total of mankind, all groupings and associations are relative, transitory, and of value only in so far as they enhance the welfare, well-being, and progress of the individual and the planetary grand total--man and mankind.


Religious teachers must always remember that the spiritual sovereignty of God overrides all intervening and intermediate spiritual loyalties. Someday civil rulers will learn that the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men.

This rule of the Most Highs in the kingdoms of men is not for the especial benefit of any especially favored group of mortals. There is no such thing as a "chosen people." The rule of the Most Highs, the overcontrollers of political evolution, is a rule designed to foster the greatest good to the greatest number of all men and for the greatest length of time.

Sovereignty is power and it grows by organization. This growth of the organization of political power is good and proper, for it tends to encompass ever-widening segments of the total of mankind. But this same growth of political organizations creates a problem at every intervening stage between the initial and natural organization of political power--the family--and the final consummation of political growth--the government of all mankind, by all mankind, and for all mankind.

Starting out with parental power in the family group, political sovereignty evolves by organization as families overlap into consanguineous clans which become united, for various reasons, into tribal units--superconsanguineous political groupings. And then, by trade, commerce, and conquest, tribes become unified as a nation, while nations themselves sometimes become unified by empire.

As sovereignty passes from smaller groups to larger groups, wars are lessened. That is, minor wars between smaller nations are lessened, but the potential for greater wars is increased as the nations wielding sovereignty become larger and larger. Presently, when all the world has been explored and occupied, when nations are few, strong, and powerful, when these great and supposedly sovereign nations come to touch borders, when only oceans separate them, then will the stage be set for major wars, world-wide conflicts. So-called sovereign nations cannot rub elbows without generating conflicts and eventuating wars.

The difficulty in the evolution of political sovereignty from the family to all mankind, lies in the inertia-resistance exhibited on all intervening levels. Families have, on occasion, defied their clan, while clans and tribes have often been subversive of the sovereignty of the territorial state. Each new and forward evolution of political sovereignty is (and has always been) embarrassed and hampered by the "scaffolding stages" of the previous developments in political organization. And this is true because human loyalties, once mobilized, are hard to change. The same loyalty which makes possible the evolution of the tribe, makes difficult the evolution of the supertribe--the territorial state. And the same loyalty (patriotism) which makes possible the evolution of the territorial state, vastly complicates the evolutionary development of the government of all mankind.

Political sovereignty is created out of the surrender of self-determinism, first by the individual within the family and then by the families and clans in relation to the tribe and larger groupings. This progressive transfer of self-determination from the smaller to ever larger political organizations has generally proceeded unabated in the East since the establishment of the Ming and the

Page 1489

Mogul dynasties. In the West it obtained for more than a thousand years right on down to the end of the World War, when an unfortunate retrograde movement temporarily reversed this normal trend by re-establishing the submerged political sovereignty of numerous small groups in Europe.

(Yes we can see that after world war 2) 

Urantia will not enjoy lasting peace until the so-called sovereign nations intelligently and fully surrender their sovereign powers into the hands of the brotherhood of men--mankind government. Internationalism--Leagues of Nations--can never bring permanent peace to mankind. World-wide confederations of nations will effectively prevent minor wars and acceptably control the smaller nations, but they will not prevent world wars nor control the three, four, or five most powerful governments. In the face of real conflicts, one of these world powers will withdraw from the League and declare war. You cannot prevent nations going to war as long as they remain infected with the delusional virus of national sovereignty. Internationalism is a step in the right direction. An international police force will prevent many minor wars, but it will not be effective in preventing major wars, conflicts between the great military governments of earth.

As the number of truly sovereign nations (great powers) decreases, so do both opportunity and need for mankind government increase. When there are only a few really sovereign (great) powers, either they must embark on the life and death struggle for national (imperial) supremacy, or else, by voluntary surrender of certain prerogatives of sovereignty, they must create the essential nucleus of supernational power which will serve as the beginning of the real sovereignty of all mankind.

Peace will not come to Urantia until every so-called sovereign nation surrenders its power to make war into the hands of a representative government of all mankind. Political sovereignty is innate with the peoples of the world. When all the peoples of Urantia create a world government, they have the right and the power to make such a government SOVEREIGN; and when such a representative or democratic world power controls the world's land, air, and naval forces, peace on earth and good will among men can prevail--but not until then.

