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Forum LockedMen who singlehandedly helped win battles

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    Posted: 05-Nov-2006 at 13:40
This thread is about men throughout all history that have helped single-handedly win battles.

I will give an example.

From Wikipedia:

Martin Clemens

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Martin Clemens and his scouts
Martin Clemens and his scouts

Martin Clemens CBE MC AM was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. He was sent out to the Solomon Islands as a member of the British Colonial Service. He served a three year service in Malaita. He became a district officer in 1941. With the coming of the Pacific War, Clemens volunteered for military service. After a short leave in Australia, Martin Clemens came on an evacuation ship to evacuate British and Chinese to Guadalcanal. He was placed as the district officer and coastwatcher. He was responsible for nearly fifteen thousand citizens and various other people on the island. The Japanese planned to cut off United States communications with New Zealand and Australia by attacking Guadalcanal. The managers of the coconut plantations had fled Guadalcanal in panic, abandoning the native workers from neighboring islands, who were left to be returned by Clemens. He then established his radio station and coastwatching activities. Though he was a commissioned officer, he carried nothing from the military and had no uniform. A likely catch for the Japanese, who had in early May occupied Tulagi, and in June had commenced the construction of an airfield on Guadalcanal, further isolating Clemens and his activities and forcing him to conduct them from enclaves in the mountains. Guadalcanal thus became the site of a first and major offensive against the Japanese.

Cooperation between Clemens and the U.S. Marines made him a key operative on the island. A barefoot Clemens on his jungle shielded mountain, playing hide and seek with the Japanese, was running low on food, supplies, power for his radio and shoes as his had disintegrated. Clemens and his scouts helped the U.S. Marines much with continuous raids on Japanese supplies and radio reports of the enemy's position. His efforts to help the war earned him the Legion of Merit by the U.S., the Military Cross by the UK, an Order of Australia medal, and received the Order of the British Empire (OBE), and Commander of the British Empire (CBE).

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During Ceasar's first invasion of Britain, his ships were met by a British force of chariots, cavalry and warrriors holding the beaches and high ground. Fearing the mysterious blue painted warriors, druid screeching enchantment and chariots, Ceasar's army refused leave the ships. that was until the standard bearer of the 10th legion jumped of the boat into the water, shouting-
"Leap, fellow soldiers, unless you wish to betray your eagle to the enemy. I, for my part, will perform my duty to the republic and to my general."
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Ran min the martial arts hero of han people.
Ran Min, is the Hitler of the Ancient East Asia.

He systematically massacred the Huns, Yue Shi, Xian bei, Tanguts and the Jie(white huns, or Sogdians). During the Fragmentation age the 5 Hu entered the North China plains and set up a number of kingdoms. The most powerful was the Later Zhao of the Shi family which was Jie(white huns) in ethnicity. Ran Min was an adopted son of emperor Shi Hu. His origin was perhaps a Han peasant that was captured during war. But Qian Mu mentioned he might have hunnish blood as well. Despite been adopted by a Jie family. He had a hatred toward the people, and he managed to ursurp the Zhao throne in 350 A.D. and carry out a systematic extermination of all "Barbarians" in the North China plain and ordered that if they don't leave in a given time, all will be executed.

At the time the population of the Tanguts, Yue Shi, and Huns in Shan Xi was around 800,000. The xiongnu, Xianbei and Jie population of Shang Xi was another 800,000. Population of Hebei have some 900,000 Ding Lin and Xianbei.
Their population in He Nan and Shang Dong is less but probably no less than 300,000.

When Ran Min consolidated power, he started to campaign against all the other states. His base of southern He Bei, He Nan, Shan Xi, and Shang Dong already had many Non-Han inhabitants. He ordered all their massacre and it is said that even those Han people with slight hairy features were killed without trial. In just 1 day his armies killed tens of thousands of Jie. This ruthless massacre obviously forced the suffered Jie and Hunnish people to escape to the East and reestablished the independent kingdom of Zhao in He Bei with the capital of Xiang Guo with Shi Hu's son as emperor. Ran Min invaded Zhao with 3,000 cavalry and under a night attack destroyed the Hunnish encampment and killed 30,000 Zhao troops. He followed that with 5,000 cavalry and destroyed a Zhao cavalry of 70,000 through maneuvre. The other states are greatly alarmed and the Tanguts and Yue Shi allied the Zhao with a total 300,000 army to attack Ran Min. But Ran Ming manage to again rout that army with the 70,000 cavalry in addition to 40,000 newly recruited troop. The Zhao finally managed to defeat the invading army of Ran Min with the help of Murong Yan state of Xianbei in Manchuria. However this new Zhao kingdom became largely sinicized an under the influence of the Han officials so that the throne was ursurped by Liu who in turn submitted to Ran Min. This followed with his army massacring 400,000 white huns in Shouthern Shang Xi and He Bei and massacred over 320,000 inhabitants in that territory. Creating terror among the other states. Meanwhile in the east Ran Min again destroyed an allied army of over 100,000 of the Tangut and Yue Shi with only 60,000 army. He followed up with an attack on the allies with merely 2,000 newly created Han cavalry corps and further annihilated an army of 70,000 that arrived as reinforcement. The kingdom of Murong Yan was obviously alarmed and under general Murong Ge attacked Ran Min in He Bei with 140,000 soldier, yet they were utterly defeated by Ran Min in 10 separate battles. Ran Min massacred whereever he went and in all his terriotries, he have virtually wiped out all of the Hu regimes in central plain with the exception of Xianbei which is in too great of number.

