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    Posted: 15-Apr-2007 at 17:03
All Empires is run by a small group of volunteers who dedicate their spare time to assist in the moderating and administrating of our forum.
As you will see, AE's staff comes from all corners of the globe and from an enormous variety of backgrounds, and is thus fairly representative for a wide range of historical interests and knowledge, and for a wide spectrum of political and religious beliefs.

Here, AE's staff introduces itself:
Administrator Administrators Administrator


Age: 41
Nationality - Canadian
Ethnicity - Norwegian
Profession: Chef (presently at local convention center), Owner of B&B, Arts and crafts and used book store
Education:  Diploma and journyman status  in Proffesional Cooking, Ceirtified Chef de Cuisine, Diploma in Hotel and resturant Administration, BGS - Buissness Admin, BA - History  
Interests: History,Travel, hiking,skiing,historic arts and crafts  
Religion: none
Political views: Conservative with Liberal leanings


Danish, 59 years, married with 2 grown children.
Interests: history, religion, graphic design, web-design, sailing, MC Biking, oil-painting, genealogy and astronomy.
Political: People - environment.
Occupation: Technical College Teacher - Management

Age: 44
Nationality - United States of America
Ethnicity - Turkish
Profession: Behavioral Health Therapist
Education: Masters in Counseling. Studied two years towards a Ph.d in Clinical Psychology
Interests: Dining out. Sports of all kinds. History. Audio electronics. Wife, Family. Talking about stuff we don't have easy answers to.
Religion: Islam with a modern interpretation.
Political views: Common sense. I try not to place myself into a particular political group. If I did it would be one of a conservative foundation with heavy doses of liberalism.
AE%20Moderator AE Moderators AE%20Moderator 

AE Moderator
Real name: Femke
Age: 25 and going
Nationality: Dutch
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Occupation: MA Student Medieval Studies
Religion: Atheist
Politics: pretty leftish
Historical interest: Middle Ages and Western Europe in general, historical anthropology, mindstudies.
Hobbies: Reading lots of fantasy literature and historical detectives, karate (almost got blue now, I suck
), Photography, Watching Animal Planet like a zombie, playing stupid 'which historical person am I?' games with friends while consuming lots of alcohol.

AE Moderator
Profession: Gap Year student 
Field of Study: Will either be applying for MORSE or Accounting and Finance 
Religion: Hinduism, but hey open to any view 
Political Views: A liberal conservative with a green mind 
Historical Interests: South Asian, SE Asian and anything else that makes a good story 
Other interests: TV (yes i know boring), current affairs, a little bit of architecture. anything really as long as it can keep me interested. I tend to like anything that pops up in front of me.Visible trait: That guy who almost always smiles

AE Moderator
Age: 28
Nationality: Uyghur Chinese
Major: Physics (Ph. D)
Interests: History (Steppe), Music, Science, travelling... Just married, currently working in Italy. 

Byzantine Emperor
AE Moderator
Nationality: American
Location: Michigan, USA
Age: 26
Profession:  Graduate student, on the threshold of finishing an MA and already accepted into the PhD program at the University of Kentucky
Languages: English; reading knowledge of ancient/medieval Greek, Latin, and French
Religion: Protestant Christian
Politics: Independent Conservative
Career objectives: Professor of History, and to do research in Byzantine history
Historical Interests: Byzantium (main interest in late period, 1204-1461); military history (organization, fiscal institutions, equipment), Church history (later church councils especially, Protestant Reformation), Crusades, Expansion and Discovery, late Roman Empire, and the Greek and Latin languages 
Other Interests: Playing drums, Progressive Rock and Metal music, Baseball (Oakland Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Cincinnati Reds fan), video games (PS2, oldschool NES, and PC)

šok geš

Age: 25
Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia
Religion: Muslim
Politics: Not applicable!
Job: in the Insurance Accounting industry
Historical Interest: Middle Eastern History & Northern Africa, Central Asia, and Western Europe. (Trying to expand lately as much as I can) plus current political and economical affairs.
Other interests: Drawing & painting, reading, Languages, sport in general (soccer, kayaking, rollerblading, and jogging).

Constantine XI
AE Moderator
Real name: Brad Mitchell Schirmer
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21
Ethnic Background: English, German, Spanish
Profession: Auditing Contractor, Aspiring MBA
Education: Bachelor of Business
Languages: English, Spanish
Religion: Atheist
Political Ideology: N/A

AE Moderator

Profession: Assistant IT technician.
Education: A shed load of unfinished stuff, presently persuing a degree in IT as a network specialist.
Career Aspiration: To find a career that actualy interests me.
Location: United Kingdom.
Historical interests: Mix and Mash, speificly interested in combining relevant historical niches with urban geography and settlement development, and what ever relevant anthropological and linguistic studies go with that.