To use an important nineteenth- and twentieth-century illustration: The forty-eight states of the American Federal Union have long enjoyed peace. They have no more wars among themselves. They have surrendered their sovereignty to the federal government, and through the arbitrament of war, they have abandoned all claims to the delusions of self-determination. While each state regulates its internal affairs, it is not concerned with foreign relations, tariffs, immigration, military affairs, or interstate commerce. Neither do the individual states concern themselves with matters of citizenship. The forty-eight states suffer the ravages of war only when the federal government's sovereignty is in some way jeopardized.

These forty-eight states, having abandoned the twin sophistries of sovereignty and self-determination, enjoy interstate peace and tranquillity. So will the nations of Urantia begin to enjoy peace when they freely surrender their respective sovereignties into the hands of a global government--the sovereignty of the brotherhood of men. In this world state the small nations will be as powerful as the great, even as the small state of Rhode Island has its two senators in the American Congress just the same as the populous state of New York or the large state of Texas.


Page 1490

The limited (state) sovereignty of these forty-eight states was created by men and for men. The superstate (national) sovereignty of the American Federal Union was created by the original thirteen of these states for their own benefit and for the benefit of men. Sometime the supernational sovereignty of the planetary government of mankind will be similarly created by nations for their own benefit and for the benefit of all men.


Citizens are not born for the benefit of governments; governments are organizations created and devised for the benefit of men. There can be no end to the evolution of political sovereignty short of the appearance of the government of the sovereignty of all men. All other sovereignties are relative in value, intermediate in meaning, and subordinate in status.

With scientific progress, wars are going to become more and more devastating until they become almost racially suicidal. How many world wars must be fought and how many leagues of nations must fail before men will be willing to establish the government of mankind and begin to enjoy the blessings of permanent peace and thrive on the tranquillity of good will--world-wide good will--among men? -
This was all foreseen and designed specifically for this day.
But unfortunately there is no way the nations of today are going to hand over sovereignty voluntarily.  Unfortunately, Mankind will have to go to war in order to learn this.
If there is a world war approaching it will be devastating and it will most likely include nuclear destruction with a judgment to follow that will bring down all nations to the point of self destruction where they perhaps hand over Sovereignty voluntarily to set up the the government of mankind.
What I'm presenting will be totally different to what we have today, what we see is simply an illusion of a few that will pass way into the New Planetary Government of Mankind after judgment.  This new Government won't be based on what you see today, the Government will be based  on all the above principles led by the Faith Sons of God from Paradise, it will be the upstep to Heaven on Earth, a true Government for all the people.
I believe this is the political template for the future and just imagine this was 2000 years of the lectures of Jesus that came out of Urmia, Iran.  How fitting!

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 04:53
And another very beautiful lecture in Urmia by Jesus.
This Lecture is very good and true.


The brotherhood of men is founded on the fatherhood of God. The family of God is derived from the love of God--God is love. God the Father divinely loves his children, all of them.

The kingdom of heaven, the divine government, is founded on the fact of divine sovereignty--God is spirit. Since God is spirit, this kingdom is spiritual. The kingdom of heaven is neither material nor merely intellectual; it is a spiritual relationship between God and man.

If different religions recognize the spirit sovereignty of God the Father, then will all such religions remain at peace. Only when one religion assumes that it is in some way superior to all others, and that it possesses exclusive authority over other religions, will such a religion presume to be intolerant of other religions or dare to persecute other religious believers. (Every religion must examine itself as compared to the last statemant...7s)

Page 1487
Religious peace--brotherhood--can never exist unless all religions are willing to completely divest themselves of all ecclesiastical authority and fully surrender all concept of spiritual sovereignty. God alone is spirit sovereign.

You cannot have equality among religions (religious liberty) without having religious wars unless all religions consent to the transfer of all religious sovereignty to some superhuman level, to God himself.

The kingdom of heaven in the hearts of men will create religious unity (not necessarily uniformity) because any and all religious groups composed of such religious believers will be free from all notions of ecclesiastical authority--religious sovereignty.

