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Forum LockedFirst historical thing that comes to your mind about a Country!

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Afghanistan: Osama
Albania: Eagle
Algeria: Zinedine Zidane
Argentina: Che Guevara
Armenia: St. Gregory the armenian
Azerbaijan: Batu Khan
Bahrain: US Dollars
Belgium: Gothic cathedrals in Brussels
Cambodia: Indonesia
China: Mongol invasions

Cuba: The missile conflict
Denmark: those comics
Egypt: Mehmet Ali Pasha
Ethiopia: Victor Emanuel the third, Emperor of ethiopia, King of Italy and Albania
Finland: The Helsinki Chart
France: Robespierre, Bonaparte, Charlemagne
Georgia: Stalin
Germany: the third reich
Greece: Zeus
India: Taj Mahal
Iran: Darius, Ayatollah
Iraq: Iran, Kuwait
Ireland: Celts
: Ismael and Abraham
Italy: Latium
Japan: emperor Hiro Hito
Jordan: River
Korea: Aerobics
Kuwait: Oil resources(going to finish soon)
Lebanon: Solomon's temple
Mexico: Maya, Chiczen-Itza, Merida
Netherlands: The flemish masters, Van Gog, Rubens, Rembrandt etc
Norway: Kuisling
Pakistan: India and GBritain
Poland: Lukas Podolski, John Paul the Second
Portugal: Orange fruit
Russia: Dostoyevski
Saudi Arabia: Mohammad

Spain: La Reconquista
Sweden: beautiful girls
Syria: berbers
Tanzania: Tanganique & Zanzibar
Turkey: Ataturk
Tunisia: France
United Kingdom: Oppressed celtic cultures
United States: Coca Cola, obesity
Yemen: poor
Prej heshtjes...!
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Immortal Guard
Immortal Guard

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For us Poles it is really irritating and annoying:
Originally posted by vulkan02 vulkan02 wrote:

Poland: WW2, auschvitz
Originally posted by Komnenos Komnenos wrote:

Poland: Warsaw Ghetto uprising
Originally posted by ArmenianSurvival ArmenianSurvival wrote:

Poland: Pianists, Jews, wars
Germany: World Wars, Berlin wall

Originally posted by sedamoun sedamoun wrote:

Germany: heheheeee.... don't want to say something wrong... I'll just say hard working and industry
Poland: Concentration camps
Originally posted by Maharbbal Maharbbal wrote:

Germany: Luther
Poland: gaz chambers

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     Hey, people recognize what happened to your country. You should be happy. But I know, it gets old when all they remember is that one event (hey, I said pianists first Wink).
Mass Murderers Agree: Gun Control Works!


Քիչ ենք բայց Հայ ենք։
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I think that Mosquito affraids that people also think that Auschwitz or other concentration camps were Polish camps.
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Afghanistan: Rambo (III?)
: immigrants,ismael kadare
Argentina: Maradona
Australia: Kangaroo,Sydney Opera
Brazil:Football,carnival,beaces with girls(!!)Smile
Bahrain: oil-emires
Belgium: tini tin,Brussels/EU
Cambodia: Hmer
China: Chinese architecture/food
Denmark: Rolligans
: Pyramids

Ethiopia:Axum,Abebe Bikila
Finland: Lakes,nokia
France: style,language,Eifel tower
Germany: the third reich,sunburnt tourists,beer
India: kama sutra
Iran: Achaemenids,persian wars
Iraq: sadam,Babylon
Ireland: irish music
: Bible
Italy: 15 th cent Renaissance,Firenze,music
Japan: technology,samurai,people doing crazy thingsSmile
Korea: korean war
Kuwait: Oil
Lebanon: christian arabs
Mexico: sobreros!
Netherlands: coffee shops,Van Ghong
Norway: Snow,Fiords
Pakistan: immigrants
Poland: Kasia (a friend of mineSmile)
Portugal: European champion 2004:Greece,Sea travellers of 16th cent
Russia: CCCP,Vodka,Ivan the Terrible
Saudi Arabia: Mohammed,Islam

