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Hinduism's Reversals / Strengths

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Topic: Hinduism's Reversals / Strengths
Posted By: Cryptic
Subject: Hinduism's Reversals / Strengths
Date Posted: 06-Sep-2008 at 15:43
Hinduism seems to have experienced several large historical retreats in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Even in Hindusims Heartland, historical conversions to Islam led to a Muslim Majorities in Pakistan and Bangaldesh and a significant Muslim minority in India. In more recent times, Christianity and to a far lesser extent, Buddhism have attempted mass conversions as well with diminishing success rates.
What are the strengths of Hinduism that have allowed it to emerge from the historical mass conversions to Islam intact and have also enabled Hinduism to resist other conversion attempts from Christianity and Buddhism?
Were these strengths from theological reforms or from dynamic Hindu rulers?

Posted By: gcle2003
Date Posted: 06-Sep-2008 at 19:11
Interesting question.
Offhand I have no ideas ro offer.

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Posted By: Sarmat
Date Posted: 06-Sep-2008 at 19:49
Buddhist influence shouldn't be unserestimated. Buddhism are some point had much more influence than a world religion compare to Christianiy, stretching from China to Egypt, where Ahoka sent Buddhist missionaries.
However, Hinduism was more connected to traditional Indian way of life including, case system, sacirfices to gods etc. Hinduism also found the force to reemerge and undergo reformation under Buddhist influence. All that was coupled with the fall of the Indian dyansties supportive of Buddhism. In the end, Hinduism became the religion which was more clear and much easy to practice for ordinary Indians; and support of Hinduism by the new Hindu dynasties contributed to the decline of Buddhism.
It's however incorrect to think that all the massive conversion to Islam in India where from Hinduism itself. In fact, the significant if not the largest part of Indian converts where former Buddhists who saw new Islamic rulers as a forse capable to protect them from the Hinduist oppression.
On the other hand Buddhism was able to achieve victory over Hinduism in Indo-China and Indonesia.


Posted By: Omar al Hashim
Date Posted: 07-Sep-2008 at 04:03
Hinduism hasn't resisted any conversions to Buddhism. Buddhism is an Indian religion that emerged out of opposition to hinduism. The only reason there aren't hundreds of millions of buddhists on the subcontinent & indonesia is because they converted to Islam later.

The greatest strengths of hinduism has to be population, birth rate and flexibility.

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