AE Moderator
Editorial Staff

Profession and education: Software developer/ERP administrator with degree in Electrical Engineering. Also doing a history degree which I'm close to completing.
Age and status: 27, just married, no children
Country of origin: born in Romania, lived in Canada for half of my life
Politics: center
Religion: Agnostic with Theist tendencies (nominally Christian Orthodox)
Interests: Almost all historical fields, philosophy, religion, biology, science, history of technology, psychology, sociology, literature, languages (I speak 5, working on a 6th and can mumble some words in a few more)

AE Moderator
Age: 20
Real Name: James Dorman 
Hometown: Faifax, Virginia, USA 
Occupation: Student at Virginia Tech, studying Aerospace Engineering and minoring in German. 
Historical Interests:  Military history of all ages, 20th Century history, and European history.  I'm dabbling in more Asian history to expand my focus. 
Other Academic Interests: Engineering, Physics, German and other languages, political current events and political theory. 
Other Interests: Keeping Fit, travel, cooking, cinema, & firearms. 
Personal Hero: Winston Churchill 
Favorite Book: The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli 
Favorite Music: Rammstein and Megaherz
Family: Father and Mother back in Fairfax, and my younger sister who also goes to Virginia Tech. 
Future Plans: Obtain my bachelor's degree, join the army, and then strive towards a masters or doctorate degree and work at an aerospace firm.

AE Moderator

Profession: Sofware Tester.
Education: BA in Classical Civilizations(this is, a degree in Roman and Greek history and culture, and Latin)
Location: Washington DC
Religion: Cultural Catholic
Political Ideology: Left, Social Democracy, currently interested in non-violence
Historical Interests: modern history, modern Mexican History, 19th century Mexican History
Interests: board games, programming, hiking, strategic thinking, systems

AE Moderator

Name: Alper Utas
Nationality: Turkish
Location: Istanbul
Age: 20
Profession:  Law Student + Part- Time Intern at a Law Bureau
Languages: Turkish, English, German
Religion: Sunni Islam
Politics: Social Democrat with a pragmatical approach
Career objectives: 1- To be the President of International Court of Justice, 2- As the first one will not happen anyway, it is to be a World Traveler...
Historical Interests: A mixture of everything with a specific focus on Medieval, Imperial, Modern and Military History.
Other Interests: Music(both as an amateur guitar and nay player and a passionate listener), board games, learning new languages, Model United Nations, International Law, Traveling and Sightseeing, Soccer, Timekilling(even if I don't have much time recently), Anything New&Exotic,Social Sciences, Discussing&Brainstorming, Reading, Collections, oh, and smoking


AE Moderator
Name: Alex Knights
Nationality: Australian
Ethnic Background: English
Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: August 24, 1990
Occupation: School Student, Part-time zoo keeper (Taronga Zoo), Cattery Manager
Location: Sydney, Australia
Favourite Eras in History: Ancient History (Punic Wars and Fall of the Republic/Early Imperial Rome), Medieval (England/Byzantium), Napoleonic Wars.
Passions/Interests: Zoology, Animals, Big Cats, Falconry, Ecology, Ancient/Medieval, and Military History
Political View: A bit young....
AE Moderator

Age: 26 
Country of Origin: Turkey 
Religion: None 
Politics: Communist (with a high sympathy for anarchism) 
Job: Assisstant EU Expert on Transport 
License Degree in: Political Science 
Historical Interest: Middle Eastern History, Modern Political History (especially nation building processes), Cultural History 
Other Interests: Performing in Balkan/Middle Eastern Music, Theatre, Sports (swimming, trekking, fitness)

AE Moderator
Age: 20
Profession:  Student (Pre-Law, if you like)
Religion:  Laxly Christian
Location:  Sewanee, TN or Knoxville, TN
Historical Interests:  Classics and American, but nearly any time or location can catch my fancy


AE Moderator
Name: Vasili
Occupation: Research analyst (products in the investment world)
Location: Sydney, Australia
Origin of family: Laconia / Karpathos - Greece
Politics: Ideologically Left of center and green
Historical interests: Greece, Europe and the Middle east mainly. But i tend to deviate over many time frames and places.
Interests: Current affairs, anything humanities based, religion/beliefs , natural science and the military for some reason

AE Moderator
Real name: Benjamin
Age: 23
Nationality: French
Location: London
Occupation: MSc Economic History
Religion: Atheist
Politics: disgusted
Historical interest: European and Mediterranean premodern period. Expanding these days to other continents. ... And since Friday, the steppe.
Hobbies: reading biology books, siesta, AE while I should write an essay, movies (a lot), no sports thanks.
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic (learning).

