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Introduce Yourself

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Topic: Introduce Yourself
Posted By: Akolouthos
Subject: Introduce Yourself
Date Posted: 25-Sep-2007 at 02:27
So I figured that we all might benefit if we introduced ourselves, and provided a brief intellectual biography. It would be wonderful if we could all check one thread in this sub-forum to see precisely where each individual philosopher/theologian stands. Feel free to edit whenever you want--for, indeed, ideological loyalties can be ephemeral in nature. Please put your profile in a "quote" format.  I have included an example of an introduction--mine actually--below. I would ask that this thread be reserved solely for introductions, and not for debates or responses to another's profile. Please contrain yourself to editing and re-editing your original post, rather than posting more than once in this thread.
Quote Akolouthos
Religion: Orthodox Christian, former Agnostic
Philosophical Loyalties: Christian Dogmatics, an occasional bit of Nominalism, lingering Skepticism
Areas of Interest: Theology, Canon Law, Patristics, Agnosticism
Formal Training in Related Areas: Undergraduate and Graduate
Addendum: Since the above was intended as an example, I will repost my profile below. Please feel free to include more--or fewer--categories according to your personal preference. I plan on adding categories/getting a bit more specific with my own profile at some point in the future. Smile

Posted By: Akolouthos
Date Posted: 25-Sep-2007 at 02:27
Quote Akolouthos
Religion: Orthodox Christian, former Agnostic
Philosophical Loyalties: Christian Dogmatics, an occasional bit of Nominalism, lingering Skepticism
Areas of Interest: Theology, Canon Law, Patristics, Agnosticism
Formal Training in Related Areas: Undergraduate and Graduate

Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: 25-Sep-2007 at 10:38
Religion: Nihilist
Philosophical Loyalties: Situationism, Guy Debord, George Orwell, Richard Niehart.
Areas of Interest: Postmodernism, Anarchism, Nietzsche, Baudrillard, Leotard, Foucalt, Wittgenstein, Sartre, Artificial Intelligence.
Formal Training in Related Areas: BA Philosophy, MA Contemporary French Thought.

Light blue touch paper and stand well back - -

Posted By: Sparten
Date Posted: 25-Sep-2007 at 15:02
Religion: Islam, cricket.
Philosophical Loyalties: The Atomists, the Miletesiun school, Kelsenian, 20th century Islamic
Areas of Interest: Modern Jurisprudence, especially HLA Hart, Ronald Dworkin and Hans Kelsen.
Formal training: LLB Honours.

The Germans also take vacations in Paris; especially during the periods they call "blitzkrieg".

Posted By: ulrich von hutten
Date Posted: 25-Sep-2007 at 16:06
Religion: draconic non-religious 
Philosophical Loyalties:  Charles Bukowski, Bommi  Baumann, Alfred Dblin 
Areas of Interest:   Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class
Formal training: the true training takes place on the streets and places of the class struggle, not at the universities.


Posted By: Aster Thrax Eupator
Date Posted: 25-Sep-2007 at 17:05
Religion: Pan-Deist with lingering Ashkenazi Jewish sympathies
Philosophical Loyalties: I am an ametur, but my loyalties lie in rationalism and coherentialism epistemology (Bradly and Spinoza are my Chi Rho!) and my morals are obviously culturally christian, but I have various leanings towards Nihilism
Areas of Interest: Theology, Epistemology/Metaphysics and MetaEthics
Formal Training in Related Areas: In the process of doing AS Philosophy, but have also spent many years reading around the subject intensely, mainly in the areas concerning theology and Epistemology/Metaphysics

"Don't raise your voice - we all know how lovely it is!"
Triano, in "Mosterella" by Plautus! Read!

Posted By: Gharanai
Date Posted: 26-Sep-2007 at 16:56
Religion: Islam, Pashtunwali
Philosophical Loyalties: Religious Left (Muslim Left), Mahmud Tarzi, Islamic Civilization 
Areas of Interest: History, International Relations, Computers
Formal training: BsIT Honours


Posted By: Chilbudios
Date Posted: 26-Sep-2007 at 17:37
Religion: none
Philosophical Loyalties: agnosticism among the certainties (ironically it may sound), I have many uncertainties (probably as an extension of my agnosticism) e.g. foundationalism/coherentism (can't decide to commit myself only to one of them), though often I like to play the devil's advocate role (argue for argument's sake), so ... don't try to infer my real beliefs from my sayings Wink 
Areas of Interest: history (almost all topics of ancient and medieval Europe and Near East and North Africabut also history of various cultural or social aspects: ideas, behaviors, art,  architecture, etc.), literature (mostly European classics, with few exceptions), linguistics (IE languages), philosophy (epistemology, logic), cryptography, music (also occasionally composing in a rather clumsy manner)
Formal training: Master degree in Computer Science