God is spirit, and God gives a fragment of his spirit self to dwell in the heart of man. Spiritually, all men are equal. The kingdom of heaven is free from castes, classes, social levels, and economic groups. You are all brethren.

But the moment you lose sight of the spirit sovereignty of God the Father, some one religion will begin to assert its superiority over other religions; and then, instead of peace on earth and good will among men, there will start dissensions, recriminations, even religious wars, at least wars among religionists.

Freewill beings who regard themselves as equals, unless they mutually acknowledge themselves as subject to some supersovereignty, some authority over and above themselves, sooner or later are tempted to try out their ability to gain power and authority over other persons and groups. The concept of equality never brings peace except in the mutual recognition of some overcontrolling influence of supersovereignty.

The Urmia religionists lived together in comparative peace and tranquillity because they had fully surrendered all their notions of religious sovereignty. Spiritually, they all believed in a sovereign God; socially, full and unchallengeable authority rested in their presiding head--Cymboyton. They well knew what would happen to any teacher who assumed to lord it over his fellow teachers. There can be no lasting religious peace on Urantia until all religious groups freely surrender all their notions of divine favor, chosen people, and religious sovereignty. Only when God the Father becomes supreme will men become religious brothers and live together in religious peace on earth. -
That was beautiful and contains many lessons in attitude for current day main religions of the planet.
You can see where this is all going!  Everything will change into this formulation and pressure from above will be applied on man for him to go this direction but Im afraid it may take another global conflict of the devastating proportions before mankind learns his lesson in the path of Man and God together working to gether for the betterment of man and his world.
These are the things that concern the realities of the Kingdom of Paradise on Earth.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 05:08


This information in symbolism is part of the SevenRinged cup of Jamshid which leads to elixir of immortality.  The journey is the journey of the Tree of Life which includes the trees of Eden.

All this truth is the elixir of the healing of the nations in the path of the tree of life, all this brings healing to all the nations and essentially much information came out of Iran. 

Unbelievable and fantastic!  Brilliant!  Iran plays a future in the world but on a completely different level to what we have today.  A real uplift of mankind!
In my research to the places I found that Jamshids cup did influence the legend of the Holy Grail, its the same thing in metaphor essentially.  I believe this journey drinks out of Jamshids SevenRinged cup and the Holy Grail and both Cups are linked to the path of the tree of life in the ancient past, the very same path I am exploring or we are exploring.
What intrigued me more is that one part of my lineage comes from Navarro/Aquitaine area exactly where the legend of the Holy Grail came from which Im positive was influenced by Jamshids SevenRinged cup in the first instance.  Its even more intriguing that Richard 1st,  the Lion heart is connected to the legend of the Holy Grail.  Its even more strange and my middle name is Richard and yet my first name its related to the Servant of Dionysus in meaning  whose life was a direct type in that he did die on a cross and was resurrected as the young God.  The Life Dionysus as recorded 600BC was lived by Jesus himself in actuality and who did die and was resurrected as the Sovereign of this local Universe, according to the bible, the resurrection of the Young God like in Dionysus who died on a cross and resurrected.  What are we doing here?  Resurrecting the past in truth related to the path of the tree of life concerning the ancient places and connected to Paradise itself!  Monumental! and it goes further to the God Government on this planet!  Its the Marshalling of the spiritual forces for a great change. Im sure this is the information before the time of change.  Also "the Young" component is very instrumental in the puzzle being another part of the name and pops up everywhere and directly related to the Javan that ultimately originates from the North East of Iran from the Capital of Van.  Young = Javan.  Somehow this is the link to Khorason, where the truth will come out of in the last days.  It could be that my ultimate linage, in one part comes from this place in Iran many thousands and thousands of years ago which eventually traveled to Europe in one of the 4 migrations.  Speculation city but going on hunches! and commonalties I see in the journey.
Nowhere does this happen.  
Ahh!!!  Maybe, Im getting carried away but it just gets so peculiar where you see things in type and in similar reflection to your own reality of existence and where part of yourself originates from in history and places which are connected to the great Legends of the Cups of Immortality related to the Tree of Life!  Here we are bringing out the truth of the Tree of Life!  Glory be to God!
Praise the Father in Heaven.