But his success alarmed the Eastern Jin of south who started to built up army and captured Shan Dong and He Nan. And poised to take Shan Xi and He Bei as well. Ran Min was furious at the Jin's action and declared himself emperor of Wei. But it was a bad time for now he is surrounded on all sides by enemies and his troops have fought years of battle and the resource of his kingdom is mostly depleted with insufficient agricultural basis. Ran Min therefore raided the inhabitant in the Ding Zhou part of He Bei for supply with only 10,000 infantry. But he was too careless, and the Murong army herd of this and mobilized a large portion of their whole army numbering 200,000 and surrounded the region.

The Yan general Murong Ke finally manage to trap Ran Min's 10,000 infantry, and he formed encirclements on Ran Min's army and greatly outnumbered his. Although Rang Min's army is mostly infantry, all of them were highly disciplined troops trained and fought at his side since the begining. And although Ran Min is a butcher and tyrant he still love his troops so they would fight with him to the death. For this Murong Ke was repeatedly defeated by Ran Min's infantry since his infantry would just charge in formation at one point of the Yan cavalry always breaking the encirclement.

And over ten battles Murong Ke always failed to win. Murong Ke found out that the reason is Ran Min's infantry always goes through the gaps that result in his cavalry encirclement after it got hit by the force of Ran Min's infantry. So he ordered the horses tied together in chains to fill the gaps and also prevent the horses from running away.

Next morning, Murong Ke divided his army into 3 divisions and ordered the two left and right divisions to ambush on two sides. He created a large flag at the front of the central division which is a chained 5,000 elite horse-archers together in a square. Ran Min saw it and led the charge at the Yan army on his horse Zhu Long and wielding a lance in his left hand and a halberd with his right. His troops were so amazed and the soldiers were all inspired by Ran Min's courage and success and all shouted "Wang Sui"(may the emperor live ten thousand years) then Ran Min charged and broke the scattered the Yan front line cavalry killing 300. When the Wei infantry reached the Yan central division of the Chained cavalry. The wei army couldn't break through and never faced such tactic before was in panic. At this time the Yan cavalry from the two ambushed sides pincered the flank of the Wei, the Wei troops broke rank and fled, Ran Min rode his fast horse and manage to escape a far distance but his horse died from overexhaustion and he was captured. Thus the invincible Wei army which crushed the multiple collisions of the north and slaughtered countless nomads was finally brought to a close.

When Ran Ming was brought to Murong Jun, he was scolded,
"You are a subject of Zhao, how could you overthrow your emperor and declare yourself an emperor." Ran Min answered without shame "If barbarians like you could become emperor, then why can't a hero of the central plains like me become emperor"? Murong Jung was furious and ordered Ran Min beaten and locked up, later the rest of Wei is overran and Ran Min and his son was executed. Ending the Ran Wei and his reign of terror.

The Eastern Jin was so surprised that the invincible Ran Min was actually defeated and didn't believe it at first until sending an envoy to Yan and found out the truth.

In this massacre, Ran Min exterminated the Jie ethnicity, greatly finished the last of the Xiongnu (huns) in China, Xiongnu never became a great power again and only the small kingdom of Helian Bobo was xiongnu later. All together his armies have slaughtered over 2 million people and thats not counting the none civilians. It was the first mass instance of ethnic cleansing in the East Asian world. Where the slaughter is absolute
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Well great morale, and therefore an increased chance of victory, can be induced if a leader/general participates in one on one combats, winning time after time. These have a greater influence on the battle than many imagine, lifting the spirits and confidence of troops quite drastically.
Two examples of single-combats participants in history:
- Heraclius (Battle of Nineveh)
- Alexander Peresvet and Temir-murza (Battle of Kulikovo - this one not having as great as affect on troop morale...)

One example of a man single-handedly winning battles was in Japan's Wada Rebellion. The man's name is unknown to me, but it is believed that he fired an arrow which struck one of the rebel leader's generals, killing him. The arrow was thought to have come from the gods as it came from the north (where the sun shone from) and from the direction of a temple. This event was called kami kabura, and caused the rebel army to flee in mass panic.

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If we consider a tank crew as a single unit. Then I'd like to recommend Michael Wittman Tiger crew, at the battle of Villers-Bocage. He managed to stall the British offensive, with result to lose the Allies the chance to capture Caen early in the war.
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Tank crew? Well but it should count as one unit.

However, then there is a question of ships? Is one ship equivalent to one man?

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Originally posted by Giannis Giannis wrote:

If we consider a tank crew as a single unit. Then I'd like to recommend Michael Wittman Tiger crew, at the battle of Villers-Bocage. He managed to stall the British offensive, with result to lose the Allies the chance to capture Caen early in the war.
This would be single-handedly with another five Tigers, a MK IV plus some grenadiers... Wittman's actions on the Eastern Front are more impressive. Villers-Bocage is more of a British mistake that handed a propaganda coup to the Germans. He may have stalled the British, as did the other company of Tigers that hit V-B in the afternoon, but I think they had already lost the chance to capture Caen early by then... Plus an awful lot of Tigers got K/O in Villers-Bocage...
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