Posted By: Menumorut
Date Posted: 26-Sep-2007 at 19:39
Religion: Orthodox Christian

Philosophical Loyalties: Apophatic Mystic, unceased prayer, Patristic way of life and philosophy. Apophatic is for me rather a way of avoiding false meanings of things and consists in not following the movement of thoughts when I'm conscious that I can avoid this. The truth cann't be reached of human initiative but only of divine initiative. Any human rational investigation is producing bad results. God is alive, rational, personal and He is the Being, the whole existence is included in him but his creatures are different of him. The truth is experienced rather sensitivley than theoreticaly, even sensitively is not the proper term.

Areas of Interest: Computer Arts and Programming, History, Archaeology, Anatomy.

Formal Training in Related Areas: Graduated in Graphic Arts, self study in other domains

Posted By: Comet
Date Posted: 29-Sep-2007 at 06:45
Religion: Protestant Lutheran-Conservative (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod)

Philosophical Loyalties: None...unless you count educational philosophy (I'm a teacher :))

Areas of Interest: Renaissance/Reformation history, Popular heretical movements post 1000, late 14th century Lollardy, archeology, Christian, Islamic, and Judaic history, educational history.

Formal training: undergraduate and graduate in history...specialized in Renaissance/Reformation history and 14th century Lollardy...teach World and American history as well as World Cultures.

History is never clear cut...there are hardly any absolutes

Posted By: gcle2003
Date Posted: 29-Sep-2007 at 14:12
Quote gcle2003
Religion: None, brought up High Anglican.
Philosophical Loyalties: Popper and the Vienna Circle; Russell; the British empiricists - Hume, Ockham...; Aristotle
Areas of Interest: Epistemology, belief systems, political theories
Formal Training in Related Areas: Undergraduate included history of philosophy and theories of the modern state; postgraduate not relevant here; lectured at business school and university (organisational behaviour and planning and control systems.
Relevant books: Managers and Magic (and various foreign language versions) exploring magicoreligious behaviour in the business world particularly; Northbourne Tales, a textbook on comparative religion for British schools.

Citizen of Ankh-Morpork
Never believe anything until it has been officially denied - Sir Humphrey Appleby, 1984.

Posted By: pekau
Date Posted: 08-Oct-2007 at 20:10
Religion: Protestant. (I never questioned what kind... I will find out sometime later...)
Philosophical Loyalties: Hmm... I have no particular loyalty to any philosophers... since I usually just debate myself. But I do like George Orwell's ideas. Situational ethics is ok...just nervous about how people will abuse this idea... and I kind of like Machiavelli' infamous and realistic quote, "The end justifies the mean".
Areas of Interest: Theology, Similaries between Religion and Science, and learning all point of views in everything.
Formal Training in Related Areas: Not much. Just debating myself until my brain came to the point of insanity. Would that count as... training?

Join us.

Posted By: eaglecap
Date Posted: 26-Oct-2007 at 00:19
Religion: Orthodox Christian, Prostestant - all the above.

Philosophical: Skepticism, Theology, live and let live, love your nieghbor as yourself, speak softly and carry a big stick, etc, etc.

Areas of Interest: History, archaeology, hiking, backpacking, hunting with bow, skiing- down hill/X-country, spending time with my girlfriend, reading and bird watching.

Education Undergraduate-The Evergreen State College. graduate studies in cultural history- Eastern Washington University TESL certifivate -Eastern WA U

Well then, brothers and fellow citizens and soldiers, remember this in order that your memorial, your fame and freedom will be eternal.

Posted By: Panther
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2007 at 12:06
Religon: Protestant and American style football... Go Cowboys!
Philosophical:  The golden rule (or pretty much so...)
Areas of Interest: History in general, military strategy/tactics, Science (Especially amatuer Astronomy and Meteorology) & basically learning from others.
Formal Training in Related Areas: Stopped regrettably short of earning my BA in history. Embarrassed Would that disqualify me for holding any resemblance of any intelligence against the likes of you guy's?

Posted By: pinguin
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2007 at 13:40

Religion: Skeptical... Actually, mainly agnostic with certain symphaty for Catholicism.

Philosophical: skeptical. I preffer Ionian phylosophers to Plato. Greather phylosopher? Jesus. Fan of Archimedes, Apolonious, Ptolmey, Bacon, Kepler, Newton, Darwin, Mendel and Einstein in general sciences. Respectful admirer of Aristhotles, Kant, Marx and other phylosophers.