The interesting part is that in 600BC the Orphic mysteries where consolidated in its first cannon in Greece which included the best of Dionysus and a few extra thoughts but also in 600BC Zoroaster and the Great Korus road together to spread the truth of the one God with paths and links for man that has existed to this very day and has influenced all the main religions. 

There was a great uplift in many ways back in 600BC and has continued since.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 06:19
Now the New Year reviving old Desires,
The thoughtful Soul to Solitude retires, (the discover of the following connections)
Where the White Hand of Moses on the Bough
Puts out,
and Jesus from the Ground suspires.

Iram indeed is gone with all its Rose,
And Jamshyd's Sev'n-ring'd Cup where no one knows;
But still the Vine her ancient Ruby yields,
And still a Garden by the Water blows.
But we know where the cup is!!!!

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 06:22

Jamshids sevenringed cup of immortality arising out of a Jamarakan?

I think Jamshids Cup will come out of Khorason and it come from the wells of truth from our past and lead to the New World of the Government of Mankind.  Run by the Faith Sons of God.  That is the Metaphor!  Here is a few highlights I found in the Poem that I felt reflected in the journey. -
created on 21st November 2006 
I was also impressed with this and look at all the reflection of the effect of the tree of Life in this article. -
Here is reflection of Van and his friend Amadon who supped of the tree of life in highland Captial in North Eastern Iran.
and here is the commentary of the above image
Khizr and Ilyas at the Fountain of Life. Amir Khusrau, Khamsah
 Ilyas and Khizr sit down by a fountain to eat their repast, consisting of dried fish; the fish falling into the waters, comes to life, and thus the seekers are made aware that they have found the Fountain of Life, from which both drink. Fountain of Life = the Tree of Life.
 and another image of the brothers and the tree of life, a reflection, the prophets supping of the tree of truth, in truth.  The halo was the effect of the tree of life and the pair would of emitted a purple hue in reality. Like in other religious images.
Al-Khadir (right) and companion Zul-Qarnain (al-Sikandar) marvel at the sight of a salted fish that comes back to life when touched by the Water of Life. "When Alexander sought he did not find what Khizr found unsought" (Sikandar Nâma LXIX.75).
All the above is type and reflection of Van and Amadon from 200,000 years - 38,000 years ago, the Kings of the Planet at the time supping of the tree of life, the representatives of Universal Government on Earth in Ancient times and the legend still carries unto this day. 
I thank the Father for that.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 07:10

like Varuna whose abode is ‘at the rivers’ source’ -
Like in the Highland capital In North Eastern Iran, at the source of the river in the mountains. Van and Amadons home supping of the tree of life. 
The birth place of the Arattian Kingdom 38,000 years - 31,000 years ago in exactly the same spot as the Van/Amadon Kingdom 200,000 - 38,000 years ago
What an illustrious history Iran beholds.
Ea has seven sons, of whom Marduk inherits his wisdom and slew the dragon Tiamat.
Like today in this journey inheriting the journey of the ancient past in truth! that leads to the future!
Note the 3 rings Marduk was an perpetuation of Adam.
 Up from Earth's Centre through the Seventh Gate
 I rose, and on the Throne of Saturn sate,
 And many Knots unravel'd by the Road;
 But not the Knot of Human Death and Fate

It appears that
 Up from Earth's Centre through the Seventh Gate
 I rose, and on the Throne of Saturn sate, 
This appears to be  a reference to the Sevenfold Gate, the System Government Headquarters and the Metaphor is that it comes form Space upon the Earth.  This would the Seventh Gate or the Sevenfold Stargate.  It appears to undo many knots or problems of mankind and frees him up from the oppression of Government today including there particular agendas which a Godless.


Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 09:31

Remember that story I posted on the broken Turbine blamed on UFOs.

I hate to sound conspiratorial but check this out  ahahahaha typical!

SECURITY guards have sealed off the area where a UFO wrecked a giant wind turbine.

Dog patrols have turned the site into a no-go zone amid fears alien hunters will try to plunder any debris.

Yesterday German scientists did forensic tests to pinpoint what tore one blade off the 290ft turbine and left another useless.

UFO spotters believe an alien spaceship is the most likely cause of the incident in Conisholme, Lincs.

Exclusive ... Thursdays Sun

Exclusive ... Thursday's Sun

Similar security surrounded the base in Nevada known as Area 51, where the Roswell alien was supposedly taken in 1947.