Omar Al Hashim
AE Moderator
Age: 19
Real Name: Syed Omar Hashmi
Profession: Undergraduate, studying Telecommunications & Electronics Engineering
Background: anglo-celtic-arab-gilani-baluchi-muhajir-pakistani-australian
Interest: History, Electronics, Religion, Cricket
Religion: Islam
Political Views: Apathy

AE Moderator
Occupation: IT Technician, Graphic Designer and article writer in a Australian history magazine.  
Location: Between Stuttgart (DE), Athens (GR) and Toronto (CA) 
Historical interests: Ancient Middle Eastern history, Classical Ages, Hellenistic, Byzantine history, Modern Middle Eastern History, Archaeology 
Other interests: Philosophy, Sports, Religion

AE Moderator
Editorial Staff

Profession: Graduate student 
Field of Study: Electrical Engineering with specialization in communications and mathematical modeling 
Religion: Not applicable, agnostic at best 
Political Views: Very leftist and liberal, although pragmatic and realistic 
Historical Interests: East Asian, Medieval, American, post-Renaissance to Pre-World War European, Central Asian 
Other interests: Writing, working out, 

Red Clay
AE Moderator
Name: Jim 
Age- Yes
Nat. American
location- Southern New Jersey, US
Profession- Special Ed Teacher/Horticultural Therapist, Part time artist-potter[when the spirit moves me]
Political stance- Common sense humanist, slightly conservative liberal with a realistic view.
Education- BFA, Three Dimensional Design, Major-Ceramics, Minor-Ancient Cultures
MFA, Ceramics
Historical Interests- Ceramics,almost any period, almost any culture. Early modern culture, US, Europe. Historical humor. Arts and Crafts Movement, late 19th cent. to present
Other- Classic Jazz, 40's-60's. Origins of Rock. Pond keeping, Fishing.

AE Moderator
Editorial Staff

Name: Koit Rikson
Age: 15
Profession: Student
Religion: none :
Nationality Estonian
Where do I live: Tallinn, Estonia
Historical Interests: Babylonia, Assyria, Japan, Rome, Greece, Eastern Rome, Imperial Age, Medieval Age, American...

AE Moderator
Location:  Los Angeles, California, USA (native angelino) 
Background:  Mom was from Mexico, dad from here, but dad's dad from Mexico. 
Favorite sports:  Fencing, badminton 
Historical interests:  Ancient middle eastern history, historic ethnogenesis and world-wide migration of peoples. 
Other interests:  Science fiction literature and sci fi movies.  


AE Moderator
Real Name: Abtin
Age: 24
Location: Las Vegas
Citizenship: Iranian/American
Politics: Nothing special.
Language: Persian, English, Arabic and I can understand Spanish and Turkish.
Profession: Pharmacy Tech.
Interest: Ancient history(Roman Empire, Greek city states, Persian Empire, Germanic kingdoms), Mythology, Military history, Archeology, Physics (Electronic), Astronomy, Medicine, study of different languages...

AE Moderator
Name: Afan Khan
Age: 22
Profession: Student, Wannabe lawyer and businessman
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Pakistani
Ethnicity: Seems most of my ancestors were from Afghanistan/ C Asia.
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Interested in: All history actually. But knowlegable about, military, early modern/ modern, Islamic, South and C Asian History. Learnt quite a bit about Ancient Near Eastern History while I have been here.
Ulrich von Hutten
AE Moderator
Real Name (no big surprise) : Ulrich
Born: March 20th 1959 in Wetter/Ruhr ( then: West-Germany)
 - Icelandic/German in Iceland
 - In Germany , only German. (cause in Germany you are not allowed to have a dual citizenship)
Location:   Reykjavik (for the last 8 years) married, two daughters.
Profession: Union secretary.
Second profession : Court Jester
Politics: old fashioned =  left
Religion: grrrrrrrrr
Historical Interests: European and American History,
Hobbies : all kind of Sports, my family, political controversies
AE Moderator
Nationality: Greek (first a Samian, then a Greek)  
Location: Economic immigrant in Athens (GR). Usually travelling around!Age: 38
Profession: Regional Director's position in a big multinational
Education: Bachelor in Finance, MBA
Languages: English, Greek
Religion: Atheist
Political Ideology: Left (I know, multinationals don't fit well with the "left" part, but I have to make a living!)

AE Moderator
Professional: Buying/Supply Chain Management
Education: BSc Business Information Systems, Doing Msc Finance and Investment next year.
Career Aspiration: To become a fly-by-night financial cowboy. 
Location: United Kingdom
Historical Interests: Primarily Western Iranian.
Politics: Depends. 
Interests: Keeping fit (and various occassional outdoor activities), backgammon, history, finance and investment, information systems, last and most certainly not least, shooting seagulls.
Religious Ideology: Agnostic; considering Budhism


Please note that this list is not complete. Some staff members have decided not to publish any personal information, and we have to respect their wish for privacy, others are currently on leave and will be added on their return.

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