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10 Pieces of Posting Advice

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Topic: 10 Pieces of Posting Advice
Posted By: Seko
Subject: 10 Pieces of Posting Advice
Date Posted: 24-Aug-2007 at 10:47

10 Wise Pieces Of Advice Before You Start Posting

1) Read, Learn, Post, Educate - This motto is a revolving door. After you read something then post what you've learned. You will be educating numerous people. Even yourself.
2) You are responsible for what you post. That's right. You! Don't worry about your neighbors so much. They are in the same boat as you are. Everyone get's to own up to everyone else. Group awareness is a wonderful thing. Also, if you happen to run into something you don't like you could always PM your friendly neighborhood Moderator and Administrator. They are wonderful problem solvers.
3) Do you want to be great at debates? Well we have the secret written down right here for you. Try reading as many posts in a thread as you can. Then put on your critics hat and focus your attention on your target. Be clear, gentle or stern and you might get lucky. Either way once you make your point you are on your way to an educational experience. So enjoy it! Once you happen to criticize another's post try to avoid Ad Hominem attacks (targeting or appealing to another person and not their works). Plus the best way to show you are in control is to keep your cool. Instead of trading barbs try sharing an educated opinion. We like cool educators.
4) I'm all that! No you are not. You ain't that cool. Don't let your ego get the best of you, even if you think you've just written the perfect post. Well, we've got news for you. It could be topped. There is always someone with something bright to say. Appreciate that fact and you'll go a long way.
5) That's a fact Jack. When you use your own strengths and your talented gift of gab we just might believe you. Especially after you provide good sources in your arguement. One word of caution: Don't be so sure of yourself.
6) I'm bad to the bone. Rude antics, poor attitude and a potty mouth will get you the kind of attention you really don't want. So keep your chin up and your head on your shoulders.
7) Who's the best? We really don't know! But if you do know then please don't tell us. We would like you to keep that special secret all to yourself.
8) Who's winning the race? Keep in mind that racial pride is a personal thing. Even when you want to shout how great your people are it get's kind of noisy in here. Then we can't hear what you are saying. You wouldn't want that.
9) The Mod Squad. Those folks with the nifty green stars under their names are really awesome people. They kinda look like you too. They act similar as well. When you debate, they debate. When you respect them they respect you back. Give them a hard time, however, then they'll just do the same. Now isn't that neat how this works?
10) Above All Have Fun! While you are at it help others have an enjoyable time too for even more gratification.

Copyright 2004 Seko

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