UFO expert Nick Pope said of the UK site: “There may be something they don’t want people to see.”

The Sun told how MoD sources believed a robot stealth bomber undergoing test flights nearby may be behind the mystery.

Nick added: “If a stealth aircraft struck the turbine, it may be made of some material which is itself classified above top secret.

Makes you think something is UFO from things we dont understand.
Here is another article relating to the defence department regarding this incident! 
Who can you believe eh!


Local John Harrison, 32, said he looked out of his window and saw “a massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground”.

Other respected witnesses, such as local council chairman Robert Palmer and GP Jenny Watson, described seeing “streaking white lights”.

Strange goings-on ... could alien activity really be responsible?

Strange goings-on ... could alien activity really be responsible?

Eric Goring, 61, first noticed eerie goings-on last summer. They have recurred with such frequency Eric began thinking aliens were trying to abduct him.

He said of one close encounter in September: “I saw one come from the fields. I almost walked under it as it was just hovering 200ft above me. I didn’t want to go too near it as I was worried they might beam me up.”  ahahaha

Shaun Hodson, 30, told how he watched an object in the sky on Sunday. The marketing executive said: “I stood and watched it, transfixed. It was like nothing I have seen before.”

Dale Vince, spokesman for Ecotricity, the firm which owns the windfarm, said experts had failed to come up with an explanation for the damage. He said: “We are struggling to find an answer.”

But a Ministry of Defence insider said: “We have to log all reports of UFOs. But in virtually all the cases there is a simple explanation — and test flights are a common one.”

But a theory by Emily Bell, a local blogger for a small newspaper group, that the UFOs were fireworks from her dad’s 80th birthday party were branded ridiculous -


Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 19:12

I am not a good believer! Wink

Bojnurd is the capital city of North Khorasan province: - near this city there are some colored pictographs which date back thousands of years, this Persian website talk about them: -

There are some interesting points in this Persian texts:

 1. Local beliefs

/ اعتقادات محلی: سنگ نگاره های تکه برای اهالی روستای نرگسلو نوعی زیارتگاه و محل نذر و نیاز به شمار می رود. البته باتوجه به اینکه دسترسی به محل، نیاز به کوه پیمایی مختصری دارد مراجعه به آن خیلی زیاد نیست. ولی سطح پایینی حفره بر اثر سایش های مکرر دست و یا " فطیرهای نذری 2 " کاملا صیقلی و براق شده به نحوی که حتی ایستادن روی آن چندان آسان نیست. همچنین یک درخت زالزالک  وحشی در کنار حفره روئیده که تکه پارچه هایی به آن گره زده شده. اهالی معتقدند که در بعضی "شب های پنجشنبه 3 " نوری از محل سنگ نگاره دیده می شود (انعکاس نور مهتاب روی سطح صیقلی؟) و همچنین از یکی از شکاف ها آب و از یکی دیگر آتش خارج می شود. 4 در واقع نیز در اطراف یکی از حفره ها اثر رسوبات آهکی و در یکی دیگر اثر دوده کاملا قابل تشخیص است. در مورد سایر مسائل پرس و جوی چندانی از اهالی نکردم.
It says people who live in Nargeslu village consider it a sacred place, there is a tree beside the pictographs that some strips of cloth have been tied to it by the pilgrims.
and this one talks about fifteen mounatin goats who stare at trees:
دراین نقاشی هاکه« متعلق به «هزاره سوم پیش ازمیـلاد»است اشکال بزکوهی نرودرخت دیده می شود.»(2)
 حدودپانزده بزکوهی باشاخهای بلندوبه حالت ایستاده،موضوع اصلی سنگ نگاره است .بزرگترین آنها23سانتیمترطول و28سانتی مترارتفاع داردوکوچکترین «تکه»دارای 11سانتی مترارتفاع و28سانتیمترطول است سمت نگاه بزهای کوهی اغلب بسوی درختان است وتکه هابدون حرکت ،افسون شده به درخت ها  می نگرند.