Areas of Interest: History in general and diffusion of local Hispanic and Native heritage in particular. Science fiction and futurology. Hard sciences and genetics, particularly advanced mathematics. Evolution of life. Semiology, symbology and Jung's psycology of archetypes.
Formal trainning: Computer engineer with an MSc in Computer Science. Papers in A.I (robot vision).
Hobbies: Writer with several articles published, in tourism, S.F. critics and sciencifit diffusion. Amateur writer of S.F. tales.
Relevant Books/Series: Bronowski, the Ascent of Man. Carlos Fuentes, The buried mirror, Carl Sagan Cosmos. In fiction: Quixote, Cid, A trip to the Moon (Verne).

"He who attempts to count the stars, not even knowing how to count the knots of the 'quipus'(counting string), ought to be held in derision."

Inca Pachacutec (1438-1471)

Posted By: Theodore Felix
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2008 at 23:52
Religion: Hardline secularist. Atheist

Philosophical Loyalties: I dont really follow any specific though

Areas of Interest: Classical Rome, Late Antiquity, Balkan history(last 200 years specifically). Also ethnography.

Formal Training in Related Areas: Undergrad

Posted By: Cezar
Date Posted: 24-Jan-2008 at 10:06
Religion: none - on the verge of antitheism and/or antireligion
Philosophical Loyalties: maybe Utilitarianism
Area of Interest: History (mostly military, focused on WWII), science, science fiction, computer games, women, economics
Formal Training in Related Areas: BA - Finances and Banking

Posted By: Scaevola
Date Posted: 31-Jan-2008 at 10:54
Religion: Stoic, Neohellenic

Philosophical Loyalties: Socratic thought, Stoicism, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Rationalism, anti-Existentialist, anti-Nihilist

Areas of Interest: Classical thought, scientific thought, the system of logic and its potential

Formal Training in Related Areas: No formal philosophical training

SPQR| Alea Iacta Est

Posted By: Illirac
Date Posted: 31-Jan-2008 at 21:44
Religion: atheist
Philosophical Loyalties: Kant, Nietzsche, Fromm, Orwell, Confucius, Kolakowski, Marx, Max Weber, Freud, socialism, kritarchy and others.
Areas of Interest: History, Fra Dolcino (and all of the "heretics"),  governments (plutocracy, meritocracy and so on), economy,  religions, famous quotes, "chaos theory", nuclear weapons, chemistry, study of probability, sociology, law, ethics...
Formal Training in Related Areas:......

For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it.

Posted By: Flipper
Date Posted: 31-Jan-2008 at 21:58
Religion: Hellenic, former Ortodox christian and Protestant with great respect to peoples religious views
Philosophical Loyalties: Plato, Voltaire, Pythagoreans
Areas of Interest: Music, Archeology, Science, Culture
Formal Training in Related Areas: IT & Maths


Så nu tar jag fram (k)niven va!

Posted By: Scorpius
Date Posted: 07-Feb-2008 at 18:33
Religion : Islam
Areas of Interest :Theology, Science
Formal Training : BS in Physics, MS in Comp Science, MBA degree, planning a pHD now.
Major Hobbie: Game programming forever.

Posted By: Voice of Reason
Date Posted: 15-Feb-2008 at 15:09

Religion: Christian Protestant

Areas of Interest: Science, (things like Nuclear Fusion/Fission, physics, astronomy, geology, ect...) Religion, (various religions, my own, islam, morminism, ect...) History, (history of cultures, empires, militaries, govornments, ect...) Rome (in particular, i'm fascinated with Rome Smile).
Formal Training: Currently a student in High School, so really no training.
Major Hobbie: I enjoy spending alot of time on the computer playing games such as: Rome Total War, Barbarian Invasion, (expansion of Rome) Hearts of Iron 2, (WW2 game) Call of Duty 4, ect...

Einstein said, "God does not play dice." He was right. God plays Scrabble. - Philip Gold

Posted By: Cryptic
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2008 at 17:41
Religion: Christian Catholic
Areas of Interest: Christian theology, Islam and Judaism, Christian monasticism, Declining interest in Zen Buddhism  (I cannot undestand it academically nor can intuitively discern it)
Formal Training: Bachelors degree in Poitical Science, Biology
Major Hobbies: Calligraphy, reading (history, science), building models( at least when my airbrush works), gardening

Posted By: JanusRook
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2008 at 19:51
You know Ako, i just noticed this thread, oh well I guess as one of the more active members I better post....