Spain: Flamengo,Explorers
Sweden: blondes
Syria: Seleucids,Antiocheia
Tanzania: Tarzan (maybe cause of the nameSmile)
Turkey: Micra Asia,turbans,Hagia Sophia,Nazim Hikmet
United Kingdom: British accent,tea time,London
United States: cowboy hat,scyscraper,mac donalds

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Latin America: with the Conquistas and the Guerillas;
USA: with 11 September 2001 and the great millitary actions of the USA-army;
South African Republic: with the Boer Wars and the Apartheid;
Libia: with the AIDS-process;
Egypt: with the pharaons era;
Israel: with the conflict with the arabian settlers in Palestine and with the arabian neighbours as a whole;
Iraq: with the Saddam Hussein`s rule, the disgusting beheadings;
Iran: with the Atomic-crisis and the ancient & medieval wars;
Saudi Arbia: with the prophet More-harm-mad (just joking);
Kuwait: with the Persian Gulf war(1990-1991);
Turkey: with the turkish rule in the Balkans and with the kurdish problem;
Armenia: with the Armenian genocides - in 1895-6, in 1909, and between 1915 - 1922;
Cyprus: with the turkish invasion in 1974;
China: with the Communistic rule and with the Great Chinese Wall;
India: maybe with Bollywood, maybe with Kama Sutra;
Korea: with the Korean war(1950-1951) and the Imjin war(1592-1598);
Vietnam: with the Vietnam war(1962-1975);
Japan: with the wars of the great general Toyotomi Hideyoshi in XVIcentury and the Second World War in the Pacific ocean;
Mongolia: with Genghis khan`s terrible invasions;
Russia: with the battles of the great russian army!;
Ukraine: with the great Cossack warriors;
Poland: with king Wladiszlaw Warnenczyk(1424-1444), king Jan Sobieski(1629-1696) and the great hussar-army!;
Czech republic: with the Hussite wars(1420-1434);
Hungary: with the hungarian resistance against the turkish agression in XIV-XVII century and the revolution in 1848-1849;
Romania: with the annexatiion of Southern Dobrudja in 1913 and with Mihai Viteazul(1559-1601) & Vlad Dracul(1390-1447);
Moldavia: with the heroical resistance of Stefan cel Mare(1433-1504) against the turkish invasion in Moldavia;
Bulgaria: as a whole - with the military history;
Greece: with the ancient battles, with the great battles of the Greek war for Independence(1821-1832) and with the wars between 1912-1922;
Albania: with the heroical resistance of Georg(Gjergi) Kastrioti(Skanderbeg)(1405-1468) against the turkish invasion;
Serbia: with the assimilation of the bulgarians in today`s western Serbia & Macedonia and with the battle of Kossovo in 1389;
FYROMacedonia: with the bulgarian history;
Bosnia: with the bloodly war between 1991-1995;
Croatia: as a part of the hungarian/habsburg resistance against the turkish invasion in the Balkans between XIV-XVII century;
Austria: with the history of the Austian & Austro-Hungarian empire;
Italy: with the great military history of the Roman empire;
Spain & Portugal: with the Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula from the moslem african invaders and with the invasion in Latin America;
France: with the wars of Julius Caesar in Galia and with the wars of Napoleon Bonaparte;
Germany: with the disciplined army and with the Second World War & the Holocaust;
Danemark: with the wars of Knut/Canute the Great(995-1035);
Sweden: with the battles of the swedish army in the 30-years war(1618-1648);
Norway: with the voyages of Leif Ericson and Amundsen;
Finland: with the resistance against the red army in the Soviet-Finland war in 1940;
Great Britain: with the great military history as a whole;

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The Intelligence wins
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Imperial Ambassador

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Originally posted by Digenis Digenis wrote:

Afghanistan: Rambo (III?)

Poland: Kasia (a friend of mineSmile)

Now it looks much betterBig smile
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~ Scylding ~

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Thank you all

Remember we have moved to www.worldhistoria.com

Hope to see you there.

~ Northman
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