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 19:52

I am not a good believer! Wink

Not a problem my friend, you don't have to believe anything I post, no one does.  No one is compelled or imposed upon to believe this at all.  Not a problem!  I'm not here to obtain a following nor start a new religion as we have many religions but I know they can be enhanced.  I just want to research and find the truth but it could be the greatest thing ever found in the history of mankind.  Multiple submerged cities that we already know everything about.  Knowledge given to us by Paradise itself!  Personally!  Good for all of us and a beautiful opportunity to find the truth in harmonization with all science and religion.  A unification that is consistent in discovery and in truth!  This is what Paradise wants to demonstrate and any man can be involved in this no matter who he is.  An open Paradise project for all man.  This goes way beyond doctrine and dogma and rules and planetary Government even though it involves Government and Government of the future. 

This precisely why Muhammad urges the followers of Islam to crawl over ice to help this guy who comes from Khorasan.  Why Muhammad says that because he knows the guy from Khorason will receive no help at all and his message will be rejected even though he brings the standard or symbol of Paradise to the country of Khorason in the discovery of one the places of the Tree of Life connected to a revelation from Paradise itself!.  Muhammad realizes that everyone will reject the message and what it entails because everyone is to fixed and crystallized in the doctrine of whatever religion and its during a time of religious war, like what we have precisely in spirit and in the action.  Were all stressed out but in hard times a new revelation always occurs.
From what I understand in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the final message is completely rejected by all man whenever man comes across it.  However, there is one place where the message is backed up and that is by Paradise itself through the various Universe Capitals throughout all the Universes to us.
About the location of Bonjourd, that is interesting my friend because that is the location that Robert Sarmast believes is the location of Vans Capital.  It was in early 2006 when he presented an open contest (no money or anything) to see who could find the location.  A bunch of us was stimulated and went out to find the place.  Google was the only thing I had and few myths that I came along in the journey.  At the end of the day there where two possibilities,  Bonjourd or close to it and my location, east of Shirvan.  There the 2 contenders on this day.  Lets work through the contest and verify, it would be fun and exciting.  Like digging for a treasure of truth!  Beautiful for man to be led to the greatest discovery by faith being led by God through all the myths and legends and through religion finding a great unification of truth in the delivery!  Biggest presentation in the whole world where a whole nation could swing over into the great defined truth! and with demonstration in faith recorded on the run.  The document of Paradise, the record of the journey.  The truth of the matter!
So far there appears to be ancient pictographs or rock art that is close to Bonjourd that appears to reflect very ancient things.
It looks good for Bonjourd as close to the location considering the evidence to light so far.  However, I would still like to check out the location not far from Shirvan leading to RashVanLu and MayVan and then the location which I selected to investigate and to see if there are reflections or not.
Its a beautiful journey of exploration and discovery and enlivens man to seek the paths that Paradise which has been set down to us as we reveal on the run through our various research, getting to the truth of the matter.
I was going through your post and it was very interesting and fascinating and I noticed a very large tree in the rock art which could be reflection of the tree of life in metaphor and symbol.
About the believing thing, I wouldn't expect anyone to believe this as we need to do expeditions to these places and that would the greatest step in faith for man.  However, the rewards of faith is very high in this project of mankind and Paradise encourages man to walk in faith in its guidance particularly from ancient times which is very dear to Paradise! being the Crowns of truth for the planet.
I was impressed with Robert Sarmast's faith in stepping out to Cyprus with little money where he manifested the 2 expeditions to Cyprus.  Its precisely this kind of faith that Paradise honours.  The book and the location and we were blessed in the discovery in what it revealed,  I read and I see and I find and I realize and I know and I share.
For us its not a matter of personality survival because we have the witness of truth within ourselves through our religion and in our day to day relationship with God this motivated by Love and freedom rather than fear and bondage.  However, I feel its a matter of enhancement of what we already have, to define the truth better and to bring out all the verses in the books in greater light in its full potential in interpretation that is harmonized even on the scientific levels. 
Thanks and blessings for your contribution in your love for one another in your own efforts to define much truth, to led by God.  I really thanks the Lord for all of this.
Anyway I'm going to away for about 7-8 days (work) so it will be interesting how world events go in the meantime.
Its always interesting, as we are at the precipice of world change but I afraid Mankind will have be taught a few lessons regarding Governance, leadership and developing a world system which is good for all man run by faith Sons of the Father in heaven.
It could be that someone will do something really bad and stupid and that forces Paradise and I know there is warning not to force Paradise' hand, apparently it wont be successful.  The success Paradise likes to follow is the truth of our past leading to the present and the future in research, exploration, discovery and realization in light of the evidence.  Paradise has no interest in death and destruction only in revelation of truth!
I feel the Father in Paradise is already raising those he wants to work with in the New Government of Mankind!  Its all based on faith and good actions to all man with the Spirit God within oneself guiding from within and from the outward via the angelic circuits of the planet.  I believe you Cyrus is one such person the Father wants to work with in the new Government of Mankind and other people here no doubt about that.  This is a good forum with good people who have God in there hearts in mind body and soul.  God will honour all here.
No doubt about that!