Janus Rook
Religion: Catholic, nominally Roman rite.
Philosophical Loyalties: Confucianism, Christian Communism, Neo-Scholasticism, Apocatastasis
Areas of Interest: Theology, Socialism, Afterlife, Hermeneutics.
Formal Training in Related Areas: 10 years of religious studies and uh own a Che' shirt (no not really that last one )

Economic Communist, Political Progressive, Social Conservative.

Unless otherwise noted source is wiki.

Posted By: Vir0n
Date Posted: 06-Mar-2008 at 05:58
Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Philosophical Loyalties: None (although I am partial to Aristotle and Kant)
Areas of Interest: Early American religious history
Formal Training in Related Areas: None

Formal Training in Unrelated Areas:  B.S. Biology; M.D.

Posted By: TheARRGH
Date Posted: 11-Mar-2008 at 01:07
Religion: We are the infinite dreaming that it is limited. Everything we see, do, and are is a manifestation of infinity in some way. Everything is connected. We cannot truly understand god. It's a weird, weird, weird world out there.

Philosophical Loyalties:  I'm sort of a cynic-consequentalist-dualist-existentalist-utilitarian-determinedly-unconventional-person.

Areas of Interest: History, Philosophy, Politics, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Psychology, Animal Behavior, Sociology, Anthropology, Martial Arts, Environmental Science, Economics, Cookery.Big%20smile

Formal training in related areas: Classes of many types.

Formal training in unrelated areas: There's no such thing as an unrelated area.

General Hobbies: Computer Games, Hanging out with friends, cooking, weight-training, martial arts, exercising unconventional "logic."

Who is the great dragon whom the spirit will no longer call lord and god? "Thou shalt" is the name of the great dragon. But the spirit of the lion says, "I will." - Nietzsche

Posted By: azimuth
Date Posted: 28-Jun-2008 at 13:52
Religion: Islam
Philosophical Loyalties: Sunni
Areas of Interest: History and psychology
Formal Training in Related Areas: Marine Nautical Science


Posted By: Emperor Barbarossa
Date Posted: 25-Jul-2008 at 18:30
Emperor Barbarossa
Religion: Weak Atheism/Agnostic atheism (basically same thing)
Philosophical Loyalties: Rationalism, secular humanism, Bertrand Russell

Areas of Interest: History, Theology, Philosophy
Formal Training in Related Areas: None


Posted By: Recusant
Date Posted: 25-Aug-2008 at 05:12
Quote Recusant
Religion: N/A
Philosophical Loyalties: Atheism, existentialism, libertarian socialism
Areas of Interest: Marxism, anarchy, social justice, freedom, morality
Formal Training in Related Areas: First year minor program of study in philosophy (reason/truth, ethics, theories of the mind and human nature)

“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.” - Jean Paul Sartre

Posted By: Władysław Warnencz
Date Posted: 30-Aug-2008 at 16:02
Władysław Warnenczyk

Religion: Conservative Catholic

Philosophical Loyalties: Saint Augustine,Saint Thomas Aquinas,Plato
Areas of Interest: History,Politics,Religion,Phylosophy,Warfare
Formal Training: Studied History at the Jagellon University in Krakow
Major Hobbie: Reading history books,watching good movies,going out with my girfriend and playing computer games.......still. Embarrassed    (huge fan of total war and warhammer series..Wink)

Posted By: Nestorian
Date Posted: 31-Aug-2008 at 15:12
Religion: Non-denominational Christianity - don't care for sectarian identification. Former whatever-ist.
Philosophical Loyalties: Pro-Secularist, anti-Nationalist and cynical Spiritualist. I believe in separation of Church and State as institutions but cannot deny the influence of religion on conventional norms and values. I'm spiritual without letting religion dominate my life. I am a fundamentalist without a fanatic streak LOL - strange I know!
Areas of Interest: Mysticism, Jalaludin Rumi poetry, Art, Medieval Roman civilisation (or that bastard term "Byzantines"), being an obnoxious iconoclast, free discussion of religion, politics and faith.
Formal Training in Related Areas: Undergraduate in Political Science, History and Commerce. Deciding whether to pursue Masters in Sustainability studies.

Isa al-Masih, both God and Man, divine and human, flesh and spirit, saviour, servant and sovereign

Posted By: Mercury_Dawn
Date Posted: 03-Sep-2008 at 13:20
Religion: Catholic by only the hair on my teeth, was born into it, the little man with the big hat preaching infallibility and a unmarried priesthood is seeming less and less funnny and getting old quick.

Philosophical Loyalties: If anything, I suppose Colonel John Boyd, some of Jung, the Categorical Imperatives.... and the rest is all me.

Areas of Interest: Everything under the sun.... and above the sun.... and in the sun.... and next to it.

