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are this architecture masonic?

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Topic: are this architecture masonic?
Posted By: white knight
Subject: are this architecture masonic?
Date Posted: 07-May-2007 at 09:29
Are this architecture masonic?
the pentagon?
fort knox?
Are there any more architectures that you know of that is masonic? please inform me with pictures if possible thanks.

Posted By: Frederick Roger
Date Posted: 07-May-2007 at 10:15 -

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 07-May-2007 at 19:03
I get a kick out of that stuff.  It's just like the layout of Washington DC, it takes dotted lines to finish the concept.Big%20smile  You could probably do that with half of the citys in the US.  If the Masons were so all powerful whyzit that these things were never actually finished.

Posted By: Arkhanson
Date Posted: 07-Jun-2008 at 16:13
Can you explane the meaning masonic? Masonory wall etc or ? political style huh ?


Posted By: gcle2003
Date Posted: 07-Jun-2008 at 16:46
The Pentagon is definitely not masonic (as in Freemasonry). A fundamental concept of Freemasonry is the importance of the right angle - hence masons refer to themselves as 'on the square'.

Citizen of Ankh-Morpork
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Posted By: pinguin
Date Posted: 07-Jun-2008 at 18:54
Of course it is masonic.
A brother

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Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 07-Jun-2008 at 19:00
The pentagram is Masonic, the pentagon isn't.

Posted By: DesertHistorian
Date Posted: 08-Apr-2009 at 03:27
I think you will find that the Pentagon was designed as a modification of the older Star forts that were very popular in Europe and the American colonies in the 1600 and 1700's. The even lasted somewhat into the 1800's though were replaced with the Casemate style forts that were more heavily armed on multiple tiers and could defend more easily naval attacks. The Pentagon has no significance as far a masonic architecture. Masonic architecture is more readily seen in the classic cathedrals in Europe.

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