Posted By: sevens
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2009 at 20:41
This is what I reckon going by my hunches before i get ready to leave.
 When I look at the name of the Urantia Book
 Urantia, I see, Uran, then I see Iran
 the tia means in our language regalia related to ceremony or things of ceremony.
 Anyway, I believe this book is specifically designed for Iran and the people where they have a marvelous opportunity to verify everything in this book in discovery and which leads to the Planetary Government of Mankind.
 I believe Iran is the first nation to swing over to new paths of Paradise in direction, wholeheartedly!
 Everything that has happened in Iran is all by design to prepare for the advent of a great revelation and change that will spread throughout the world. 
 Only the blindness of pride and prejudice can prevent this.
 I think Iran is about to embark on a great journey from Paradise and it will be good for all the nations in the presentation.  It will provide healing! and to make friends in the Spirit of God and of the Sovereign, the spirit of love for one another through a great realization and knowing its the truth because of its oneness,  harmonization and unification.
 that's my thought

Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 17-Jan-2009 at 17:41

Shia muslims believe Shirvan will be the land ad-Dajjal (anti-Christ) but al-Mahi will come from Khayrvan, this Persian website says it: -

Of course it seems both of them are in Khorasan. -
al-Hakim in his book al-Mustadrak reported from Thauban (Radiya Allahu Anhu) who said that Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: "There will be a war between three persons about your treasure, all of them are sons of rulers; none of them will hold authority. Then, the bearers of black flags will come out from the east, who will fight you fiercely. He added saying: If you see him, you have to pay homage to him even if you creep on snow since he is the Khalifa (vice regent) of Allah, al-Mahdi (the well-guided one)" . al-Hakim said: 'This Hadith is sound' .
Another narration in al-Mustadrak and al-Musnad from Thauban (Radiya Allahu Anhu) who said that Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: "If you see the black flags coming out from the direction of Khurasan, you have to report this, even creeping, since al-Mahdi Khalifah of Allah will be among them" [ al-Hakim said: 'This Hadith is sound according to Bukhari and Muslim conditions and terms' .
A third Hadith recorded by al-Tirmizi , Ibn Majah , Ahmad , al-Hakim and Abu Ya'lah reads:
"al-Dajjal (Anti-Christ) will come out from a land called Khurasan and he will be followed by some nations whose people's faces are like a shield due to being round, large and thick, because of the several layers of leather that cover shield.
Allah knows best.
More Info: -  & - -
Featured Books for "Fount of Life" - - The Teachings of the Church Fathers by John Randolph Willis - See all pages with references to "Fount of Life".
Excerpt - - on Page 26 : " ... our Saviour, the Word, the Fount of Life, the Giver of peace, diffused over the whole face of the earth; by whom, so to speak, the universe has ... " - - Structure and Meaning in Medieval Arabic and Persian Lyric Poetry: Orient Pearls (Culture and Civilization in the Middle East) by Julie Meisami - See all pages with references to "Fount of Life".
Excerpt - - on Page 197 : " ... 7 Like Khizr, first drink the poison of the journey; then venture forth, the Fount of Life to seek. 8 Sharván's confines will never be "Khayr-van"; rise, and outside of "Sharr-van "'s boundaries seek. ... "
Like Khizr, first drink the poison of the journey; then venture forth, the Fount of Life to seek.
Sharván's confines will never be "Khayr-van"; rise, and outside of "Sharr-van "'s boundaries seek.
Don't mistake! Wink 

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