Formal Training in Related Areas: They give training for this stuff? Is a breathing or walking class opening up anytime soon? I've never heard of something so silly before! I'd be embarrassed to have to admit to needing training in something so natural and essential to human life.

Posted By: Count Belisarius
Date Posted: 03-Sep-2008 at 18:22
Count Belisarius
Religion: Christian. Don't care for the whole denominational/non denominational thing
Philosophical loyalty's: The Trinity. Master Yoda. Ron Paul Cynical/skeptical/logical spritualist, fledgling logician. Radical Apolitical Libertarian Jesus freak . I believe that people should be free and I am anti-taxes and government and believe in seperaitopn of church and state where the state has no power whatsoever over the church and vice versa and neither on has any power over the people and the people should answer to God and I believe that if your not hurting me and your not hurting anyone else  it's your buisness so don't make it make it mine.
Interest's: My dog, ancient and medieval/modern warfare/military history, Knight's and cataphract's. Ancient empire's. Archeaology, Paleantology Cryptozoolology Hunting, Hiking, Riding, Martial Art's, Writing, Research, Wargames, Reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi. (I'm a big R.A Salvatore fan) and last but certainly not least Logic.   


Defenders of Ulthuan, Cult of Asuryan (57 Kills and counting)

Posted By: EmperorTrebizond
Date Posted: 14-Sep-2008 at 10:38
Religion: Reform Judaism -Ashkenazi

Philosophical Loyalties: I have dabbled into Compatibilism (soft determinism). It is the individual through action that drives history, however it often repeats itself, though we probably just see that way because we often group things that don't actually connect (like constellations). My philosophical views often vary, just don't get me started on dialectical processes of Hegel, Marx, and Qutb (there are too many exceptions for them to be valid!).

Areas of Interest: all types of History, Studio Art, Politics, Music, Religion, Physical Geography, Philosophy, Historical Linguistics, Sociology, Science Fiction, HENRY CLAY!!!
Formal Training in Related Areas: Currently at the University studying History. Aiming for eventual PhD.

May the Empire of Constantine rise again...

Posted By: harigata_sama
Date Posted: 11-Jan-2009 at 19:14
Religion: None. Formerly an atheist. Before that - Jewish. Before that - purely instinctive paganism.
Philosophical Loyalties: None. Rational thinking, intuition. Loyal to myself.
If you insist on a defining a God, then it is the universe. His will is the sum of all the wills of all living matter. In this religion I am my own priest and sole believer.
Areas of Interest: Historical & social philosophy. Regressive Therapy. Music. Reading. Role Playing. Welding. Experimenting with my own awareness, interactions.....
Formal Training in Related Areas: Not much. Well, a lot of experience with that therapy thingie. Reading, talking, thinking, was trained as a C++ programmer. Vast experience in running away from pain and seeking pleasure.

Evil can only be defeated by a greater evil

Posted By: Murat
Date Posted: 15-Jan-2009 at 01:49
Religion: Islam 
Philosophical Loyalties: Tolerance (Rumi)
Areas of Interest: Science, Philosophy
Formal Training in Related Areas: 2nd year in PhD-economy
Areas of Interest:Play maker in Basketball,in soccer.Table tennis,swimming.

Why should I seek? I am the same as
He. His essence speaks through me.
I have been looking for myself!----Rumi

Posted By: Anton
Date Posted: 22-Jan-2009 at 23:38
Religion: Russian Orthodox Christian 
Philosophical Loyalties: Stoicism, Kant 
Areas of Interest: Balkan History, History of Science, Culture of different nations
Formal Training in Related Areas: PhD in Cell Biology


Posted By: warwolf1969
Date Posted: 30-May-2009 at 00:07
Religion : Christian, raised as a Methodist.  I consider myself to be of the Christian Faith, I have no religion.
Philisophical Loyalties : Liberal politically, I feel that local control is better than central and that there should be less legistlation not more.  On matters of faith I can be fundimentalistic but not overly so.
Areas of Interest : Science, History mainly military but is expanding.
Formal Training in Related Areas : Schooling and a lot of self taught information.  Nothing majorly formal.
Hobbies : Reading, Writing, gaming espcially stratagy games, cooking.

Posted By: Maciej
Date Posted: 30-May-2009 at 02:11
Religion: Roman Catholic

Philosophical Loyalties: My own :)

Areas of Interest: General Ancient through Medieval history, religious history/doctrine.

Formal Training in Related Areas: BA in classical history with a minor in medieval studies. Working towards finishing a PhD in Archaeology with a focus in Egyptology.

Hobbies: Painting war game miniatures.

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